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  1. lol China. Arguably one of the worst countries on this planet.
  2. 2026 would also not be preferred I would assume. World Cup 2026 will be here and without a doubt all the media attention will go there.
  3. I have seen every season, so I would be considered a superfan
  4. And the problem in Canada is hair clippers for home are jacked up in pricing as well. So if you don't have it at home (like myself) we are really screwed lol. All of us will come out looking like we played a season of Survivor.
  5. This would mark netball's debut outside a CWG's. Nice chance for Sri Lanka to win a gold..
  6. Welcome. I am eligible for 55% income from employment insurance + 20% from my employer, so not too bad.
  7. I was temporarily laid off today...
  8. A Bach-less IOC would be better. There have been so many short sighted decisions which have negatively impacted the Olympics, jmo.
  9. Breaking: Canada will not send athletes to Tokyo unless games are moved. Wow.
  10. Canada/USA Border will be shut to non-essential travel.
  11. lol Canada was supposed to host, but withdrew due to financial concerns, so now the replacement is one of the poorest countries in the world!?
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