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Road Cycling UCI World Championships 2022


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Road Cycling UCI World Championships 2022


AUS.gif Wallongong (AUS) - 18 September 2022 - 25 September 2022 AUS.gif




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Now that the Vuelta is over, and pending the start of the Tours of :LUX & :SVK tomorrow.


Here's the timetable for the World Championships in :AUS translated in to British time.  


18/09/2022 00:35    Women & U23 ITT
18/09/2022 04:40    Men ITT
19/09/2022 04:20    U-23 Men ITT
20/09/2022 00:30    Junior Women ITT
20/09/2022 04:20    Junior Men ITT
21/09/2022 05:20    Team TT Mixed Relay
22/09/2022 23:15    Junior Men RR
23/09/2022 04:00    U-23 Men RR
23/09/2022 23:00    Junior Women RR
24/09/2022 03:25    Women & U23 RR
25/09/2022 01:15    Men RR

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Team GB


Elite Men
Ethan Hayter (Road race and time-trial)

Luke Rowe

Jake Stewart

Ben Swift

Connor Swift

Ben Tulett

Ben Turner

Fred Wright


Elite and Under-23 Women
Elynor Backstedt (U23)

Pfeiffer Georgi (U23)

Anna Henderson

Elizabeth Holden

Anna Shackley (U23)

Alice Towers (U23)


Under-23 Men
Bob Donaldson

Sean Flynn

Leo Hayter (Road race and time-trial)

Oliver Stockwell

Sam Watson


Junior Men

Jed Smithson

Josh Tarling (Road race and time-trial)

Zachary Walker


Junior Women
Zoe Backstedt (Road race and time-trial)

Grace Lister

Awen Robert

Izzy Sharp (Road race and time-trial)

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:SVK Team Slovakia :SVK



Elite Road Race

Peter Sagan

Matúš Štoček

Marek Čanecký

Juraj Sagan


U23 Road Race

Martin Svrček

Lukáš Kubiš

Pavol Rovder

Samuel Tuka


Juniors Road Race

Tomáš Sivok

Samuel Novák

Martin Jurík



Juniors Road Race + Juniors Individual Time Trial

Nora Jenčučová

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