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  1. Yeah, Egypt could potentially miss out on competing for an Olympic quota though I think South Africa will likely decline its continental quota should it win allowing Egypt to take it (assuming they stay in the top 20)
  2. Huge upset by Canada, this could be important in letting us avoid Croatia/Serbia in the quarterfinals.
  3. True, but I feel Jamaica has done a better job at going from specialists to more general. Regardless both nations should be among the 10 largest teams.
  4. That's a shame, but yeah Russia are going to be the heavy favourites. It's also less likely for a team to be eliminated in dressage than eventing/jumping so I guess other nations didn't want to waste money traveling there.
  5. Here are the ten largest athletic teams so far qualified to the Olympics (I took the top three athletes for nations with more than 3 eligible athletes) 1. United States - 64 2. Kenya - 28 3. China - 24 3. Jamaica - 24 5. Germany - 20 6. Ethiopia - 18 6. Japan - 18 8. Great Britain - 17 9. Poland - 16 10. Canada - 12 10. Russia - 12 10. Spain - 12 Unsurprisingly the United States is dominating the field. Kenya is second thanks to being dominant in long distance events, but could struggle to maintain its position as nations that are generally good in all events start to catch up.
  6. Is Scott Morgan injured? That seems to be a big name missing on Canada's team, besides Rosie MacLennan who is injured.
  7. There isn't exactly a world ranking in sevens. The fairest way, other than letting Mexico (or Jamaica) take the continental quota is for them to switch the priority of the continental events and World Series.
  8. Basically, Europe had the opportunity to qualify up to six teams, not our fault their best teams can't compete with the best from Oceania/North America
  9. That's true, Thailand is only here because North Korea is still recovering from its aftermath from its suspension while Mexico (and even Costa Rica) is a lot better than Jamaica, but in qualification anything can happen. Africa is also a weak link, not sure why they got three spots while South America only has 2.5.
  10. The issue is that a 16 team World Cup likely means Europe will be squeezed even more, the reduction would probably be 3 Europeans, 2 Asians and 1 Africa, South America and CONCACAF.
  11. I heard Vans Park Skate and World Skate couldn't come to an agreement.
  12. 2017-20 Athlete Performance Database Link I'm in the middle of creating an athlete database and I'm wondering if some of you want to beta test it before coming fully online by the end of the month. Basically I want to know if it works for everyone and whether there are any formatting errors. The other big thing would be whether or not the names for some athletes are spelt correctly. Sadly a lot of times there are mistranslations when the name is romanized, additionally some athletes change their name (mostly due to marriage) or even nationality.
  13. From the qualification document "If any of the three (3) NOCs that qualified three (3) quota places through the FTQT had already obtained one (1) quota place for the individual competition, this individual quota place will be added to the list of available quota places at the Final World Individual Qualifying Tournament (see below)" So basically, should a nation qualify a team quota they are technically only given two athlete quotas and the third one will be applied to the final qualification tournament.
  14. Wouldn't the extra quota be reallocated to the final qualification tournament?
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