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Skateboarding Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games


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34 minutes ago, Cmon Mary said:

Anyone got any info on the ranking events calendar for 2019 for these events?  The World Skate site is indecipherable to the uninitiated like me, compared to the more traditional sports.

No, but there very good about responding to people who contact them. I’ll try to find out more

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair” - Nelson Mandela

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directly from the official qualification criteria released by WorldSkate...


'The Women’s Park and Street events and Men’s Park and Street events will each be comprised of exactly 20 athletes:


- The three (3) highest placed in the 2020 Season World Skate World Skateboarding Championship events will be directly qualified.

- Sixteen (16) will be qualified through the Olympic World Skateboarding Rankings (OWSR)

- One (1) Host Country place will be allocated to the highest ranked Host Country skateboarders in each event.

The Olympic World Skateboarding Rankings (OWSR) are sanctioned by World Skate and will be listed at


The OWSR are issued every Tuesday following completion of the previous week’s contests from around the world.

The OWSR recognise World Skate-sanctioned National Championship, Continental Championship, and World Championship events.

The Women’s and Men’s Street OWSR recognise official prize money events from the Pro Tour TBD and the following 5-Star events: TBD.

The Women’s and Men’s Park OWSR recognise official prize money events from the Pro Tour TBD and the following 5-Star events: TBD.

Points will be awarded at the following events during the qualifying period:

- World Championships
- Pro Tour Events (TBD)...
my note: basically this is the SLS Pro Tour for the Street competitions and the Vans Park Series for the Park competitions (you can look at their respective websites to know further details)
- 5-Star Events (TBD)
- Continental Championships
- National Championships

The OWSR is calculated as follows:


Each event has a specified maximum point total which determines how many ranking points will be awarded to top finishers.


Points are awarded to athletes based on their finish positions in each event, in both the prelims (top 32 finishers) and the finals (top 12 finishers).


The points available at each event will be published at as of 1 July 2018. :yikes::mumble::facepalm:

Ranking points for each athlete accumulate over the qualifying period.


The top 3 points results from the 2019 season (1 Jan 2019 – 15 September 2019) will be added to the highest 6 points results from the 2020 Season (16 September 2019 – 31 May 2020) to establish the athletes final position in the OWSR.


In case of a tie, the next highest points result from the 2020 season will be used to break the tie, repeated with additional highest results until the tie is broken.

OWSR ranking points to qualify for the Olympic Games, which are used to calculate the athlete’s position on the OWSR, can be earned during the period beginning 1 January 2019 and up to and including 31 May 2020.'



as you might see, the qualification period is already underway, but we don't know much about many events which are part of it, yet...:yikes::facepalm::wall:


the whole thing is bad...but not serious, I guess...:rofl::facepalm:

Edited by phelps
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by the way, the upcoming SLS Pro Tour World Championships shouldn't count for the OWSR yet, since they are the 2018 season's final (they're scheduled so late because they are held in Brazil and the organizers wanted them to come in this part of the year and not in November as usual)...

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phelps, thanks for the detail - you seem to come to the same conclusion as myself, which is the season has already started, but there is no transparency on the detail yet.  I get the impression that the VPS and SLS organisations are reluctant partners in all of this, as neither seems keen to acknowledge the Olympics.  For example, I think(???) the World Roller Games in Barcelona in July will include Street Skateboarding but not Park.  It is not clear if this is a ranking tournament at all.    I will be interested to see if Olympian1010 gets anywhere. 

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