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  1. Yes, because spending all of our time in despair is definitely the better option
  2. Then someone would have to be family On a serious note, this was actually a notice accepted yesterday with quarantine extended till April 13th
  3. Two, so threesomes are already out of the question
  4. GREAT BRITAIN Since the UK rarely features those artists that I really love from that country, this was a wonderful opportunity to give spotlight to one of them. Bruno Major has a very soulful voice and is a very talented lyricist and I just can't get enough of his music.
  5. UK was the place to go for everyone for many many years and those who didn't get into UK decided to move to Ireland. That first bunch was a huge percentage of low-lifes, criminals, people with zero education that just left to work shit jobs for better money than they would have gotten back here. Now a lot of us go to Germany and some to Denmark. And the hottest new country for our dreams is Norway. The fact is that Lithuania became quite a safer country without those people around and it's a huge reason why everybody here was nervous about Brexit and them being flung back at us. And I'm not saying that everybody that left were bad people, because I have a lot of amazing friends that are living in UK and Denmark, whilst half of my family is in Germany, but the fact is that majority of those that went away didn't even bother to finish school and such.
  6. The saddest thing that this virus caused is that our immigrants started fleeing back to Lithuania. In the hotel that they are all quarantined in, one man already stabbed another man repeatedly during a fight. We didn't want that part of Lithuania back,
  7. I never said I myself did it and I think that Electric Avenue was probably the only of the three that got points from me.
  8. I believe it was already the third contest with music from Eddy Grant, so perhaps some users didn't greet it as openly as they did with the first entry?
  9. When was it ever fun to be normal? Be exceptional, strive for greatness, vote at 4 A.M. like all of us bat people
  10. Hmmm, for Lithuania perhaps Edis Matusevičius (javelin throw) if he throws something close to 90m again. Don't see that many other athletes in our court that would benefit from only a year.
  11. I would like to visit your country. Here it seems that everyone is walking directly into me and I'm one of the very few that is playing the dodging game. Just today someone brushed off my back three freaking times, because they couldn't put in the extra second of effort to walk around me.
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