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International Olympic Committee News

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Yes, funny how nobody cries over the truly racist organization of Saint Louis 1904.   Yes, the 1936 were shadowed by Nazi propaganda; so were the 1968 with the Tlatelolco massacre, the 1980

Here are the first two parts of a series of articles I've written on the 1980 Moscow Olympics. https://th

Olympics at Sports Reference got closed today.   I can't help but feel responsible because I asked for one correction yesterday and perhaps reminded them about their intent to close the site

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This is an absolutely brilliant Twitter account, anyone with an interest in the (history of) the (Winter) Olympics should be following this:


Basically, they're tweeting the preparations and I suppose later the competitions of the very first Winter Olympics, Chamonix 1924, 'as it happens'. Definitely a nice way to kill the wait towards the Pyeongchang Olympics, almost a full century later :) 

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Some first breaking news is that the ban of the war-loving Germans is causing protests. Our speed skaters aren't going, so we can say goodbye to the medal table. Damn it.



I had hoped for some surprises, but then again, the times of Coen de Koning and Jaap Eden are already almost 20 years behind us. I mean, De Koning already posted a 9:16 5000m in 1906 and just two years ago at our national championships, nobody even got close to breaking the 10 minute barrier (which you'll definitely need to have any hopes of beating the mighty Finns and Nowegians). 

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The French bobsleigh trials turned out to be a close affair, but Legrand and his team managed to sneak away with the win by a tight 27 seconds! Apparently André Berg didn't compete, which is odd, since he should be much better..



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Excellent, but it doesn't look like we'll see any NHL players, I guess their president is much too focussed on the money or something. Also, there are no American NHL teams, so that doesn't help. Toronto Granites is going to represent Canada according to rumours, because the Toronto St Patricks want to play the NHL. 


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