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  1. And Galvydytė ran a SB of under 59s in the 400m Hurdles. Perhaps she goes even further in the semi-final, would be great to have another finalist.
  2. Congratulations Van De Velde on being annoying af Finally some good news for Lithuania though as Valinčius qualifies to the 3000m SC final and Alekna should be safe for the Discus final as well now
  3. Yes, Martynas Alekna is participating in U20 and his younger brother Mykolas is going to start in the Olympic Youth Festival. They also have a younger sister already in athletics as well.
  4. Oooph, this seems like it's going to be a disaster for Lithuania. Starting off with three of our good athletes injured, followed by one of the favourites Juškevičiūtė with a disaster in the Heptahlon hurdles followed by NM in high jump. Last place and under 12 metres for our triple jumper. Last place in women's discus throw in about 50 minutes. And bottom places for our shot putters fairly soon. Only Alekna, Andriukaitytė and Galvydytė can save this championship now and the girls both are having an off-season
  5. Well, a pretty much expected gold, just did not expect that the final would be won with the first jump Really wanted 14m+ win for style points. It's a gold for Lithuania in triple jump, 4 years after Dovilė Dzindzaletaitė did the same and now they're brawling together over who holds our national record Also, in the spirit of smaller teams, it's nice to win this gold on the same day that Croatia gets theirs @dcro
  6. 13.89 for Zagainova, that should be okay for extra three jumps It's nice to start confidently.
  7. The first moment when everyone can fit under a flag after a finals race
  8. Women's 100m Hurdles final is going to be three Belarusians, three French and two Pole athletes. Not entirely certain if there ever was a final this under-represented
  9. Our athletics is really bringing it home for Lithuania three medals already and Edis Matusevičius up tomorrow.
  10. It's a bronze universiade for us. Come on, Liveta! Throw 60+
  11. Well, our team is rather small and broken Ickys, Baikštys, Baikštytė out with injuries Diana Zagainova should be the favourite to win gold in the women's triple jump, other than that, perhaps a top 8 result in hammer throw from Vasiliauskas and can expect a solid run from Truskauskas in 200m
  12. Edis Matusevičius improved his own Lithuanian national record in Javelin Throw to 84.93 in Universiade qualification this morning. 7 centimetres away from Olympic qualification, it is also his third throw over 84 metres.
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