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  1. Kasnije sam ucio grcki. Jos uvek ga ucim
  2. [OFF TOPIC] Music Thread

  3. Svakako. Kao kod srpskog, oseca se duh istorije u njemu
  4. laksi srpski, jer rece Vuk "pisi kao sto govoris" grcki je vise ucenje reci napamet. Hvala, devojke su sjajne ove godine.
  5. Μαρια Μπελιμπασακη ασημένιο μετάλλιο σήμερα στον τελικό των 400 μέτρων με χρόνο 50.45 και έσπασε το εθνικό ρεκόρ!
  6. Ο ναύτης Παύλος Κοντίδης γίνεται πρώτος αθλητής για την Κύπρο προς το Τόκιο 2020!
  7. [OFF TOPIC] Music Thread

  8. Napravljena stranica za Viktora Rašovića. Ako neko zna kad je debitovao za VK Beograd, neka napise https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viktor_Rašović
  9. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    they have a little time. This is time of road of wildfire, from Ntaou Penteli, Neos Voutzas, Highway Marathon and Mati. Fire was like lava and at first goes went to Rafina and after wind changed way goes on Mati.
  10. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    More than 20 victims in fires
  11. 1. Athletics 2. Basketball 3. Swimming 4. Water Polo 5. Sailing
  12. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Huge fire in Greece, near Athens and Crete.
  13. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    Juncker drunk again. I wonder what Trump was thinking at 1:55?
  14. Dobijamo nacionalni stadion vec deseti put... https://www.b92.net/sport/fudbal/vesti.php?yyyy=2018&mm=07&dd=05&nav_id=1415345