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IMAGINARY SUMMER OLYMPICS - Poll #1 - Boxing - Men's Super Heavyweight


IMAGINARY SUMMER OLYMPICS - Poll #1 - Boxing - Men's Super Heavyweight  

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  1. 1. IMAGINARY SUMMER OLYMPICS - Poll #1 - Boxing - Men's Super Heavyweight

    • Tyrell Biggs USA 1984
    • Lennox Lewis CAN 1988
    • Roberto Balado CUB 1992
    • Wladimir Klitschko UKR 1996
    • Audley Harrison GBR 2000
    • Alexander Povetkin RUS 2004
    • Roberto Cammarelle ITA 2008
    • Anthony Joshua GBR 2012
    • Tony Yoka FRA 2016
    • Bakhodir Jalolov UZB 2020

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  • Poll closed on 02/24/2022 at 07:00 PM

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Hello everyone,


I have a proposal of another series of polls - kind of buiding up to Paris 2024.

It is similar to the poll #25 in Road to Beijing series - I know it may be found stupid or crazy or too complicated.


But let's try it, let's do some kind of "imaginary olympics".


These are olympic champions in certain event.

Imagine that all these champions are on the top of their game at the very same moment in time.

Who would have won gold?


I will try to prepare around 10-15 polls like that, maybe twice a week or sth like that, we will see if you are interested in it, and then we will know if I shall continue or I should not waste your time...


We could prepare a medal table after each event, we could discuss why we choose one athlete and why we don't choose another one, we could put here some youtube videos of certain events etc...


We will see how it works. Similar boxing super heavyweight poll was here before, but now I changed the rules a bit and we'll see if you are interested.

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There will be no competition between the users in this series of polls. I'd like to open a discussion only (who was the best super heavy boxer???) and I'd like to make a medal table.


Another series of polls, sth similar to Beijing 2022 olympics, with points for users and some predictions of future events is also planned but I think it will be available here next week.

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28 minutes ago, Dunadan said:

some crucial info is missing here... where would the imaginary tournament take place? :rolleyes:

since it's an imaginary tournament, we can also assume it's placed in an imaginary super-fair neutral site with super-fair judges that don't even know what corruption and match fixing mean...:evil:

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by the way, having followed all of these guys at the Olympics and through their pro career (those who had one), the choice for gold is truly a no brainer...


:CUB Roberto Balado Mendez, the greatest heavyweight boxer of all times (R.I.P. my hero)...


he was just a class apart, fast, strong, technically superior...if only he had been able to fight for a few more years (and why not? turning pro), probably most people would still talking of him more than they talk of Cassius Clay/Muhammad Alì (because on the ring Balado was better than Stevenson and Alì)...


apologies for the poor picture quality, but every boxing fan (and not only the boxing fans) should watch this tribute...


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and this is my full ranking of the fighters named in the poll...


1. Roberto Balado Mendez

2. Vladimir Klitschko

3. Lennox Lewis

4. Roberto Cammarelle

5. Alexander Povetkin


then, those who frankly don't even deserved to be named in the same page with those above...:pope:


6. Anthony Joshua

7. Tyrrel Biggs

8. Audley Harrison

9. Tony Yoka

10. Bakhodir Jalolov


the last 4, imho, don't deserve even to be named Olympic Champions, they just robbed that honor...:hairpull:

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The voting in Poll #1 has ended.


Looks like we have the results of the first event of our Imaginary Summer Olympics.


BOXING - Men's Super Heavyweight


1. :UKR Wladimir Klitschko UKR

2. :CUB Roberto Balado CUB

3. :GBR Anthony Joshua GBR

3. :CAN Lennox Lewis CAN


Thanks for voting!


Medal table after 1 event


:UKR 1-0-0---1

:CUB 0-1-0---1

:CAN 0-0-1---1

:GBR 0-0-1---1

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