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  1. I'll set up a song very soon
  2. Paris 2024: website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube LA 2028: website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube
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    Mike vs Irma
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    I can't imagine being in that.
  5. [OFF TOPIC] Science & Technology Thread

    On September 5, 1977, Voyager 1 was launched on a mission to explore where nothing had flown before. First on its journey were Jupiter and Saturn and it is currently exploring interstellar space. Its twin spacecraft, Voyager 2, visited Uranus and Neptune and is now in the outermost layer of the heliosphere, called the heliosheath. Forty years later, both spacecraft continue to send back data and are searching for the heliopause, the region where the Sun’s influence wanes, which has never been reached by any spacecraft. Mission Status Live
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    Future Solar and Lunar Eclipses
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    Again knife attack in store in Wuppertal-Elberfeld near Dusseldorf. 1 dead, 1 injured. this horror has no end.
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    Ako nista drugo, bice korisna za Noc vestica
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    After midnight i will editing post and that be right
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    Just a year ago, the Rio 2016 Olympic Games began today. Remember the unique moments of the Opening Ceremony in an amazing documentary that prepared the Olympic Channel for the anniversary. VIVA - The Opening Ceremony Documentary of Rio 2016