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[OFF TOPIC] Coronavirus Pandemic

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Unfortunately I got infected through my roommate who came back from Austria about 1,5 week ago after the town he visited got quarantined due to a Corona outbreak. He and all of his friends he went on

Its getting worse here, despite less cases, today over 630 people dies!   Also my 83yo grandmother is tested positive and is in special hospital for covid patients, I can please for prayers

Sorry if this was posted earlier, I did not check. The perfect sport for the pandemic is fencing. You wear mask and gloves, and if someone comes closer than 1,5 meter to you, you stab them.

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4 hours ago, bestmen said:

But the most important thing is to find the source of virus , is it the fishes like they said ? I doubt much because this is a new virus never appeared before , made into labs is the only explanation 


considering the fact that's basically the same kind of virus as the good old SARS (it's only different in minimal parts of its genetic structure), it can only come from mammals (SARS comes from a particular species of bats, first found in a cavern in the Yunan Region in China)...

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15 minutes ago, dcro said:


And a region-by-region list here, including all the updates (with either official or reliable sources mentioned), especially handy if those maps aren't working well on phones :p

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South America is not a continent, otherwise you have to metionning eastern Europe western Australia central Asia ...etc 

all that because Chineses travel everywhere , they have to  syop transportation with this country , 1 more year and the economy of  china will crash completly 


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