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  1. 1. Volker is more or less breaking down the Republican talking points one by one 2. He is a witness called by....the Republicans! They either lie about or don't even know that this is their own witness
  2. Losers losing, as losers do.
  3. Total sell-out crowd in Madrid for the matches that are - for god knows which reason - already about to begin on this Tuesday morning
  4. Kim Jong-il was though and still managed to hit 11 hole-in-ones in one round.
  5. Those dirty imperialists https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyongyang_Golf_Course
  6. Sanne Vermeer's Olympic hope (-63kg) is pretty much 100% over now at least for 2020. She was in a fight with Juul Franssen for the one spot, but got injured during the Europa League meet in Lisbon last week. Turns out she tore a hamstring and is out for 6-9 months
  7. Five days? Neither the World nor IBU (or Junior) Cup starts then
  8. Too bad the IBU Cup livestream starts in Ridnaun instead of the event before, in Sjusjoen
  9. The US (Trump puppet Mike Pompeio to be exact) has declared the illegal Israeli settlements on Palestine land to no longer be illegal/against international law. Another victory for the world's single largest peace threat, also known as Israel.
  10. We have a few sort of extremists who get way, way too much attention Pretty much the literal opposites of Geert Wilders, with being an attention whore as the only thing they have in common A vinter/jule/christmas/wathevermedister sounds good by the way What is the name it has had for a long time? Is that vintermedister or is that the new term?
  11. Oh! So nice to see we're not alone in turning Christmas (and the whole of December/November actually) into something that used to be festive and is now only grounds for discussion Here more and more people even complain about calling it Christmas and shops are falling for it and more and more are only using terms like 'the holidays' to avoid angering people who don't like Christmas and it's traditions.
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