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  1. Just came back from Copenhagen this morning. I saw a lot of posters for Michael Buble on October 26th and nothing regarding TISC
  2. Can you feel the TISC vibes in the air starting to form since it's already Autumn?
  3. I wonder if Laura Asadauskaitė would be able to blow away everyone with a hat trick (ECH and WCF already hers). She hasn't medalled in the World Championships since her gold in 2013. The majority of her recent titles were coming from European Championships and World cups, it would be nice if she won at least a bronze, especially since it's not certain if she is going to continue after the Olympics.
  4. These qualifications were so triggering I'm used to constantly worrying for Lithuanians in A finals. It was a very weird feeling to see them struggling so hard in B.
  5. It's pretty sad to see Lithuanian rowing and canoeing sprint crash and burn so hard in 2019. So many missed quotas and our multi-medalists in world championships and European championships are going to settle for a fight in the B finals and it's not even too clear if they'll avoid the 12th spot.
  6. Well, all of our boats qualified to semi-finals, so that's a start in the right direction, I guess We're expecting qualification in four disciplines and a medal is also a capability.
  7. Well, it seems that this following season is going to be the exact same as the previous 4-5 years of Lithuanian biathlon
  8. Well, couldn't take a better combination than Laura winning gold and Venčkauskaitė clinging onto an Olympic quota.
  9. We used 12 officials all armed with rulers and a bachelor's degree in math to determine that Ireland most likely ran faster than Hungary.
  10. The one where several Hungarians armed with baseball bats smash during the race when they see that Ireland is edging them out
  11. Nah, I refuse to make any assumptions until I see that 1/5 of our team isn't out with injuries in two years
  12. In order to avoid any immediate heartbreak, the relay results are going to be announced in two years time.
  13. Kančytė with that PB scored 3 points and now the only way for us to reach our 3 point quota would be an NM in long jump and a DQ in the relay... And Regalaitė already destroyed that with the 4.95 metre jump... We're heading towards 5 points instead of 3, watch out Cze, Enia, Slovakia.
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