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  1. Or an excellent combination of mediocre fields (like in the 800m) and just overall really poor performances (like the men's high jump)
  2. Mistake or not, the world decathlon record holder improving his shot put PB by over half a meter is something that makes me want to have what he had for breakfast anyway
  3. @MHSN Some good Iranian sports news to brighten up the day
  4. Wow, that profile lied! I mean, it's not a mountain stage, but it's definitely not as flat as the profile makes it seem.
  5. Oh great, I thought there was still discussion going on about it That's wonderful news (well, not 'news', but for me then ) for women's Nordic combined. Very interested to see it grow.
  6. When registering for a championship is enough to get a medal...
  7. At 18.50 CET the cross-country/rollerskiing starts, live here:
  8. Oh and the jumping can be seen here: Nice to finally actually see the women (well, girls mostly) instead of just reading their results. I do find it worrying that apart from Geraghty-Moats everyone competed in this competition, but still most of the girls are young teenagers who have major problems to get a decent jump in...that's specifically worrying if women's Nordic combined is supposed to be Olympic in only 2,5 years time.
  9. Apparently for whatever reason in the mixed team event they use the average point of the jumpers of a team as their score? http://medias2.fis-ski.com/pdf/2020/NK/4101/2020NK4101RL.pdf Why not just total points? I know the results would be the same then (if you adjust the time differences accordingly), but it'd be much easier to follow.
  10. Me neither anymore, weird. I saw it posted on a Dutch forum where the format is always the same: someone posts the link as source and the entire article, so I am 99% sure it was in that article (it's not like someone - especially the decent user who posted it there - is going to make up an entire piece in English for a Dutch forum) but for whatever reason got deleted. Now, it'd be sort of the end of a major news website (in a small sport) if they completely make up quotes, so it must have come from somewhere... And yeah, I know about the head-to-head thing and stuff like cycling or shooting or other 'non head-to-head' events not being that much of a problem. Literally everything I either know or think I know about Iranian athletes, including their problems with competing against Israel, comes from your posts here Now apart from being sad about this situation - I'd very much like to see the world numbers one and two face off against each other even though I know it won't happen - I'm also confused about where these quotes came from.
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