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  1. We can't even participate in the women's tournament with these teams. I imagine our level in this sport.
  2. Alan MVP We are not the greatest example of renewal, but little by little our future is emerging.
  3. It is not possible, Brazil is the unluckiest country in women's gymnastics, everything goes wrong, and when it works we are robbed. Flavia and Nory were awesome.
  4. I'm surprised with Iran, I know Russia can have a lot of strong teams, but I still expected more from them against this team B. Anyway it looks like they won't have problems in the Asian Olympic qualifier, Australia and China are very weak.
  5. Certainly Poland was better prepared and more dominant a month ago. I was referring to the great expectation of fans over Cubans. At least in Brazil it is always expected here that Brazil will win with Leal on court, that he will do what he has done for years at Sada Cruzeiro and when that does not happen the fans are disappointed. Very optimistic. Maybe because we don't trust other players so much.
  6. In Brazil everyone said that with Leal Brazil would be unbeatable. The same also saw with some Polish fans on social networks. Everyone must be brought to reality someday.
  7. Vital Heynen reminds me a lot of Bernardinho. Every game is a different scandal, it gives me agony.
  8. How does Italy lose this way? The French team is not that strong to win so easily.
  9. The FIVB needs to have 30 tournaments each year, it would not miss this opportunity.
  10. I will be very surprised if China and Serbia do not face each other again for gold in Tokyo 2020. About our team ... I know we don't have super players, but it's still a good team. But we are playing horribly, this is getting worse every day. I still think that with all the key players we can fight for maybe a bronze in Tokyo, but it's worrying.
  11. Match MVP: Referees I honestly can't remember what games were like before the challenge system. And Alan. Honestly he's much better than Wallace, but of course Wallace is almost a god here in Brazil for his performance in 2016.
  12. What level these referees. Harming both teams a lot.
  13. A silver and a sixth place, great brazilian result considering that in women we are not as strong as in men.
  14. This US team is not spectacular, but misses few opportunities. Brazil missed all the best opportunities. But the game is good, it is still possible. Go Brazil.
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