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  1. JoshMartini007

    Pan American Games 2019

    Maybe with the World Championships being almost two months after the Pan American Games more athletes will show up. Canada seems to be letting their best go to Lima (whether or not they want to go is debatable)
  2. JoshMartini007

    Pan American Games 2019

    I mean, that's almost all the sports on the program once you add in the non-Olympic sports (minus Baseball). It's the same for Canada; just because we don't send our best in athletics or swimming doesn't mean we don't care about the Pan American Games.
  3. JoshMartini007

    Shooting ISSF World Cup 2019

    Just checked the calendar, so far India is not scheduled to host any other direct qualifiers though they are essentially guaranteed to host a field hockey play-off match (which should have no issues as long as it isn't against Pakistan and even then I imagine the match would still go on) so they are unlikely to feel any large sanctions for this Olympic cycle.
  4. JoshMartini007

    Modern Pentathlon CAPM African Championships 2019

    The reallocation of unused quotas goes to the next highest ranked athlete from the Olympic Ranking List, as long as the minimal continental quota is respected. So as long as Egypt still competes African athletes would have to qualify the hard way. The only exception would be if the winner of the African championship also wins the World Cup Final in which case the African quota would go to the second place athlete.
  5. JoshMartini007

    Shooting ISSF World Cup 2019

    The World Cup in India is about to start, but there are issues with Pakistan getting visas to compete. Now they are trying to get the quotas for the men's rapid fire pistol (the event they were planning to compete in) moved to the next World Cup event. Probably won't happen, but it may make it difficult for India to host future Olympic qualification events.
  6. JoshMartini007

    Summer Olympic Games 2024 Sports Programme

    My issue with surfing is the qualification system. Due to the lack of diversity in the World Surf League we essentially have 12 athletes fighting for 10 quotas in men's shortboard while 9 athletes are fighting for 8 quotas in women's shortboard. Of course, qualification is by name so there will be a lot of intra-national competition, but for me that doesn't mean too much.
  7. JoshMartini007

    Pan American Games 2019

    Yeah, I have no issue of territories competing, as long as they have proper rules in place like they (or their parents/grandparents) were born there. I don't mind people who compete for France also wanting to represent their territory (like Lara Grangeon for New Caledonia), but we should prevent France (or Great Britain/Netherlands) from trying to sneak people from the mainland into the games.
  8. JoshMartini007

    Summer Olympic Games 2020 Unqualified Nations

    Yeah, we're in a bit of a quiet season for Olympic qualification, unsurprisingly. The only thing that has happened since I made this was the men's handball world championship and that only lowered the chances for Iceland and North Macedonia. The African Road Cycling Championship getting delayed doesn't help things while the African Modern Pentathlon Championship should be an easy qualification for Egypt. Maybe the Shooting World Cup at the end of the month will give us something more to talk about, at least until mid-March when things start to move.
  9. JoshMartini007

    Summer Olympic Games 2020 Unqualified Nations

    Thanks, didn't realize they made that change. It's surprising that they still gave Asia 5 quotas.
  10. JoshMartini007

    Sailing Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games

    Here are the dates for all the Olympic qualification events except for the African Finn qualifier Link
  11. JoshMartini007

    Men's Rugby Sevens WR World Series 2018 - 2019

    Is that because South Africa may decline to send a team should they not finish in the top 4? If not it doesn't really matter who finishes in the top 4 in terms of a competitive field, with the exception of Argentina or two teams from Africa/North America. Just that it would make it harder/easier for other nations to qualify
  12. JoshMartini007

    Men's Rugby Sevens WR World Series 2018 - 2019

    Who is they?
  13. JoshMartini007

    Women's Rugby Sevens WR World Series 2018 - 2019

    After 3/6 events, leads the pack while are in comfortable positions to qualify to the Olympics. It's not completely over for the European nations, but it would take a couple of great tournaments for one of them while one of the top four has back to back terrible tournaments. As it stands two out of will miss the Olympics, though even if one of them makes it to the top 4 it would only help the continent if they leap-frog Australia.
  14. JoshMartini007

    Men's Rugby Sevens WR World Series 2018 - 2019

    Four second place finishes in a row for the United States. With 4/10 events completed, are all in solid positions to qualify to the Olympics with and (England) fighting for the last spot. Australia still has a chance at catching up. I imagine Europe really wants England to grab the final qualifying spot.
  15. JoshMartini007

    European Games 2019

    That should be the way to go though