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Biathlon IBU Junior & Youth World Championships 2022


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1 hour ago, RobtheAggie said:

My sister is volunteering at the Junior/Youth World Champs this week.  Fresh snow fell today.  It is supposed to be 7 degrees F on Thursday morning.

7 F is -13 Celsius for Europeans. Quite tough weather for the juniors :wacko:

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Austrian Team:


Jugend Damen: Anna Andexer, Selina Heigl, Anna Maria Schrempf, Lena Pinter

Jugend Herren: Lukas Haslinger, Fabian Müllauer, Daniel Glaßer, Andreas Domes

Juniorinnen: Lea Rothschopf, Lara Wagner, Lisa Osl

Junioren: Benedikt Foidl, Christian Langegger, Pascal Lienbacher, Maximilian Prosser

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45 minutes ago, Monzanator said:

Good break for Polish viewers as Polsat Sport News will show the races live.

It might be live in the US.  Normally it is clearly mentioned that it will be blocked in the US.

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