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[OFF TOPIC] Eurovision Song Contest 2019


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Eurovision Song Contest 2019


:ISR Tel Aviv (ISR) - 14 May 2019 - 18 May 2019 :ISR  




Participating Countries:


  • :ALB Albania
  • :ARM Armenia
  • :AUS Australia
  • :AUT Austria
  • :AZE Azerbaijan
  • :BLR Belarus
  • :BEL Belgium
  • :CRO Croatia
  • :CYP Cyprus
  • :CZE Czech Republic
  • :DEN Denmark
  • :EST Estonia
  • :FIN Finland
  • :FRA France
  • :GEO Georgia
  • :GER Germany
  • :GRE Greece
  • :HUN Hungary
  • :ISL Iceland
  • :IRL Ireland
  • :ISR Israel
  • :ITA Italy
  • :LAT Latvia
  • :LTU Lithuania
  • :MKD Macedonia
  • :MLT Malta 
  • :MDA Moldova
  • :MNE Montenegro
  • :NED Netherlands
  • :NOR Norway
  • :POL Poland
  • :POR Portugal
  • :ROU Romania
  • :RUS Russia
  • :SMR San Marino
  • :SRB Serbia
  • :SLO Slovenia
  • :ESP Spain
  • :SWE Sweden
  • :SUI Switzerland
  • :UKR Ukraine
  • :GBR United Kingdom
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In next month in Minsk will be Junior Eurovision where for the first time :KAZ and :WAL will take part. Since Bulgaria is out, I and many Eurovision fans have hope that :KAZ will compete in Tel Aviv if in Minsk they will reach good result.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I just came here to say the same what bestmen wrote few minutes ago. FINALLY POLAND WINS EUROVISION!!! :POL :POL :POL :cheer::clap::champion::bounce: (it doesn't matter that it's just Junior version :p)


Big congratulations Roksana :yes:bowdown:


So, we already won Dancing Eurovision, Junior Dancing Eurovision, Eurovision for Young Musicans and now Junior Eurovision. It's about time to win in adult version, let's hope that it will happen already in Tel Aviv next year :) 

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