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Beach Soccer Discussion Thread


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  • 8 months later...

Made the draw for Fifa Beach soccer World Cup 2017 (in Bahamas from April, 27th)


Group A:
Bahamas, Switzerland, Ecuador, Senegal

Group B:
Nigeria, Italy, Mexico, Iran

Group C:
Paraguay, Portugal, Panama, United Arab Emirates

Group D:
Brazil, Tahiti, Poland, Japan

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Less than a week for the FIFA Beach Soccer WC 2017.


:ITA will be competing in the finals for the seventh time from nine editions (as FIFA WC); two years ago, in Portugal, Italy finished fourth after lost at penalties the semi-final against Tahiti.. Our the best result was a second-place finish in 2008, and this year we have everything in place to go far...... :fingers:


Three debut. Bahamas (the host), Panama and Ecuador

Will be absent this year: Russia, (two win and a 3rd place in last three editions), Spain (RU in 2013,) and France  (won in 2005, but not at top in last years)


Only four nations won the FIFA Beach Soccer WC:  :BRA (four time), :RUS (2 time) and one  :POR  and :FRA ; and remain the same, if also  we count the previous tournaments "Beach Soccer World Championship" : from 1995 to 2004 all editions are won by Brazil (9 titles) except 2001 won by Portugal


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Day 1: all the favourites teams won ( :ITA   :yes  Gabriele Gori - six goals) ; maybe "the scores" in the group A are a little bit unexpected: :SUI  won only by one against the host :BAH  (stat: attemps 50-34, on target 17-12) and :yikes::SEN has destroyed 9-0 other debutant :ECU  (stat:  attemps 44-49, on target 20-15)


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