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  1. Demy will be representing Greece
  2. Nastavak sage http://www.politika.rs/scc/clanak/372005/Sport/Ostali-sportovi/Todorov-se-povukao-Maljkovicu-otvoren-put-na-celo-OKS
  3. Slavko Kalezic will be representing with song "Space".
  4. Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrate!
  5. http://mondo.rs/a967609/Sport/Ostali-sportovi/OKS-odbio-zahtev-FSS-za-odlaganje-Izborne-skupstine.html
  6. I thought that you can watching here, but video is blocked in just few seconds on this site, so please click "Watch on You Tube" for playing.
  7. This year was very bad . i hope that next will be much calmer and without victims.
  8. You can following live informations about earthquakes on http://www.earthquakenewstoday.com/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/earthquakes.today and Twitter https://twitter.com/earthquakesnow
  9. Paraolimpijski komitet: U čast 9 Medalja, osvojenih na Letnjim Paraolimpijskim Igrama Rio 2016 od strane srpskog tima kojeg su činili 16 ponosnih paraolimpijaca.
  10. An explosion caused a fire at a fast food restaurant in Victoria Square, Athens, early on December 1, reports said. A female employee of the restaurant was killed, and people were injured, according to local reports, which said the explosion was caused by a gas cylinder. Authorities think that the explosion was caused by a gas cylinder. 15 firemen were fighting the blaze. The Viktoria Inn Twitter account shared videos and photos of the moments after the explosion. The source stated that they were working on the top floor when they had to evacuate the building, because of the blast. My condolences to her family
  11. my condolences to victims' families R.I.P.
  12. Japan is probably the most prepared country in the world for a tsunami. If one hits any of the US coast its gonna be a really shitty day in the USA.
  13. https://www.rt.com/on-air/367701-japan-earthquake-tsunami-fukushima/
  14. Congratulations @Werloc for fantastic organization!