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  1. South Africa will be the favourite, but they will decline the quota. Kenya is number two in the region, but they need to avoid South Africa until the final.
  2. At this rate, they'll both surpass China and qualify (only a maximum of two nations from the same continent can qualify via the rankings)
  3. Yeah, no doubt Algeria will try to make things as difficult as possible. It also doesn't help that Gardette needs to finish ahead of Bouras rather than just planting himself right behind the boat.
  4. Since we have the one boat per nation rule, they are actually mathematically guaranteed a quota. Potentially boats from the B Final will also qualify. Edit: I guess technically we could have a scenario where Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia and Zimbabwe finish with the same rank and all four nations choose the same gender
  5. Yeah, if the ranking was just the combined rankings of the top four players or even something less excessive such as the top 10 players it wouldn't be so bad. No one should expect the 100th ranked person of a nation to have a chance at qualifying to the Olympics.
  6. Forgot about the minimum requirement, that stops those kinds of shenanigans. The second point is interesting, pick a strong cross-country/jumper as a back-up is a good strategy
  7. Random thought, is there a nation where it would be worth sending in their best dressage pair, take the 20 point penalty and substitute their third best eventing pair for the rest of the competition?
  8. The men have already qualified through the world series and they will be allowed to compete at the Olympics. The point for the women is for them to qualify to the world series qualifier so they can compete to become a core team. Sadly it does make the entire half of the bracket South Africa is in useless outside of a crazy upset. Depending when South Africa plays their final group game we could see nations trying to fix the bracket.
  9. But 200 points might as well be 1000 points, no team is going to recover from that. The 20 point penalty for substitutions seems fair though
  10. Whether it's a 100/200 points or 1000 points isn't the result essentially the same? I doubt a team could make up the gap without hoping other teams already received the penalty as well.
  11. Just as a reminder, South Africa has confirmed they will not be sending a team to the Olympics, so should they win it'll go to the runner-up.
  12. Mali is the two time defending African champions, though Nigeria did win at the African Games. Regardless it is unlikely we'll see an African nation at the Olympics.
  13. Yeah, it would take a lot of bad luck for Egypt to not finish in the top 2. Of course, crazier things have happened.
  14. The Algerian Sailing Federation on Facebook has results Here are the nations entered in each event Men's RS:X Women's RS:X Men's Laser They accidentally reposted the women's RS:X so we don't know who is in the women's laser radial.
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