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  1. Olympic Quota Race - After Day 3 Men's RS:X - 24.5 - 50 Women's RS:X - 34 Men's Laser (Top 5) - 22 - 27 - 58 - 76 - 96 Women's Laser Radial - 30 - 47 - 60 - 67 - 93 Men's Finn - 31 - 35 Men's 470 - 108 - 121 Women's 470 - 36
  2. Yeah, that's looking to be quite tough, I imagine Portugal would be cheering for Slovenia and Tunisia to either be placed in a (relatively) easier group or at least have an easier African opponent.
  3. I'm quite happy to see the progress Portugal has seen recently. The last time they competed at the European Championships was in 2006 and now they are still alive in the fight for an Olympic quota. It'll be tough to qualify, but with wins over France and Sweden here means it's not impossible.
  4. Correct, which means every women's team that lost in the first round is eliminated from Olympic qualification. The losers of the round of 16 will have a "second chance" tournament with the winner grabbing the final spot.
  5. Two more bronzes to end the games with 8 medals. Overall not too bad, all things considering.
  6. It's the difference between Europe and Asia. Europe tends to benefit from a combined Asia/Oceania (the old Oceania quotas will go to the overall pool which is usually won by a European nation) while Asia will be hurt as you are essentially adding an overall top 10 nation (plus New Zealand) into the mix. The lose/lose scenario is what we have in football where Australia adds more competition to Asia while Oceania still retains its quota. Well, everyone loses except Australia who made the move to AFC so that it can be exposed to more talent.
  7. That's the more impressive part IMO. How can you be so good that you can score 82 goals yet let in seven?
  8. Olympic Quota Race - After Day 2 Men's RS:X - 13 - 30 Women's RS:X - 26 Men's Laser (Top 5) - 9 - 12 - 36 - 47 - 50 Women's Laser Radial - 18 - 24 - 34 - 37 - 53 Men's Finn - 21 - 23 Men's 470 - 58 - 66 Women's 470 - 18
  9. Well, we equaled the number of medals won relative to 2016, though the distribution was nicer in 2016. We still have chances tomorrow too.
  10. Sadly unless Slovenia wins the whole thing that is now impossible...
  11. Yeah, I don't think anything will be done here. The events included international athletes so it's hard to argue the events shouldn't count. Personally I dislike world rankings deciding who qualifies as a lot of them don't really determine who is the best, just who competes the most. With that said, I have no problem with the way those athletes qualified as everyone knew the rules long before Olympic qualification began.
  12. I think that seals Slovenia's spot to at least the OQT. The nation will need a result against Norway tomorrow to reach the semi-finals or hope Hungary fails to win both of its matches.
  13. I just noticed the Oceania wrestling championship was cancelled. This means they won't be eligible to compete at the African/Oceania qualification event (unless they change the rules)
  14. Yeah, Germany is guaranteed to finish third in their group so that means Sweden needs to finish third in the other group. For that to happen 5/6 of the remaining matches need to go Sweden's way plus they need to have the goal differential go their way. Norway/Iceland doesn't matter though Iceland winning would give Sweden two opportunities to get the right goal differential. Hungary and Slovenia are the favourites for the two spots, but Portugal has matches with both of them and thus can still control their fate. Iceland needs things to go their way plus they have to win against Norway tomorrow. Edit: Forgot that one of the four could also win the European Championship which would then allow seventh place to qualify to the OQT.
  15. Baseball5 is still non-existent so it's hard to judge its merit. Yeah, in reality which ever sport agrees to have their best players will have a huge advantage. In terms of costs I don't see the two sports being much different. Baseball/Softball and Cricket will likely have to wait until another team sport is removed before they are added just so they can use the athlete quotas. The whole point is moot until you can argue that those sports deserve to be in the Olympics more than Field Hockey/Handball/Rugby Sevens/Water Polo.
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