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  1. Sad
    Monzanator got a reaction from Makedonas in Men's Basketball NBA 2021 - 2022   
    Defending champions Bucks are out in East SF in seven games vs Celtics.
    Half-time in Game 7 of Suns vs Mavericks and Luka Doncic is single-handedly kicking the best regular season team out of it. 57-27 Mavs.
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    Monzanator got a reaction from Makedonas in Women's Tennis WTA Tour 2022   
    Elina Svitolina is pregnant
  3. Haha
    Monzanator got a reaction from hckošice in Football 2022 Discussion Thread   
    In Polish Ekstraklasa a reserve goalkeeper for Pogon Szczecin picked up his 4th yellow card yesterday and will be suspended for the last game of the season. It's only unusual since he played 0 minutes the entire season 
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    Monzanator reacted to Federer91 in Women's Tennis WTA Tour 2022   
    Iga with another commanding win  The streak is a blessing for the WTA, hope it goes for a few months more.
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    Monzanator got a reaction from Makedonas in Women's Tennis WTA Tour 2022   
    Maria Sakkari led 61 52 vs Ons Jabeur in Rome QF and lost 61 57 16
  6. Wow!
    Monzanator reacted to Swewi in Cross-Country Skiing 2021 - 2022 Discussion Thread   
    Lampic Will miss  world championships at home next year. Why? She becomes a biathlete
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    Monzanator reacted to hckošice in Men's Ice Hockey IIHF World Championship 2022   
    Power Rankings
    12th May 2022
    Welcome to our kickoff edition of the 2022 Power Rankings! We missed you, you missed us, and Finland doesn’t want to miss out on its chance to win an IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship on home ice after making history with Olympic gold in Beijing. However, the Finns, who debut in first place, will have plenty of competition from the likes of second-place Canada, the defending World Champions from 2021, and third-place Switzerland, which boasts key NHL talent up front and brings strong teamwork.   1 FIN Gotta win or our fans will have a Tampere tantrum 2 CAN What? Second? We’re the bestest of the best! 3 SUI Nico! Timo! Let’s gooooooooo! 4 CZE Jalonen + lions with crowns = gold for sure 5 GER We have the best Finnish coach named Toni 6 SWE What we need is an all-Havelid roster 7 SVK Uncage the Slafkovsky! 8 USA Mr. Jones and me tell each other fairy tales 9 DEN Aging, but looked hot in Beijing 10 LAT New plan: beat Canada 2-0 on the last day 11 NOR Like a fjord, we’re kinda just always here 12 KAZ No relation to Zack Kassian 13 ITA Too many legionaries, not enough centurions 14 GBR Who needs gold when you’ve got the Platinum Jubilee? 15 FRA Exactement comme le retour de Mario Lemieux 16 AUT Follow every rainbow till you find your dream!   Click here to check out the previous editions of the Power Rankings.

