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Taekwondo Qualification to Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games


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  • 4 months later...

It seems there will be some adjustments in the taekwondo ranking. 


Some of the events got upgraded and will award more points going forward than in the past. 

Majority of G1 events will become G2 events (20 instead of 10 points), but the annual limitation of 40 points from G1/G2 in total per year remains valid. 

The Presidents Cup from own continent and junior continental championship don't count towards the 40 points. 

In practice that means you can grab max 60 points from G1/G2 in year (or 80 if you are a junior) 


there is no annual limitation for G4 and higher tournaments as in the past. 

Continental Championship and/or Continental Games remain G4 (40 points for winner), new is the Open Woman Championship which was held for first time in 2021. 

Grand Prix Series are upgraded to G6(60 points for winner) from G4, Junior WCH is now G7, YOG and Grand Prix final are G10 now. 

WCH Seniors is upgraded to G14 and OG remain G20. 


In 2022 there will be a lot of points to grab and they will count with 75% for the final olympic ranking. 

We will have (unless Covid messes up again everything) World Championship, Grand Prix final and 3 Grand Prix, YOG and Junior WCH, Continental Championship etc. A good junior has really good chances to qualify as eligible for more events than a senior. That is how Zolotic got qualified in 2020 and won gold in Tokyo. 


The (stupid) Grand Slam series will remain in place, which also means one spot will probably be allocated to the Grand Slam winner. 

For the Grand Prix 32 athletes per weight category will be invited (Top 31 incl. Top from Challenge plus 1 host), max 2 per NOC unless host quota or qualification via Challenge. 

For the Grand Prix final it will be top 15 plus host, max 2 per NOC. Ranking Bylaw (Novemeber 9, 2021).pdf


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1 hour ago, Fly_like_a_don said:

What is YOG? As far as I am aware Youth Olympic Games 2022 were cancelled . ( Since postponing a event 4 years later is called cancellation in my terms :lol:)

Yeah cancelled, I forgot about it as YOG are a joke to me anyway. 😂

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