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Mountain Bike Cycling ACC Asian Championships 2019


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China finished 1st to 4th in women's competition. so I guess they won the continental quota in this event.


the Iranian girl Partoazar finished 5th and therefore no quota for her :( but at least they won a bronze yesterday in team relay event.

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31 minutes ago, huigege1978 said:

Where are you find  the result


I know some guys who know some guys :d


PS: from Iranian news sources. if you want a name, I don't know who won the gold but China finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in that event. that's for sure.

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Results from previous days


Team Relay

1. :CHN China

2. :JPN Japan

3. :IRI Iran


Men's XCO Juniors

1. :JPN Issei Matsumoto

2. :JPN Sohei Yamaguchi

3. :CHN Hong Hang


Women's XCO Juniors

1. :CHN Wu Zhifan

2. :JPN Akari Kobayashi

3. :THA Yonthanan Phonkla


Women's XCO U23

1. :JPN Rina Matsumoto

2. :THA Natalie Panyawan

3. :JPN Urara Kawaguchi


Women's XCO Elite

1. :CHN Yao Bianwa

2. :CHN Yao Ping

3. :CHN Li Hongfeng

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Japan is probably the favorite in the men's event. If they win, then the Asian quota would effectivelly get reallocated to the next best nation in the rankings (22nd).

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