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  1. NaBUru38

    Rally Dakar 2019

    The Africa Eco Race is indeed held in Africa. But the top competitiors in rally raid are at the Dakar Rally.
  2. NaBUru38

    Rugby Sevens 2019 Discussion Thread

    This year, the 2020 Olympic qualifiers will be held. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rugby_sevens_at_the_2020_Summer_Olympics
  3. NaBUru38

    Rugby Sevens 2019 Discussion Thread

    Last weekend, the Seven de Punta del Este was held in Uruguay. This weekend, the Seven de Viña del Mar is being held in Chile. The top South American team outside Argentina (Chile) qualified to the Vancouver Sevens and Las Vegas Sevens. Chlie and another team will qualify to the Hong Kong Sevens qualifier.
  4. NaBUru38

    Boxing 2019 Discussion Thread

    Tonight, Argentine undefeated boxer Fabián "TNT" Maidana (brother of superstar Marcos "Chino" Maidana) will fight Venezuelan veteran Jaider Parra at the Polideportivo de Mar del Plata
  5. NaBUru38

    Totallympics Sports Review of 2018

    Male sportsman of the year, LeBron James (basketball) Female sportsman of the year. Esther Ledecka (skiing and snowboarding) Team of the year: Penske (auto racing) Biggest disappointment of the year: Germany men's national football team. Biggest idiot of the year: Romano Fenati (motorcycling)
  6. NaBUru38

    Totallympics Sports Review of 2018

    But why? Why fact that after four runs they both had exactly the same time is disappointing? I think it was the best two-man competition since SLC. Why not have additional tiebreakers? Say, the best run wins, so Germany.
  7. NaBUru38

    Boxing 2018 Discussion Thread

    Whyte and Saunders won by knockout. Warrington and Edwards won by decision, Jermall won, Jermell lost. Great analysis of defeats here: https://www.boxingscene.com/triumph-despair-whyte-warrington-chisora-frampton--134913
  8. NaBUru38

    Boxing 2018 Discussion Thread

    Canelo crushed Rocky. Next weekend: O2 Arena London: Dillian Whyte vs Dereck Chisora (WBC Silver, WBO International, WBA International heavyweight titles) Cristofer Rosales vs Charlie Edwards (WBC flyweight title) Manchester Arena: Carl Frampton vs Josh Warrington (IBF featherweight title) Billy Joe Saunders vs Charles Adamu (super middleweight) Barclays Center New York: Jermall Charlo vs Matt Korobov (WBC interim middleweight title) Jermell Charlo vs Tony Harrison (WBC light middleweight title)
  9. NaBUru38

    Boxing 2018 Discussion Thread

    Canelo Álvarez and Rocky Fielding will fight tonight at the Madison Square Garden for the for WBA super middleweight title.
  10. NaBUru38

    Swimming FINA Short Course World Championships 2018

    Excuse my total ignorance. I saw some races, and swimmers spend 70% of the distance underwater doing dolphin kick, rather than actually swimming the appropriate style. I think it makes no sense at all.
  11. NaBUru38

    Men's Basketball FIBA World Cup 2019

    FIBA wants to have national teams play 8 matches per year. Euroleague and NBA say that it's abusive. Oh please.
  12. NaBUru38

    Women's Football FIFA Under 17 World Cup 2018

    I attended the 3rd place match. Here's my photos and videos: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:2018_FIFA_U-17_Women's_World_Cup_-_New_Zealand_vs_Canada
  13. NaBUru38

    Men's Basketball FIBA World Cup 2019

    The 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup qualifiers continue this week. Uruguay will play at home versus Puerto Rico and United States at the brand new Antel Arena, which costs us US$ 80 million and whose operation was bought (not sold) to AEG .
  14. NaBUru38

    [OFF TOPIC] Science & Technology Thread

    Edward Snowden explains in simple words what is a blockchain. https://www.aclu.org/blog/privacy-technology/internet-privacy/edward-snowden-explains-blockchain-his-lawyer-and-rest-us