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Men's Football UEFA European Nations League 2020 - 2021


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12 hours ago, hckosice said:

Damn, but without Hamšík we are soooooo vain :lol:

Naah here the media is complaining for some unknown reason why the coach did not give Dan Glazer to play since he was Chosen to be the best player in the league only outside Of Israel people know that we became a true farmer’s league..:facepalm:

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22 minutes ago, hckosice said:

League B

Group 2


:SCO - :SVK  1-0


Standing after Round 3

1. SCO  7

2. CZE  6

3. ISR   2

4. SVK  1



I mean we lost.. but we lost like in a way that only we can.. if you’ll see the highlights from Israel vs Czech Republic you’ll see what I’m taking about 

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