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Short Track Speed Skating 2021 - 2022 Discussion Thread


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:USA Allison Baver, a three time Olympian and a 2010 bronze medalist in the relay, is being accused of scamming ten million dollars in COVID aid from the US government to finance a movie.

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First day results of the Short Track World Junior Championships 2022, in :POL  Gdansk:

1500m women:

1. :KOR Gilli Kim

2. :NED Angel Daleman

3. :KOR Yeonjae Jang 


500m women:

1. :CAN Florence Brunelle

2. :CAN Ann-Sophie Bachand

3. :NED Michelle Velzeboer


1500m men:

1. :KOR Geonnyeong Park

2. :KOR Dogyu Lee

3. :KOR Minseo Kim


500m men:

1. :NED Jenning de Boo

2. :HUN Bence Nogradi

3. :HUN Peter Jaszapati


It looks like tomorrow still has the 1000m and relay finals.

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31 minutes ago, intoronto said:

France just won its first ever World Junior medal!


That's surprising :thumbup:


Some descent results from our team with a bunch of B finals (and one A final). Nothing great, but much better that what we saw at Beijing (not a single semi-final)

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Full day 2 results:

1000m women:

1. :CAN Florence Brunelle

2. :KOR Gilli Kim

3. :NED Diede van Oorschot


3000m relay women:

1. :CAN Canada

2. :NED Netherlands

3. :HUN Hungary


1000m men:

1. :KOR Minseo Kim

2. :KOR Geonnyeong Park

3. :KOR Dogyu Lee


3000m relay men:

1. :ITA Italy

2. :HUN Hungary

3. :FRA France


Interesting that Korea sweeps both the 1000m and 1500m podiums on the mens side, but in the relay they finished third in the B final. I don't see any penalties or big time differences that indicate a fall in the results.

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