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  1. Yep, thanks for that. It sucks, but it sucks less than finding it out in December. I'll ask Gabriela Neres if she's planning to go there, 2021 will be what's now her last year of eligibility and I know she's at university, it'd be really cool if she can go.
  2. It has now been confirmed by the Brazilian federation on which I better make no remark as to their quality and know-how: no Winter Universiade for her.
  3. I can barely remember that anyway even if I've watched every single final live, nothing changes for me there The previous Olympics are a little over two years ago and with most events - even though I've seen them - I'm gonna need Wikipedia to know who won.
  4. Nah, only in 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025, then we go back to normal Personally I quite like it, more world championships and less of the continental championships that often feel a bit depleted anyway.
  5. Not really, but also because he is just not articulating very well it seems
  6. A Namibian song with a title in Dutch, who would have thought (apparently the song is in Afrikaans but at least the title goes both ways)
  7. I'm hoping for the latter. Forcefully avoiding it is just...meh, and meanwhile most tough times do need a bit of humor to get through it.
  8. That's new (for me)...I thought Tim Lips was one of the many decent participants who only had like a tiny chance for a medal if everything went absolutely perfect.
  9. Tim Lips' horse Bayro has died during surgery, aged 14.
  10. NASCAR Pro Invitational iRacing Series, last week they started at Miami-Homestead, now they're about to start the Texas race
  11. The on-screen graphics were correct (based on what one could actually see in terms of which holds they reached), and even if the hold numbers were maybe not exactly correct, the order of the athlete definitely was. With that, Waller, Galla and Duffy all still had a chance to win the competition when Duffy went onto the wall as last climber of the event. I get that it's damn near impossible to really have a good sense of that when you're just standing there though. I think even Charlie Bosco doesn't bother keeping a little Excel sheet with him like I do when watching combined competitions, with which you can quickly try a few scenarios (especially with only 3-4 climbers left) and see who still has a chance Without a sheet like that, I'd be lost and just wait and see what happens.
  12. Plus I'm assuming countries will make sure they'll have plenty of them after this Or I'm overestimating the IQ of governments. Probably that.
  13. Good articles @Olympian1010 In terms of the actual content I only have one tiny remark, which is that the writing suggests Galla's Olympic dream was over after his lead attempt - that's not true. Other than that, if I were an editor I'd only leave out some capital letters (like sometimes it's Boulder, other times it's boulder, or Boulders, or bouldering ) and, this one is a bit more important, I'd really try and check names if you're not certain about them. There was no Xander Waller competing, but there was a Zander Waller Only minor things, like I said, good articles.
  14. Unlike Rio and London, that's actually something you're not thrown dead with everywhere already, cool
  15. Weird question, even weirder way of 'answering'.
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