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Sprint Canoeing 2021 Discussion Thread

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Probably you all arent aware of the storm that is happening at the spanish canoeing team.


The federation decided to hold trials for the olympic K4 event, and only invited 6 athletes to take part on it. The trials were last week by they were so obviously tampered by Saul Craviotto (several olympic medallists) and Carlos Arevalo, to benefit their friends Marcus Walz and Rodrigo Germade made the team with them, that the federation had to repeat the trials this week.


Obiously the federation wants Sauk Craviotto happy since it's a very popular in Spain and want that press in the games. Even the "coach/boss" of the K4 boat and who is in charge of the selecction is Miguel García, Craviotto's coach.


The trials were due to celebrate this weekend, but the two affected canoeist Carlos Garrote (2020 world champ) and Cristian Toro (2016 olympic champ) had left the trials and would not compete.

Garrote claims that has audios that prove that Saul Craviotto and the K4 coach Miguel Garcia tampered the trial to benefit Saul's friends. And Saul Craviotto's attorney's are threating to sue Carlos Garrote.


This is a mess.

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European Championships in :GER Duisburg are cancelled due to pandemic and won't be moved anywhere, it's second year a row when European Championships are cancelled and not rescheduled....

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The Hungarian Olympic Trials will start tomorrow. Out of the 17 spots for Hungary, only 4 are already decided:


Men's C2 1000m - Balázs Adolf, Dániel Fejes

Women's C2 500m - Virág Balla, Kincső Takács


For the rest of the events, apart from K4, here are the scheduled finals:


May 28

17:25 Women's K1 500m


May 29

17:05 Men's K1 200m

17:15 Women's K2 500m

17:25 Men's K1 1000m

17:35 Women's C1 200m


May 30

15:15 Men's K2 1000m

15:35 Women's K1 200m


We have to fill boats in Men's K2 1000m, Men's K4 500m, Women's K1 200m, Women's K1 500m, Women's K4 500m, Women's C1 200m. Don't ask me what the actual process is here because I have no idea, I couldn't find anything. My guess is that the winners of these races will qualify for Tokyo and then we will fill the K4 boats. 


Women's K1 500m will be a bloodbath, it won't be easy for Kozák to qualify for the third time in this event. 

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Danuta Kozák and Tamara Csipes were the Top2 in women's K1 500m at the Hungarian Trials, and Hüttner declared that both will compete in this event at the Summer Games. It looks like Hungary will submit two boats in some events. 

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Big upset at the Hungarian trials, Ádám Varga defeated World champion Bálint Kopasz in MK1 1000m. Varga is officially in the Olympic team, and I would be surprised if Kopasz won't find his way into the team, I think both will compete in this event at the Games. 

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