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  1. Is there a website with results or just the above stream?
  2. New Zealand are guaranteed the two women's quotas as Australia already qualified the maximum quotas (whether New Zealand accepts them is a different story)
  3. That's not even a huge issue. Events go until midnight at the Olympics, that would make it 1pm Tahiti time, the competition would have already started (weather permitting) by then
  4. Yeah, I have no issue with surfing being in Tahiti, especially given its importance to the surfing world, but I've always been of the opinion that the Olympics were heading towards a host nation rather than a host city. France is a bit unique in that its borders can be found around the world.
  5. Talk about cutting it close. Hopefully they don't have any French judges to keep things unbiased...
  6. For anyone interested, here's what my prediction model suggests on medal chances for each event in athletics. I may have to change to a hybrid model for long distance (5000m, 10000m, walks and marathon) events as quite often the pace/strategy is different in each race. The low number of competitions for some athletes caused a couple of weird results so hopefully they continue to compete in 2020. Below are the athletes with a greater than 50% chance at winning the gold medal in an event. Caster Semenya - Women's 800m - 99.21% Katarina Johnson-Thompson - Women's Heptathlon - 81.91% Daniel Stahl - Men's Discus Throw - 79.45% Kenenisa Bekele - Men's Marathon - 74.30% Yulimar Rojas - Women's Triple Jump - 69.93% Shaunae Miller-Uibo - Women's 400m - 69.11% United States - Men's 4x400m Relay - 64.21% Pawel Fajdek - Men's Hammer Throw - 62.18% United States - Women's 4x400m Relay - 57.65% Will Claye - Men's Triple Jump - 55.80% Malaika Mohambo - Women's Long Jump - 55.50% Brigid Kosgei - Women's Marathon - 52.18% Shaunae Miller-Uibo - Women's 200m - 51.51% Karsten Warholm - Men's 400m Hurdles - 50.75%
  7. Watch the team be called "Olympic Athletes from Россия"
  8. Yeah, I was looking through the rankings and saw China and Ukraine were maybe in trouble. I also thought Qatar was safe, but I decided to check the non-Group A/B nations just to make sure. Looks like China used 5.1 to their benefit.
  9. Nice, much easier than going through the rankings. So Qatar needs one more athlete while Ukraine needs two.
  10. For jumping, does the MER have to be at a Grand Prix Table A or can it be at a Table A event?
  11. They can still qualify to the final Olympic tournament via their performance at the European Championship. They need four of to finish in the top seven at the World Championship.
  12. Do you know if India or South Africa are competing in an eventing event so that they can get their MER?
  13. So assuming there's no big changes on the final day the continental reallocations will be as follows in the women's 49erFX ---> and ---> and in the mixed Nacra 17 Foiling --->
  14. I think I've finalized the code (at least for events with timed/measured results) for the medal prediction project I'm working on. You can see the men's 100m example here Overall I am able to limit the number of athletes from a single nation. Therefore, for the men's 100m it now has three athletes from the United States. Currently the three best performers are listed, but it can easily be changed to the actual team once the selection process is complete. Let me know how you think it looks on the site.
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