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  1. Laureus World Sports Awards nominees: https://www.laureus.com/world-sports-awards/2020 The ceremony will be on Monday 17 February in Berlin.
  2. Rally Dakar crashes: https://www.reddit.com/r/rally/comments/ep3g9u/fernando_alonso_crash_in_dakar_rally/ https://www.reddit.com/r/rally/comments/ep3l4n/r_starikovich_crash_in_dakar_rally/
  3. What's the point of the Olympic qualifier? Didn't they just finished playing the FIBA AmeriCup?
  4. As for the real Olympics, I think that individual sports should be held under team formats. The most obvious case is all types of circuit racing, which can be held as relays. The badminton tournament should have a similar format to the Sudirman Cup. Same for the Olympic tennis tournament. Also I think that combined events like decathlon, heptathlon, triathlon and biathlon should be prioritary.
  5. I'd like a tournament where a single team of 12 players practices a different sport discipline every day. Say volleyball on Monday, roller hockey on Tuesday, futsal on Wednesday, box lacrosse on Friday, handball on Saturday, basketball on Sunday. Also I would like a unicycle games.
  6. I don't understand the need for these Olympic qualifiers. It would be better to use exiting tournaments, like the continental championships or games.
  7. The previous week, Chilean golfer Joaquin Niemman won the Greenbrier at the PGA Tour. Last week, Sebastián Muñoz won at Jackson, Mississippi also for the PGA Tour.
  8. In Argentina, the final (held at 9:00 local) averaged a 7.3 overnight rating in Buenos Aires, which equals to 730 k viewers (source).
  9. So FIBA Americas decided to run this tournament at the same time as the WNBA playoffs. Are they crazy?
  10. China also played poorly at the World Cup qualifiers.
  11. Uruguay ended the Pan American Games with 1 gold medal, 4 silver medals, 4 bronze medals, and multiple 4th place finishes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uruguay_at_the_2019_Pan_American_Games At the Parapan American Games, Uruguay got one gold medal (Henry Borges in judo) and one bronze medal (Gonzalo Dutra in swimming).
  12. 8 days until the Rugby World Cup!
  13. There's plenty of action this weekend: Group 1 Brazil vs Barbados Venezuela vs Ecuador Uruguay vs Dominican Republic (featuring Pablo Cuevas) Pakistan vs India Lebanon vs Uzbekistan China vs South Korea Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Czech Republic Sweden vs Israel Finland vs Austria (featuring Dominic Thiem) Hungary vs Ukraine Slovakia vs Switzerland Belarus vs Portugal Group 2 Paraguay vs Mexico Guaemala vs Bolivia Indonesia vs New Zealand Hong Kong vs Chinese Taipei South Africa vs Bulgaria Denmark vs Turkey Egypt vs Slovenia Norway vs Georgia Meanwhile in Group 3, Greece features Stefanos Tsitsipas.
  14. The winners get promoted, the losers get relegated.
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