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Skeleton IBSF World Championships 2023


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1 hour ago, Grassmarket said:

Here’s where to get TV Coverage.  Mostly YT but is on actual TV in some areas.

Great. It's on a channel only 15% of Slovenians have in their tv scheme. This also means the youtube streams will be geo-blocked for us. :mad:

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Womenʻs Skeleton Top 10 After Heat 2/4


1. :GER Susanne Kreher 2:16.38

2. :CAN Mirela Rahneva 2:16.77

3. :CAN Jane Channell 2:16.88

4. :NED Kimberley Bos 2:16.92

5. :GER Tina Hermann 2:16.97

6. :AUT Janine Flock 2:17.02

7. :GER Jacqueline Loelling 2:17.25

8. :BEL Kim Meylemans 2:17.77

9. :AUS Jaclyn Narracott 2:17.85

10. :GBR Laura Deas 2:17.89

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3 minutes ago, Bearas said:

:ITA Amedeo Bagnis is first Italian single skeleton slider to win a medal at W Champs :thumbup:

yes! finally!


Willy Schneider is a magician!


if only we could build a track by the 2026 Olympics...:rolleyes:


however, we might add that Skt. Moritz is a special place and a totally different track from all the others in the world.

the reality on "regular" tracks has been quite different so far.

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Menʻs Skeleton Top 10 After Heat 4/4


1. :GBR Matt Weston 4:28.71

2. :ITA Amedeo Bagnis 4:30.50

3. :KOR Jung Seung-gi 4:31.17

4. :GBR Craig Thompson 4:31.18

5. :GBR Marcus Wyatt 4:31.38

6. :CHN Yan Wengang 4:31.82

7. :ITA Mattia Gaspari 4:31.98

8. :KOR Kim Ji-soo 4:32.58

9. :CHN Chen Wenhao 4:32.66

10. :GER Christopher Grotheer 4:32.85

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