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  1. Is this considered the continental championships for both Asia and Oceania?
  2. I'd prefer 4 groups of 3 teams than 3 groups of 4 teams...
  3. A team can only qualify once to the Olympics so if they already qualified via the intercontinental qualifier then they can't qualify to the continental qualifier.
  4. They would save money in terms of needing fewer venues to host the games, but others like security would increase. Overall it would shrink final days from an average of 21 per day to 15 per day (assuming more events don't get added to fill the void)
  5. Entry List South Africa is the favourite to win both elite races, but they should qualify through the World Rankings, leaving a spot open for another nation. Namibia was dealt a blow with Tristan de Lange not competing. This could potentially allow Lesotho to qualify in the men's event. The women's event is quite open once you exclude South Africa. Home field advantage could help Namibia, but Botswana, Kenya, Mauritius and Zimbabwe all have a realistic chances.
  6. How about a points or elimination race like in cycling?
  7. Yeah, sadly qualification through the World Surf League is more of an intra-nation competition than an inter-nation competition
  8. There's only one quota in mountain biking, but there is a (very outside) chance for Bolivia.
  9. Priority for men: Priority for women: On paper Argentina, Brazil, Canada and the United States should qualify through the world rankings for both genders. Mexico and Colombia have an outside chance.
  10. While Canada and the United States won the men's and women's respectively, it is likely Mexico will benefit from the quotas as both Canada and the United States should qualify through the rankings. Mexico has a small chance to qualify through the rankings, but it is unlikely.
  11. That's the end plan, the Central American and Caribbean Games was a test. Whether the change happens for 2023 is debatable.
  12. More like 200-400-800-1500 Obviously we need a 25m freestyle event...
  13. Drop the 800m and add a 2500m Freestyle 800m Freestyle is like a 3000m race in athletics.
  14. Only the winner qualifies to the Olympics so it's not a huge deal, the runner-up does get a second chance, but they (Ghana or South Africa I guess) will be the underdog against Chile.
  15. Maybe the Zika virus will make an appearance in Japan
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