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  1. Canada won 4 events in Paris, maybe a good luck city
  2. Can a country qualify a C1 and C2 1000 boat for men at the continental level? Qualification system only alludes to different distances among disciplines...
  3. THe one Canadian who needs the most points gets the hardest draw... lol
  4. FIrst Parapan American Games opening ceremony to be held in the stadium as the Pan Ams...
  5. Have fun: https://wrsd.lima2019.pe/PaG2019/en/results/all-sports/competition-schedule.htm
  6. Has the mile been added as an event?
  7. The substance that was found in Ms. Vincent Lapointe’s sample has been the subject of recent established contaminated supplement cases and the preliminary information, available at this time, supports that Ms. Vincent Lapointe’s adverse analytical finding may have been caused by inadvertent and unknowing use of a prohibited substance from such a source. https://canoekayak.ca/ckc-statement-laurence-vincent-lapointe/
  8. @DaniSRB Remember in our private message I forgot canoeing as Canada's medal chances for 2020. Here we go...
  9. ITG usually has errors in their articles. Can't view them as a trustworthy source.
  10. They won game one and lost game 2.
  11. Is this the third game of the series ?
  12. Canada will lose all 3 games by a very small margin. Sad. Hopefully they can qualify via a fqt.
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