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  1. It is the famous dependence on one player only. In the main moments only Sokolov could decide, and that is very little.
  2. They really aren't, but they are the coach's favorite players. Some even talk about "Barueri card" (The coach uses the competition to rhythm his club players).
  3. I still can't accept this Maira in the starting lineup. She is the worst player I have ever seen (and this is not her first bad competition, she has received criticism at Barueri and the Pan American Cup). And what I can't stand was the way that Zé Roberto treated Macris this whole competition, practically humiliations, many misunderstandings, all the time in her ear as if she were going to do some miracle with this team.
  4. Gold in women's basketball. This sport has suffered so much difficulty in recent years, with the level falling year after year. Even in the smallest detail I already see an improvement. Maybe this title could be a real start for this team. Congratulations girls !!
  5. This is the worst generation of outside hitters in Brazil in volleyball history. Good thing for Paris 2024 we can still count on Gabi, but the level is ridiculous.
  6. What a horrible competition from Gustavo Tsuboi in table tennis. Absolutely disappointing.
  7. Poland France always predictable, always failing at the most important times.
  8. Maybe in the past we had a chance, but not this time. Congratulations Canada. Our water polo had with Rio 2016 the only chance to grow in Brazil. Now I just expect the worst of this sport, unfortunately.
  9. I'm surprised by our women's basketball team, despite the level of opponents the team looks a lot better than the last time I watched them. Neto seems to have given more speed and more aggressiveness to the team, interesting.
  10. I always have the doubt if Capoeira is really a sport. I should also cite Futevôlei (a mix of football and beach volleyball, of course, our two most popular sports would anyone have the idea of mixing them up)
  11. Menezes After the recent disappointment it is good to have a reason to celebrate. What a wonderful campaign João deserves and I hope he can keep this Olympic spot.
  12. The team won the best position in history in world championships in the same year they lose to the powerful Chile. The worst is to know that the mess is not only in this team, Brazilian handball is a complete mess.
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