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  1. Well, Teterevkova is not as talented as Rūta, when she was her age, but she's good. She already took down Meilutytė's 200m. Breaststroke record and she might even get the A Olympic qualifying time in 100m. at 16 years old. (already has the B)
  2. Yes, she didn't show up, but there were speculations that she did it on purpose, to give herself an out of the sport, but then she decided to end her career all-together.
  3. Yeah, with the Internet it's now as easy as ever to get to them.
  4. Yes, I was a very proud European
  5. Well, it's been brewing for a long time. This time our very own Rūta Meilutytė has announced her retirement. It's been years of battling depression due to the pressure of the Lithuanian public as well as years of not being able to swim as fast as when she was 15.
  6. Edis Matusevičius with a good throw in the Javelin. His result was 84.55, only 23 centimetres shorter than his Lithuanian Record and only 45 centimetres off from an Olympic qualifying throw. Still, with this, he went over 83 metres and qualified for the World Championships.
  7. Yeah, one of my biggest disappointments were that no one bothered to at least implement that spinning platform, because that moment when they held hands before the final chorus looked pretty great. Now it was just them walking. Kinda felt this one on a personal level, as it was on the level of the extremely poor staging that I've had in this year's selection where I just walked around, because I got a 6 days notice that I'm performing in the first show that's airing January 5th, but is being filmed before Christmas
  8. Well, having them qualify automatically is very counter-productive and also a reason why nobody from big 5 is winning the Eurovision anymore. THEY DON'T GET TO PERFORM IN THE SEMI-FINALS. They are shooting themselves in the foot hard with this one as they get the least exposure compared to other Eurovision artists.
  9. I'm honestly most sad for Czech Republic. Apart from Mikolas Josef, the televote is brutally murdering them every single year.
  10. And as always those that get punished in the end are the artists. To this day, I still can't understand the last place you got in 2016. One of the things that I dislike most about Eurovision is the attitude towards the Big 5, where only Italy gets praised and showered with love every year, while Germany, Spain and UK have an all-out brawl with the hosts for last place, combined with France somewhere in the middle.
  11. I'm sorry that my monologue interrupted your celebration of Germany getting a 0. I'll let myself out now.
  12. Melodical conception was bad. The beats during the chorus were giving me PTSD from all of the cheapest Swedish Eurovision beats that they used to love to send. Combined with a man that struggles to sing at all I felt sorry for the woman, she's a solid performer.
  13. Yeah, I remember the yodelling got a lot of televotes too, so I'm not very surprised actually. Still doesn't really change the fact that the song had an awful conception as was somewhat shown by the low score from the jury. I loved Norway in 2014, adored Norway in 2015 and loved Norway again in 2017. Last year it was Rybak with the worst lyrics of 2018 (and that's in a year where we had songs like Gucci gang), so I am really really hoping Norway can make this right with a wonderful song in 2020, because I miss enjoying your music.
  14. No offence to Norway, but the song that they've sent was beyond awful. It was on par with the crime against music when Romania sent yodelling. The jury nearly picked Macedonia, a very bland, uninteresting song with a vocalist that's middle of the pack and for the first time in my life, I couldn't even sing a single line of it, cause I don't remember it. Thank fuck that with the combined votes, we at least got Netherlands in 1st and Italy in 2nd and ultimately there were at least five songs in the top 10 that were good.
  15. I'm a strong believer that both the jury and the televote votes are fucked up, but together, we sometimes manage to come to a consensus of not choosing a horrible winner.
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