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  1. And when you go (way) further back in time, you find the Dutch anthem where the main verse - the one that's generally sung - ends with "The King of Spain....I've always honoured"
  2. [hide] #61 Will there be a nation winning more than one medal in either women's Monobob or Skeleton? [No] #62 Will the men's Ski Cross winner win all his races? [No] #63 What will be the difference of distances between the longest women's ski jump and the shortest men's ski jump in the Individual events? (step - 0,5m) [15m] #64 What will be the goal difference for Swiss teams in Ice Hockey Tournaments on day 10 (make sure to note + or -)? (step - 1) [-3] #65 Who will take the women's Cross-Country Skiing Sprint gold medal? [Siri Wigger] #72 Deadline - January 19th, h. 11:00 (GMT+1) Will there be a nation with only one medal in Ski Cross and Snowboard Cross overall? [Yes] [/hide]
  3. [hide] Men's Tournament - Knockout RoundJanuary 20th - January 26th, 2020 12 Nations, Play-Offs, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Third Place Match and Final Play-Offs Date & Time (GMT +1) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 January 20th 2020, h. 14:30 Montenegro 15 Turkey January 20th 2020, h. 16:00 Germany 10 Spain January 20th 2020, h. 17:30 Russia 10 Georgia January 20th 2020, h. 19:00 Romania 8 Greece [/hide]
  4. Oh well, the Dutch anthem has a boatload of verses, but generally one is supposed to be played and that's more than enough...even so, I've seen plenty of sports events where it was just cut off halfway through the only verse they were supposed to play It's like you'd play the French anthem and go like: Allons enfants de la Patrie, le jour de gloire est arrivé! Contre nous de la tyrannie L'étendard sanglant est levé. L'étendard sanglant est levé: Entendez-vous dans les campagnes Mugir ces féroces soldats? Ils viennent jusque dans vos bras Égorger vos fils, vos compagnes! Aux armes, citoyens, Formez vos bataillons. Marchons! Mar.......and fade away.
  5. I believe that much more in a 4x100m - where relay-specific things like handovers make a serious difference - than in something long like a biathlon or cross-country relay. Sure, pressure and all.
  6. I guess we're gonna have to agree to disagree. With the current line-up and what they've been showing for a while, I personally just find it disappointing France hadn't won for so long. Good thing they finally did, it was very much about to happen any moment obviously.
  7. Oh they most definitely won't I don't think we'll ever see Pyeongchang again neither, the world championships there showed how dead it is.
  8. Yes, that's a whole lot of big disappointments. Although especially this season losing seems like a shock when you've got half of the top-8 biathletes in the world in your team.
  9. With the quality they've got, every non-win is a big disappointment indeed.
  10. Like two weeks ago when in what, his 8th ever competition or something, he nearly got into the top-10 in the World Cup already?
  11. Wait until we get to Beijing. And duh, I didn't name Bagnis 2026 Olympic champion for nothing earlier this month
  12. I know Labastau was really impressive last year in Minsk, but damn, Belarus is doing quite something here.
  13. It depends on the moment. When I'm visiting a World Cup or something, I like all these songs basically
  14. Second Chinese guy dropping from 3rd after shooting four to 8th at the exchange, lost 40+ seconds in the last lap. Ouch
  15. The last lap skiing time only, wtf Dale
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