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  1. In Serbia 131 new cases and 2 more deaths . Total numbers are now 659 cases and 10 deaths
  2. Update for Today new 81 cases were confirmed. So 384 confirmed cases for now 4 people have died Two babies were also infected 21 people were on a respirator yesterday, while today there are 24
  3. 7 new cases in Serbia in last 10 hours
  4. Their win was big surprise cause everyone`s talk about Dotter or Anna as winners. You will not stay in semi for sure dont worry Forget to mention Malou Prytz and her Ballerina, cant believe sha failed to qualify for big finale
  5. I agree, she was great. Even I personally prefer Ana Bergendal`s Kingdom Come
  6. And some random guy won in Finland
  7. First case in Serbia. We are official part of the modern world now lol
  8. Serbia is still corona free yaaay
  9. Little Big is just a great choice, can't believe Russia pick them for ESC
  10. Malo sam gledao ove trenutne atletske renkinge, i naši se baš i nisu proslavili. Situacija je sledeća (gledao sam samo plasmane u prvih 100) 51. Elzan Bibić (1500m) 66. Lazar Anić (dalj) 21. Armin Sinančević (kugla) 40. Asmir Kolašinac (kugla) 54. Vedran Samac (koplje) 35. Marija Vučenović (koplje) 21. Dragana Tomašević (disk) 06. Ivana Španović (dalj) 41. Milica Gardašević (dalj) 84. Maja Ćirić (400m)
  11. Some of the songs from Serbian selection
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