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Women's Ice Hockey IIHF Under 18 World Championship 2018

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  RANK NATION   2019 WCh
  1 :USA United States   A
  2 :SWE Sweden   A
  3 :CAN Canada   A
  4 :RUS Russia   A
  5 :FIN Finland   A
  6 :CZE Czech Republic   A
  7 :SUI Switzerland   A
  8 :GER Germany   I A
  9 :JPN Japan   A
  10 :SVK Slovakia   I A
  11 :ITA Italy   I A
  12 :AUT Austria   I A
  13 :HUN Hungary   I A
  14 :NOR Norway   I B
  15 :DEN Denmark   I A
  16 :FRA France   I B
  17 :POL Poland   I B
  18 :CHN China   I B
  19 :GBR Great Britain   I B
  20 :AUS Australia   I B Q
  21 :NED Netherlands   I B
  22 :MEX Mexico   I B Q
  23 :ESP Spain   I B Q
  24 :KAZ Kazakhstan   I B Q
  25 :TUR Turkey   I B Q
  DNS :PRK North Korea   I B Q

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