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  1. Athletics 2018 Discussion Thread

    This year European Athletics has delete Belgrade Marathon from international events because unpaid obligations towards foreign athletes but they have still time by the end of the year to pay off debts to get a back certificate. From Athletics Federation of Serbia says will be new city marathon called " Serbia City marathon" and it will be maintained in the first week in November.
  2. [OFF TOPIC] Songs with Names

    dont know who is better
  3. [OFF TOPIC] Songs with Names

    Ray Charles - Hit the road Jack!
  4. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    Greece Sakis Rouvas - Ego Sta Elega
  5. @NikolaB koja je fora sa konjickim savezom srbije na stranici OKS? da ga stavim pod punim nazivom ili samo savez za konjicki sport srbije?
  6. Zar nije ovaj tvoj? http://forum.burek.com/p861449/dareza/
  7. Inace, skontao sam te na bureku, slike su extra Da li ti pises na vikipediji sa nikom?
  8. Dinos Lefkaritis will represent Cyprus in Alpine Skiing. Source? Well, i have only this (no website yet):
  9. Alpine Skiing at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Dinos Lefkaritis will represent Cyprus
  10. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2018)

    On the first thought was, they really wants fair sport, but now is obviously that they are new sports Hitler.