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  1. Laura Vargas has switched from to
  2. World Games silver medalist Tamara O'Brien has died aged 22 from cancer.
  3. beat the for the first time since 1985!
  4. Its a throwaway event (the mixed one), so why not lol. I wonder what other exotic countries will throw their names into the hat
  5. It looks will compete, in hockey, of all sports! https://qatarspc.qa/en/news-1320.html
  6. will try to qualify for 2022 Olympics in this sport. @dcro He is fundraising here. "Hello! My name is Amadou Krubally. I'm dreaming of my country The Gambia to compete for the first time at the Winter Olympic Games 2022 in Beijing. I decided to do Skeleton, which means throwing myself down an ice channel on a small board, head-first. I founded IceGambia, a federation that let's me be a member of the official Bobsleigh&Skeleton organization. The only thing that is missing are the funds for this season. Please help support the crazy idea of a crazy guy doing a crazy sport just to see his country compete. With € 15000 I can do the whole season (Europe Cup/International Cup) and qualify for the Winter Olympic Games. Help me write history!"
  7. Or give some competition to Guyana and Brazil. This means a total of 10 teams will compete in the men's tournament
  8. is scheduled to compete at the Asia-Pacific Championships next month
  9. Team Canada Withdraws From World Beach Games Open Water Races
  10. IDK why Africa was given 5!! spots per singles event. Should be max 3
  11. Would that mean Turkey can enter the team event (I assume, only 3 of 4 squares will count) ? ---- BTW do you think Canada can make it to the top 12? 246 is what they scored at Pan Ams, but have a slightly different team here.
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