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  1. heywoodu

    Shooting ISSF World Cup 2019

    That would be excellent.
  2. heywoodu

    Biathlon IBU Open European Championships 2019

    Time for the women Let's go Ying Qu, Anika Kozica, Jill Colebourn and Anna Weidel
  3. heywoodu

    Biathlon IBU Open European Championships 2019

    Ok, a medal
  4. heywoodu

    Biathlon IBU Open European Championships 2019

    Endre Stroemsheim of all places might well be on his way to gold Too bad a no-name like Moravec will fall off the podium then.
  5. heywoodu

    Ski Jumping 2018 - 2019 Discussion Thread

    FIS can copy paste their news item of the last 16 years
  6. heywoodu

    Biathlon IBU Open European Championships 2019

    Anev, king of B-championships could crown his career with finally winning gold
  7. Victor Santos got a top-20 for the project though.
  8. Agreed, but mainly I enjoyed seeing the athletes you don't often see, and cheering for the Chileans (too bad only Juan started), apart from my known shitty feeling of watching the women's race There should be more split points instead of 1.2 - 1.7 - 5 kilometers.
  9. It is true that you can be slower or faster in terms of km/h, but DNF doesn't automatically mean that you're slower in time, since you have no final time
  10. The thing just disintegrated out of nothing Good advertisement for Fischer
  11. Sweet mother of God, Lagler's legs are HUGE He reminds me of the Overlords in Falling Skies.
  12. How can DNF count as 'being slower than X'? #nitpicking
  13. Imagine how clear it was eventually.
  14. This really was quite clear. A defending champion (anyone who won gold in 2017) winning a gold medal (any gold medal) in 2019.