    The Power Rankings are for the enjoyment of readers, and reflect the progress of teams during the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. They are distinct from the official standings and IIHF World Ranking.
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    Monzanator reacted to phelps in Men's Ice Hockey NHL 2021 - 2022   
    unfortunately, Arizona is not up for relocation anymore...they have signed a long time loan with the arena and have new investors in the ownership that have assured they won't move for many years...
    however, it didn't change anything in the environment around the team...they're always a low budget bunch of losers...
    Seattle instead, is a different story...
    they have a big and passionate fanbase, a newly reconstructed wonderful arena (and training center), a good hockey background in the area (despite not having a pro team in the last 50 years) and a good develpment plan for the future...
    they just built the new team with wrong players and a doubtful (to say the least) strategy, which led them to start their NHL campaign with a disappointing losing season and probably they are also set to be a losing team still for quite some time...
    but I wouldn't name them a graveyard (like Arizona or Buffalo, for instance)...
    Montreal, as we wrote earlier, really doesn't fit Slaf's game...
    they just play another style of hockey than what he needs to excel and shine...and they also don't have money enough to rebuold the technical staff and most of their roster to change their (not successful) destiny...
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    Monzanator reacted to NMQ in Men's Tennis ATP Tour 2022   
    Easy for him to win the WTA tournament with Swiatek out 
    Carlitos is like the Big 3 combined and improved in one player. Obviously the big test now is if he can repeat this in a Grand Slam. But beating Nadal and Djokovic in tough battles and smoking Zverev the day after says a lot about his strengh.
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    Monzanator reacted to hckošice in Men's Ice Hockey NHL 2021 - 2022   
    Exact. Jaro Dragan from HC Košice. Man he was some leaky goalie, but we did not have a better one, all better were czechs haha He and Švehla and Veselovský were the only slovaks who won olympic bronze in Albertville 1992 in that last appearance of Czechoslovakia.
    Šatan started like a wonder kid in Lillehammer, he was just 18 and became the top scorer of the Olympics.
    Lillehammer btw was a special tournament for us, the Slovaks wanted to prove to the world the guilt that the IIHF committed on us after the division of Czechoslovakia and afer they sent Slovakia into the "C" category. it was a disgrace to us, and we had a hard time swallowing this guilt. And it was Peter Šťastný who succeed thanks his strong name to  persuade the iihf to let us play at least the olympic qualification in Sheffield 1993.
    We won it and did qualify to the Olympics. And we were not far from a medal. This was a huge fuck off to whole IIHF from whole Slovakia
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    Monzanator got a reaction from Wanderer in Women's Tennis WTA Tour 2022   
    Ons Jabeur wins the WTA 1000 in Madrid which is the biggest trophy a Muslim woman has ever won in tennis.
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    Monzanator got a reaction from mrv86 in Women's Tennis WTA Tour 2022   
    Ons Jabeur wins the WTA 1000 in Madrid which is the biggest trophy a Muslim woman has ever won in tennis.
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    Monzanator reacted to Makedonas in Athletes Retirements Thread   
    Giannis Bourousis (basketball) retired today. He is 38 yo and led his hometown club (Karditsa) to promotion to the first league for the first time ever (the final game was today so from next year they will make their debut and he will stay involved with the club), and he decided it was time to retire. He was on the Greek national team at Beijing 2008, and was also on the team that won gold at Eurobasket 2005 and bronze at Eurobasket 2009. Euroleague champion in 2015 with Real Madrid as well, and all-Euroleague First Team in 2009 (with Olympiacos) and 2016 (with Baskonia).
     Efthymia Kolokytha (athletics) also announced her retirement. She was a heptathlete who later switched to long jump. She is 34 yo but hasn't competed since last year. She participated at two European Championships and won a lot of medals at Balkan Championships and National Championships. She was often a member of the Greek team at the European Team Championships. I am sad to see that she is ending her career without an Olympic participation. She was so close in 2016 to qualifying for the long jump (the standard was 6.70 and she had 6.66 ).
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    Monzanator reacted to DerbyDad in Time Limit For Competitor To Leave Gate?   
    That is what I looking for! I knew that there had to be a some type of clock. Thanks for the link.
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    Monzanator reacted to rybak in Athletics WA Diamond League 2022   
    In 6th August, first time ever Diamond League will take place in Poland, exactly in Chorzów 
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    Monzanator reacted to RobtheAggie in Biathlon 2022 - 2023 Discussion Thread   
    Italy announced their team today:
    Elite team
    Lukas Hofer, 09/30/1989, 
    Dorothe Wierer, 03/04/1990
    Team Milan/Cortina 2026
    Didier Bionaz, 02/22/2000
    Patrick Braunhofer, 19/04/1998
    Daniele Cappellari, 27/03/1997
    Cedric Christille, 07/01/1999
    Daniele Fauner, 02/08/1999
    Tommaso Giacomel, 05/04/2000
    Iacopo Leonesio, 13/01/2000
    Michele Molinari, 02/20/2000
    David Zingerle, 03/10/2000
    Hannah Auchentaller, 03/28/2001
    Michela Carrara, 05/10/1997
    Samuela Comola, 30/04/1998
    Eleonora Fauner, 09/24/1997
    Irene Lardschneider, 09/02/1998
    Rebecca Passler, 08/31/2001
    Beatrice Trabucchi, 09/30/2000
    Lisa Vittozzi, 04/02/1995
    Linda Zingerle, 09/14/2002
    Also Wierer has announced she will take each season one year at a time.
  17. Love
    Monzanator got a reaction from FancyFenchel in Billiard Sports Discussion Thread   
    18-13 is the final score and O'Sullivan ties Hendry's modern record of seven world championships!
    Hendry was commenting for BBC:
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    Monzanator reacted to NaBUru38 in Auto Racing Discussion Thread   
    Three weeks until the best motorsport weekend of the year.
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    Monzanator reacted to phelps in Ice Hockey 2021 - 2022 Discussion Thread   
    breaking news...

    The Eisbären Berlin are the DEL Champions 2021/2022 
    They won game #4 of the DEL Finals against Red Bull Munich on the road by a score of 5-0 (1-0, 3-0, 1-0) to close the whole series down 3 games to 1.
    It's the 9th title for the Polar Bears since the foundation of the DEL (1994/1995), the second in a row.
    They also won 15 titles in the former East Germany Bundesliga as SC Dynamo Berlin.
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    Monzanator got a reaction from mrv86 in Figure Skating 2021 - 2022 Discussion Thread   
    ISU will vote for raising the minimum age level for women to 17 next month. Obviously it will be passed since everyone will heap on Russia given the low-hanging opportunity.
    Obviously the law is an overreaction to one skater (Valieva) and even BBC doesn't want to pretend it's otherwise. Will it stop Russia from dominating the ladies events? No, it will not IMO. The modern social media era has pretty much killed figure skating elite level in USA and Canada, these teenagers have better things to do in life than skate 40 hours a week or more. This event will be dominated by Russia & Japan going forward - two countries where work regime is paramount.

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    Monzanator got a reaction from ChandlerMne in Billiard Sports Discussion Thread   
    18-13 is the final score and O'Sullivan ties Hendry's modern record of seven world championships!
    Hendry was commenting for BBC:
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    Monzanator reacted to ChandlerMne in Billiard Sports Discussion Thread   
    Ronnie got 7th title! So happy for him!
  23. Wow!
    Monzanator reacted to Federer91 in MotoGP 2022   
    In a shocking twist of events, Suzuki are set to quit MotoGP at the end of the season.  
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    Monzanator reacted to Federer91 in Billiard Sports Discussion Thread   
    Very close for Ronnie to equal Stephen Hendry's record 7 World Titles (in the modern era). I don't know what has happened to Trump the last few days. He should have lost to Mark Williams in the 1/2 already, after blowing up a 12-5 lead, to go to a deciding frame. 
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