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Summer Olympic Games Paris 2024 Qualification Quota Simulation Road to Paris 2024


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1 hour ago, Topicmaster1010 said:


:GRE Greece: 81 (+6)

(Artistic Swimming - 8, Athletics - 11, Basketball - 12, Boxing - 1, Mountain Biking - 1, Road Cycling - 1, Diving - 1, Equestrian - 1, Fencing - 1, Rhythmic Gymnastics - 5, Judo - 2, Rowing - 5, Sailing - 5, Shooting - 3, Swimming - 7, Table Tennis - 1, Taekwondo - 1, Tennis - 2, Water Polo - 12, Wrestling - 1)

We actually had 83 in Tokyo so it should be -2 for us, not +6. I don't see how Petrounias doesn't qualify (he didn't compete at the World Championships so I guess that's why he was excluded here) and 11 in athletics and 7 in swimming are very low numbers, but it's nice to see us return in boxing, diving, and equestrian after some years without quotas in those sports.


Great work! Very much appreciated!


I'd also be curious to see the gender breakdown.

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2 hours ago, Topicmaster1010 said:

Paris 2024 Quota Simulation: 2022 Data Edition

WOW! Incredible work on this.


I attempted to do the same thing over December & January when there was a break in qualifying, but over a month in, I only had half the project done. Now I can stop.

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