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  1. Yeah, I might be a little late, but I'll leave my two cents here I am extremely happy what a groundbreaking season our men are having. Another one for the history books, a 14th place in a relay, our highest ever placement, with only 0+6 shooting. There were years where I thought that I wouldn't see the day such a thing could happen. Lithuania is now in 17th place in the Nation Cup and could start 4 men in World Cup, if they manage to hold onto it. Buuuuuuuuuuuuut, mixed relays coming up and our women will do everything in their 'power' to not make our dreams a reality.
  2. By the way, I was meaning to ask, but kept forgetting. What happened to Vitkova? An injury in Ostersund?
  3. You're already humiliating the Czech Republic in TISC competitions. Don't beat them up in Biathlon too
  4. Perhaps age is a factor. He was never the speediest German to begin with and now there is a lot of young blood who are willing to prove themselves on the World Cup challenging him.
  5. Why did it never come up that a famous actor Ryan is also secretly a biathlete representing USA?
  6. Eurosport also mentioned that Kuehn has his PB in Pokljuka, so he probably won't be happy, since the tour is moving to Slovakia and that Slovenia is cancelled. I was also extremely confused, went to check the schedule and it's Pokljuka still...
  7. Yeah, of course we played it. Why am I not surprised They have a lot of gems, for example, a song completely dedicated to tangerines (mandarinai in Lithuanian) and it is called "Tangerines" with the chorus going: Tangerines are cool Tangerines are cool Tangerines are cool My head does not hurt from them
  8. Maksim Fomin and Lukas Jakeliūnas with PBs in the IBU cup. With that, we have 6 male biathletes that are able to start in the World Cup now.
  9. That was probably the best way that she could have ever honoured his memory. I'm still expecting something from Mari, she is showing improvement these past couple of races.
  10. Kaisa and winning/getting a podium during her Birthday week. Name a more iconic duo. I can't remember how many times she's done this
  11. Yeah, today's win was very spectacular. Mari Eder's 2017 double in Oslo after her coach's death is one of my most memorable moments, I remember the shivers during that emotional pursuit finish. Hard agree on Dahlmeier's relay performance, that was the moment when everybody knew that they saw a star.
  13. I still can't believe why they're so bent on ignoring Runggaldier. Sure, she is not as fast as most other Italians, but she never goes around the penalty loop, because her shooting is reliable and that's what the Italian team always lacked with 40% relay accuracy from Gontier and an often shaky performance from Sanfilippo.
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