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Karate Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games

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WKF is extremely quick in updating the ranking   I made some calculations, this is the list of athletes with realistic chance (even small chance) to qualify directly to the Olympics. I remov

and for women   Women's Kata Sandra Sanchez - 10582.5 Q Viviana Bottaro - 6585 Q Grace Lau - 5790 Sakura Kokumai - 5197.5 Dilara Eltemur - 3667.5    

WKF updated the Olympic ranking. we have lots of changes because of the continental championships. someone corrects me if I'm wrong but it seems right now only except Oceania we have continental Champ

Posted Images

By cancelling the European Championships, WKF will count 2019 results which means the current ranking will remain the same, even though it's really hard to imagine they can have that last K1 event in Madrid but I still consider that as a possibility, this is how ranking looks like and this is the list of 100% qualified athletes.


Men's Kata

:ESP Damian Quintero - 10117.5 Q

:TUR Ali Sofuoglu - 6892.5 Q

:VEN Antonio Diaz - 5205 Q

:ITA Mattia Busato - 4650 Q



Men's 60kg

:KAZ Darkhan Assadilov - 10387.5 Q

:ITA Angelo Crescenzo - 8850

:TUR Eray Samdan - 7912.5


Crescenzo is 100% qualified if less than 32 athletes register which is really possible considering the situation, Samdan needs to win the gold, Creszenzo losing the first round and also needs at least 33 athletes in the draw. looks almost impossible



Men's 67kg

:FRA Steven Dacosta - 8940 Q

:BRA Vinicius Figueira - 6832.5

:EGY Ali El-Sawy - 6472.5



Men's 75kg

:IRI Bahman Askari - 9262.5 Q

:ITA Luigi Busa - 7740 Q

:AZE Rafael Aghayev - 7005 Q

:UKR Stanislav Horuna - 5707.5

:USA Thomas Scott - 5047.5



Men's 84kg

:TUR Ugur Aktas - 10372.5 Q

:IRI Zabihollah Poursheib - 9225

:CRO Ivan Kvesic - 7087.5



Men's +84kg

:IRI Sajjad Ganjzadeh - 8617.5

:GER Jonathan Horne - 8062.5

:GEO Gogita Arkania - 7080


Horne only has to participate in Madrid to qualify, even not participating most probably won't hurt him. but if Horne makes up for almost 600pts difference with Ganjzadeh that will change so many things. Kevsic and Arkania can't do anything themselves, their fates depend on Horne and Ganjzadeh.



Women's Kata

:ESP Sandra Sanchez - 12322.5 Q

:ITA Viviana Bottaro - 7275 Q

:HKG Grace Lau - 6300 Q

:USA Sakura Kokumai - 5887.5 Q



Women's 50kg

:TUR Serap Ozcelik - 11302.5 Q

:IRI Sara Bahmanyar - 5647.5

:AUT Bettina Plank - 5197.5



Women's 55kg

:UKR Anzhelika Terliuga - 9472.5 Q

:TPE Wen Tzu-Yun - 7080 Q



Women's 61kg

:CHN Yin Xiaoyan - 10545 Q

:EGY Giana Lotfy - 7710 Q

:TUR Merva Coban - 7027.5 Q

:SRB Jovana Prekovic - 5482.5

:CAN Haya Jumaa - 5137.5

:IRI Rozita Alipour - 5107.5

:FRA Gwendoline Philippe - 4890

:FRA Leila Heurtault - 4515



Women's 68kg

:AZE Irina Zaretska - 9247.5 Q

:SUI Elena Quirici - 6525

:CHN Gong Li - 6412.5

:EGY Feryal Abdelaziz - 6075

:ITA Silvia Semeraro - 5730



Women's +68kg

:IRI Hamideh Abbasali - 6997.5 Q

:TUR Meltem Hocaoglu - 5677.5

:GRE Eleni Chatziliadou - 5655

:KAZ Sofya Berultseva - 5467.5

:ITA Clio Ferracuti - 5017.5




so in short I can say 2 athletes qualified tonight with this decision

:TPE Wen Tzu-Yun

:TUR Merva Coban

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Another Announcemente from WKF, replied by Brazilian Karate Federation


Dear WKF National Federations,


We have received today an official communication of the Madrid PL host, the Spanish Karate Federation, informing us that the Madrid PL has to be cancelled in the actual circumstances derived from Covid-19 pandemia, which are well known to all.


Consequently, the WKF cancel the Madrid PL with immediate effect and no further registrations will be accepted.



Antonio Espinós



Is that means the qualification period is finished?

