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  1. Okay, that is very shocking news. Never did I imagine that Italy would pass up the hosting rights I thought this would be another crazy contest where a lot of people are working on it, something similar to back when we had Serbia with 7 people. I'm sure we're going to find someone suitable, but it's a bummer that our OG participants decided to pass the honour.
  2. Yup, the committee was never the same without us
  3. Look, I just shared my thoughts why, in my opinion, most songs in Lithuanian finished in the 30s and actually even said that I am glad to be proven wrong this year.
  4. Yes, you say that, but then there's quotes such as this " More disappointing is that we only got 1 point between Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Brazil. Was not expecting that if I'm honest. " It's not that I am strictly blaming anything, I just said that our language is not culturally familiar or impactful to possibly have the same impact as songs that are culturally familiar. Sure, it doesn't look like a huge game changer when it comes to the high points that catchy songs get, but there is a certain effect that lingers between lower points and that is perfectly understandable, because it's the culture that you grew up with and you're more inclined to be moved by certain songs or feel a certain connection to them. There's nothing in here saying that you can't enjoy unfamiliar songs, especially if they're good, but we're also not surprised when Tunisia likes Turkey, when the spanish/portuguese speaking nations appreciate the languages that are familiar to their ear and so on, so on. Seeing as you've expected more from these certain countries, it's giving my point some validity.
  5. Alright, time for my thoughts... Congratulations to Denmark with this victory! I honestly expected this TISC to be a completely one-sided affair for The United States, because I did not see a close second mainstream candidate, so my heart is always happy with winners such as these, even if I scored USA a tiny bit more. Your song was great and you should be very proud. Thoughts about Lithuania. After the first seven votes I was extremely pessimistic. I honestly started thinking that my childhood music and authentic Lithuanian music did not really have a good chance at TISC since songs in Lithuanian had been constantly getting pretty lousy results, except from Vaidas a few years ago. I just thought that the language was not as influential as perhaps French or Italian, when it comes to global music and not culturally familiar enough as the Southern American + Spaniard or Yugoslavian blocs to score well. I am very humbled with winning the medal table, because it means that this song reached a lot of people just like it reached me all of those years ago and Jurga is still my all time favourite Lithuanian artist together with Jazzu. I've had long deliberations between nine other songs by Jurga and finally decided to pick this one and I don't regret it. So thank you everyone that voted and thanks for that 13th place. It's way beyond anything that I expected and heck, we even breached top 10 for a second during the show I already have something prepared for the 2019 annual, but for 2019 open, I am not boycotting Lithuanian language after all and songs in our language will be also taken into consideration
  6. LOOK. We were penalised for that once already Don't make our -25 a double penalty
  7. Ammmm, so how's the tie-breaker going to be solved? Or can we please be bronze friends together?
  8. I guess I'll be obliged to hook you up with more songs from Jurga with lyric translations from Lithuanian?
  9. Here I am sitting, hoping that Russia helps us break into a 100 with a song in Lithuanian
  10. Oh my god Thanks a million Brazil @vinipereira and @titicow. I'm not only grateful for the points, but that you also keep sending amazing music every contest that I love to listen to
  11. Come on, Brazil. Pull though for Lithuania
  12. Don't wanna spoil the mood @dcro @OlympicIRL but I think that you forgot the +5 bonus points for Tunisia after they got a 12 from Turkey.