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  1. trials results (ie who will represent Canada at Olympic qualifiers and Olympics if they qualify) 50 kg Jessie MacDonald 53 kg Samantha Stewart 57 kg Linda Morais 62 kg Michelle Fazzari 68 kg Danielle Lappage 76 kg Erica Wiebe 57 kg Ligrit Sadiku 65 kg Dillon Williams 74 kg Jasmit Phulka 86 kg Clayton Pye 97 kg Jordie Steen 125 kg Amar Dhesi For women: 53 kg, surprise as Diana Weicker failed to qualify,she is a former world medalist 5/6 women have won world medals and 3/6 are former world or Olympic champions. Hoping at least 5 qualify, but I'd suspect only 3-4 will qualify For men, complete different story. The two best men's wrestlers failed to qualify (Balfour, who is likely to retire due to an eye injury and Jarvis, who was completely dominated in his 125 kg matches in the final, surprising considering he has literally been Canada's rep. for years in that category. I honestly do not see any of the men qualifying for Tokyo.
  2. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1087906/southeast-asian-games-philippines Nice story.
  3. The cross-country is an Olympic event in cycling (mountain biking)
  4. With 3 events to go in track and field, has 13 gold, 12
  5. Official website shows men's doubles won gold too, but all other sources say won.
  6. Very late to do that. I'd suspect though Lima would gladly host again though.
  7. A lot of problems within the organizing committee for Santiago 2023. The CEO and President have both resigned...
  8. The competition is being held in a 25m pool, so the times will not count for Olympic standards.
  9. beat in women's basketball 92-5 wow.
  10. Half compete one week, then leave, with the second week starting with new athletes. This means less beds would need to be available in the village.
  11. Canada's sports budget for 19-20 in summer sports: https://www.ownthepodium.org/en-CA/Funding/Summer-Sports-2016-2017
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