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1 hour ago, Laraja said:

Is that means the qualification period is finished?


Yes, that's what WKF said earlier.


so the following countries qualified for Tokyo


Men's Kata: :ESP:TUR:VEN:ITA

Men's 67kg: :KAZ:FRA:ITA:BRA

Men's 75kg: :IRI:ITA:AZE:UKR

Men's +75kg: :TUR:IRI:GER:CRO

Women's Kata: :ESP:ITA:HKG:USA

Women's 55kg: :TUR:UKR:TPE:IRI

Women's 61kg: :CHN:EGY:TUR:SRB

Women's +61kg: :AZE:IRI:SUI:TUR

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and this is how continental quotas stand for now


Men's Kata:

Men's 67kg: :EGY:LAT

Men's 75kg: :AUS:USA

Men's +75kg: :KAZ:USA

Women's Kata: :NZL

Women's 55kg: :AUT

Women's 61kg: :PER:MAR

Women's +61kg: :EGY:CHN



here is the detailed list, only athletes in bold are qualified right now. others are next in line


Oceania - Men

:AUS Tsuneari Yahiro (75kg)


Oceania - Women

:NZL Alexandra Anacan (Kata)

:AUS Kristina Mah (61kg)


Africa - Men

:EGY Ali El-Sawy (67kg)

:EGY Abdalla Abdelaziz (75kg)

:EGY Ahmed Shawky (Kata)

:MAR Adnane El-Hakimi (Kata)


Africa - Women

:EGY Feryal Abdelaziz (+61kg)

:EGY Radwa Sayed (55kg)

:MAR Btissam Sadini (61kg)

:EGY Sarah Sayed (Kata)


America - Men

:USA Thomas Scott (75kg)

:USA Brian Irr (+75kg)

:VEN Andres Madera (67kg)

:CHI Joaquin Gonzalez (67kg)

:CAN Daniel Gaysinsky (+75kg)


America - Women

:PER Alexandra Grande (61kg)

:BRA Valeria Kumizaki (55kg)

:DOM Tanya Rodriguez (+61kg)

:DOM Maria Dmitrova (Kata)


Asia - Men

:KAZ Daniyar Yuldashev (+75kg)

:KAZ Yermek Ainazarov (75kg)

:UZB Dastonbek Otabolaev (75kg)

:UZB Sadriddin Saymatov (67kg)


Asia - Women

:CHN Gong Li (+61kg)

:IRI Rozita Alipour (61kg)

:KAZ Sofya Berultseva (+61kg)

:CHN Li Ranran (55kg)

:IRI Fatemeh Sadeghi (Kata)


Europe - Men

:LAT Kalvis Kalnins (67kg)

:AZE Asiman Gurbanli (+75kg)

:AZE Firdovsi Farzaliyev (67kg)

:MNE Mario Hodzic (67kg)


Europe - Women

:ITA Silvia Semeraro (+61kg)

:AUT Bettina Plank (55kg)

:UKR Anita Serogina (61kg)

:ESP Laura Palacio (+61kg)

:BUL Ivet Goranova (55kg)





from the list above only the following athletes are 100% guaranteed a spot even if they fail to qualify directly . for the rest anything is possible. if anybody in that list qualifies directly that changes the order completely. for example if Egypt qualifies at 67kg, the African quota goes to 75kg and that will ruin USA's chance at this weight.


:AUS Men's 75kg

:NZL Women's Kata

:EGY Men's 67kg

:EGY Women's +61kg



another example, if Gong Li qualifies directly, Asian quota goes to Alipour (61kg) , European quota goes to Italy instead of Austria. then the 3rd African quota will go to a male athlete from Morocco in Kata therefore the last American quota will be a female which will be Brazil. that was an example to show one athlete can makes change for 4 more !

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There're even doubts about having international Olympic tournament in Paris so if it will be cancelled as well they are going to qualify 6 athletes Per each category and it should be with athletes that gained continental quota that's per a member in Egyptian federation 

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personally I think if they can't have the last OQT in France (or anywhere else) that means the situation is still very bad in May and I don't think we will have the Olympics in July. and if they postpone the Olympics itself, there will be enough time to have all these qualifiers.


but in case they want to count the ranking to qualify 3 more athletes per weight, this will be the list of qualifiers


it will be good for Egypt, Turkey and Kazakhstan, interestingly Turkey will have a full 8 member team ! :yikes:










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WKF announced the list of Qualified athletes so far


while we knew it already, the most interesting part is the Japanese names. all high ranked Japanese athletes in each category are qualified . not sure if it was mandatory by WKF or that was Japan's selection criteria.

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