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  1. I wonder what has happened with the IIHF Directorate Awards. Usually presented on ice at the close of the final game and/or Bronze medal game. Did I miss some news about it?
  2. can you imagine Canada win here with the reward that they play Italy again in the semis?
  3. there is a full body element to it as well, and it fits over helmet and equipment. Can do a couple laps around the ice during warm up with it on at tournaments. Play a bugle while doing it sometimes also.
  4. Sweden is out unless Canada loses, so GBR and Norway are semi-finalists no matter what happens. Canada's crappy dsc numbers ensure they are 3rd in any 3 way tie for third.
  5. So Canada is screwed on every single tie-breaking scenario. They have to beat Italy period.
  6. all Canada has to do now is beat the team that no one else could beat. what could go wrong?
  7. so four teams are done, USA has just the smallest of chances to remain in it and Norway in it still.
  8. Does Canada have any real shot at catching Japan for 3rd? Seems unlikely to gain back 5 pts now.
  9. No, there can be a five way tie at 6 wins (USA or NOR/SWE/CAN/GBR and ITA) where they would all have 2 head-to-head wins. It would come down to who had the worst DSC which cannot be certain yet. I can list the game by game requirements for this if you like.
  10. Unfortunately the person writing this article does not know what they are talking about. Hopefully (if you are rooting for Israel and Ireland to get in) the substance of their case is simply about the unused bobsleigh quotas. I don't see how there could be a case, you failed to qualify, the rules were clear.
  11. It appears New Zealand dropped one more to make this possible, wow.
  12. where do you see this, the official olympic site still only lists the monobob in their athletes section and the IBSF have not altered their confirmed quotas page?
  13. Still strange that Slovakia reported that they received their second quota in men's singles through reallocation. Could be a misunderstanding though since they reported it before reallocation was supposed to be happening. Also, I tried reading (and translating) through Lien Te-ann's instagram and I think he was saying that he missed qualifying by one spot. There was also something about an injured hand as well, but it didn't stop him from racing so probably irrelevent.
  14. Any indication of reallocated quotas from any NOC? Seems every other sport has reported by now.
  15. A little justice there I think, McNeil only raced the monobob twice and was qualified in it.
  16. The IBSF has modified their qualifying document to say that women ranked under 55 (no longer 45) are eligible. Katie is officially qualified:
  17. I wonder if they will do what they did for South Korea in 2018; will they just allow the host to compete in the team event without meeting the qualifying criteria. China has enough jumpers who meet the minimum eligibility so I think it is possible.
  18. Well they picked her as their flag bearer so I am guessing the NOC is in the loop. Still weird though.
  19. Strange though, the FIS lists it as 'not confirmed by NOC'. Not sure how that is possible if it was claimed through reallocation.
  20. Don't mean to beat a dead horse, but why wouldn't the FIS list say that Canada has refused PGS quotas if they are not going to use them? Noticed wikipedia has a statement that 5 were refused but the source is FIS list that does not say that. Is it possible that more will still be announced?
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