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Rugby Discussion Thread


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:MEX Mexico's Serpents just won 32-3 over Guyana, winning Round 1A of the American qualification for 2019 Rugby World Cup. :bounce:


I'm glad because it's the first time they won the NACRA zone Championship and likely, the first time they will be in top 50 in the world rankings.

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2 minutes ago, Gianlu33 said:

History is made! :clap: Ireland defeat New Zealand 40-39. I'm ready to pay for view the @OlympicIRL face :p 


40-29 even!! I can't believe it!!

This is an accurate representation of me right now..... :woohoo:

I'm interested how much you will pay though :d


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Just now, africaboy said:

40-29 the correct score. Ireland played fantastic tonight. It was a superb match and both teams were great .Bravo :IRL !!! :clap::yes


Thank you! Great to have your support. What a game of rugby, wonderful to see our team play like this!! Yessss :clap:

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13 hours ago, OlympicIRL said:

The All-Blacks' World Record run of 18 test victories in a row has been ended too!

Always wondered what the exactly was the criteria was for the record.

Cyprus once won 24 in a row but against much weaker teams.

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