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Track Cycling Qualification to Summer Olympic Games Paris 2024 Road to Paris 2024


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34 minutes ago, mpjmcevoy said:

Presumably GBR are going to have to pull up a few trees to sneak in in the Team pursuit...

I think I ran the numbers after the world champs and I don't think that GB's position is as bad as the performance director made out at the time. 


:GBR are currently 150 points behind :CHN and just over 500 points behind :BEL


:CHN are pretty much guaranteed to take a top 2 finish in the Asian champs so will pick up at least an additional 810 points. 


:GBR will probably put out their strongest team in the Europeans in January and if they don't take top spot, should be able to pick up a top 3 position to get at least 720 points.  


Personally, I don't see :BEL making the medal matches in the Euros but I do expect them to finish within 5-8 - in line with their 2023 performance.  


When it comes to the Nations Cup, if :GBR can be in the medals in both Adelaide and Hong Kong, then they wont need to send their best team to the final event in Milton. :CHN recorded a 10th and 7th for the Nations Cups in 2023 whilst :BEL had 2 6th place finishes and if the 2023 results are replicated next year, GB would comfortably overtake both Belgium and China. 


My gut feeling at the moment is that :GBR will be able to finish ahead of both :BEL and :CHN and could end up being ranked either 7th or 8th in the final list. If I had to make a call now, I would say that :CHN will miss out on qualification. 

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