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  1. Brazil is far stronger than anyone and I would say on paper both Argentina and Colombia would defeat Mexico plus on a good day weaker teams like Jamaica could defeat Mexico. Our continent is quite weak outside of Canada/US which is why WorldRugby had that rule.
  2. JoshMartini007

    Women's Handball CAHB African Championship 2018

    On paper Angola is the favourite, but it only takes one bad match to get eliminated. Usually Tunisia has a good chance for the upset, but they haven't looked too great. Senegal has had a great tournament so far. Due to how the scheduling of the qualification system the winner here will be the first African nation to qualify to the Olympics
  3. JoshMartini007

    Summer Olympic Games 2024 Sports Programme

    The issue with esports is that it just isn't universal yet. For most games, you are really scratching the bottom of the barrel to come up with more than 10 viable nations to compete.
  4. Haha... Poor Bermuda, though I think she still qualifies, she just needs to actually earn her spot rather than just meet the minimum requirements. At this point they should just combine the two groups, though in essence they pretty much already are with the exception of the individual eventing quotas.
  5. JoshMartini007

    Athletics IAAF World Championships 2019

    Do you know when they are going to publish the 2020 Olympics standards?
  6. JoshMartini007

    Summer Olympic Games 2020 News

    It depends on how many quotas they want. If they want 60 (like the men's) then I'd argue it's too soon and they should wait until 2024. Based on the the qualification time at the 2017 World Championships the quality of field would suggest around 30 entrants and then expand it to 60 for 2024.
  7. JoshMartini007

    Pan American Games 2019

    Really Canada, can't even qualify in the men's team through the Pan American Championships. Also does this mean one of Bahamas, Bermuda or US Virgin Islands is going to qualify a women's team, assuming they send a team to the North American qualifier?
  8. JoshMartini007

    Women's Football OFC Oceanian Nations Cup 2018

    To be a bit serious, Fiji's team is a lot better than in previous years, it looks like they put some serious work in developing them. Their US based player is only 17 years old and could be a future star for the team. I think they have an excellent chance at defeating Papua New Guinea in the semi-final.
  9. JoshMartini007

    International Olympic Committee News

    I don't think it's in the IOC's place to demand which nations are allowed to be part of a sports federations. These are separate entities. If a sport wants to allow all 50 United States states to compete separately then let them. My only concern is that the qualification process must limit the amount of athletes that attempt to qualify if other nations are also limited. Which for the most part they do for Great Britain (see curling or rugby sevens). For territories, the ones that do compete were rather lucky as they essentially got grandfathered in. To me, there's no reason why Aruba gets to compete, but not Curacao. For nations with limited recognition things get a bit grey. Where do you draw the line? Palestine, Kosovo and Taiwan (via loophole) are all recognized by a large portion of the world. Western Sahara also has a large chunk, but not enough sporting recognition.
  10. JoshMartini007

    Pan American Games 2019

    Yeah, some sports are used more for development than to win medals. Though for sports that reward Olympic quota places (or give massive points towards the world rankings that are used for Olympic qualification) or are Pan American only sports we send our best. For things like athletics or swimming, we have the World Championships.
  11. JoshMartini007

    Winter Olympic Games 2026

    Yeah, Nordic Combined stays as long as Ski Jumping stays, they two pretty much go hand in hand.
  12. JoshMartini007

    Winter Olympic Games 2026

    Thank you for understanding Though real talk, should it come to it and the IOC is basically begging a city to host, which sports could potentially be on the chopping block as a cost saving measure? Ski Jumping/Nordic Combined? Sliding Sports? Freestyle Skiing/Snowboarding?
  13. JoshMartini007

    Winter Olympic Games 2026

    That would be rightly, a waste of money. Any "no" campaign will use it as a rallying point. We'd have to either host those events somewhere else or scrap (long track) speed skating altogether. (Sorry Netherlands)
  14. JoshMartini007

    Winter Olympic Games 2026

    Canada is pretty big. I pretty much heard very little details on the local news other than a referendum was taking place while people in Calgary/Alberta were hit hard by the yes/no campaign. Vancouver likely won't host it. We no longer have a track for speed skating and we would have to build an Olympic village (something that was a bit of a nightmare after 2010).
  15. JoshMartini007

    Shooting CAT American Championships 2018

    Yeah on paper, Gil and Crovetto are next in line in terms of talent, but because the US already qualified two quotas at the World Champs we essentially have a free spot, possibly two if the loser can qualify at a World Cup event. We could see Barbados qualify normally.