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Diving at the Summer Olympic Games 2020


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:CAN Team Canada :CAN 

Cédric Fofana (men’s individual springboard)
Nathan Zsombor-Murray (men’s individual and synchronized platform)
Rylan Wiens (men’s individual platform)
Vincent Riendeau (men’s synchronized platform)
Jennifer Abel (women’s individual and synchronized springboard)
Pamela Ware (women’s individual springboard)
Mélissa Citrini-Beaulieu (women’s synchronized springboard)
Meaghan Benfeito (women’s individual and synchronized platform)
Celina Toth (women’s individual platform)
Caeli McKay (women’s synchronized platform)


Moving this over from Canada National Thread, thanks @NearPupfor compiling the list.

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Noemi Batki (Esercito / Triestina Nuoto)
Elena Bertocchi (Esercito / Canottieri Milano)
Sarah Jodoin di Maria (Marina Militare / MR Sport F.lli Marconi)
Chiara Pellacani (MR Sport F.lli Marconi)
Lorenzo Marsaglia (Marina Militare /CC Aniene)
Giovanni Tocci (Esercito /Cosenza Nuoto)

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