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Men's Ice Hockey IIHF Under 20 World Championship 2020

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What a hockey match between Canada and USA   Also with all the advertising on the ice/boards it makes the game look like it took place in Canada lol

I noticed that yesterday night all the matches were geo-blocked (on day #1 they weren't)...   but now in the archive they are free again (but there's no GER vs USA from last night)...  

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Qualified Nations


GROUP A:  :FIN Finland, :KAZ Kazakhstan, :SVK Slovakia, :SWE Sweden, :SUI Switzerland

GROUP B:  :CAN Canada, :CZE Czech Republic, :GER Germany, :RUS Russia, :USA United States




2019 Championships Results


Men's Ice Hockey IIHF Under 20 World Championship 2019


Men's Ice Hockey IIHF Under 20 Division I Group A World Championship 2019




Tournament Format


The 10 teams are divided into two, five-team groups A and B in the Preliminary Round.


After a single round-robin series in each group, the top four teams from each group advance to the Playoff Round while the fifth-placed team in each group moves to the Relegation Round.


The top four placed teams from the Preliminary will play a cross-over Quarterfinal game: 1A vs. 4B, 1B vs. 4A, 2A vs. 3B and 2B vs. 3A. The winner of each Quarterfinal moves onto the Semi-Finals.

In the semi-finals the best-ranked team - criteria: 1) placement in the group, 2) points in the preliminary round, 3) goal difference in the preliminary round, 4) goals scored in the preliminary round, 5) seeding coming into the tournament - will play against the lowest-ranked semi-finalist. The 2nd-best ranked semi-finalist will play the 3rd-best ranked semi-finalist. The host if qualified, or otherwise the best-ranked semi-finalist according to beforementioned criteria, shall play the early game. The time slots will officially be determined after the quarter-final games.


The winner of each Semi-Final game will move onto the Gold Medal Game, while the losers will play in the Bronze Medal Game.

The quarter-final losers will be ranked 5th to 8th according to 1. their position in the group, 2. their preliminary-round record (1. points, 2. goal difference, 3. goals scored).

Relegation format

The two last-placed (5th) teams of both Preliminary Round groups play a best-of-three Relegation Round series. The third game is only played if needed. The winner of the series alongside with all Quarterfinalists plays again at the 2021 IIHF World Junior,


the loser is relegated to Division I Group A next year and will be replaced by Austria.





Tournament Schedule


Standing Link



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(Ostravar Arena)


The capital city of the Moravian-Silesian region Ostrava is located in the north-east corner of the Czech Republic, close to the border with Poland, and marks the fusion of two historical lands – Moravia and Silesia. Ostrava is both the third largest and the third most populated city of the Czech Republic.







(WERK Arena)


The statutory city Trinec is located approximately 50 kilometres from Ostrava, and is the second most eastern city in the Czech Republic. The river Olse flows across the city, and it makes the border with Poland further away. The border with Slovakia is nearby as well (only 15km from Slovakian border).






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Road to World Juniors 2020



Pre-Tournament Test Matches

23rd December 2019 - (GMT+1)


Žilina (SVK)

15:00  Slovakia - Russia  1-9 

Havířov (CZE)

17:00  United States - Germany  7-1

Ostrava (CZE)

19:00  Canada - Finland  4-2

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Samuel Hlavaj  (Sherbrooke Phoenix, QMJHL, :CAN)

Jakub Lackovič  (MsHKM Žilina)

Samuel Vyletelka  (Minnesota Magicians, NAHL, :USA)




Martin Bučko  (HC Košice)

Boris Česánek  (HK ŠKP Poprad)

Marcel Dlugoš  (MsHKM Žilina/MHK 32 Liptovský Mikuláš)

Samuel Kňažko  (TPS Turku, :FIN)

Dávid Mudrák  (TPS Turku, :FIN)

Marko Stacha  (HK Dukla Trenčín)

Oliver Turan  (HC 07 Detva)

Martin Vitaloš  (Rögle Angelholm, :SWE)




Maxim Čajkovič  (Saint John Sea Dogs, QHMJL, :CAN)

Róbert Džugan (HK Dukla Trenčín/HC Topoľčany)

Martin Faško-Rudáš (Everett Silvertips, WHL, :CAN)

Nicolas Ferenyi (HK Dukla Trenčín/HK'95 Považská Bystrica)

Dominik Jendek (HC Slovan Bratislava)

Kristián Kováčik (HK Dukla Trenčín/MsHK Žilina)

Jakub Minárik (HK Nitra)

Marek Minárik (MsHK Žilina)

Michal Mrázik (Linköping HC, :SWE)

Oliver Okuliar (Lethbridge Hurricanes, WHL, :CAN)

Adam Paulíny (MHA Martin)

Daniel Vladimír Tkáč (Merritt Centennials, BCHL, :CAN)

Viktor Ďurina (HK Dukla Trenčín/MHK Dubnica nad Váhom)


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Traditional christmas dinner :) After many many years overseas in the USA or Canada, this generation is more lucky in this. The tournament this year is only 15 km from our borders so also the christmas celebrations could have been more specific to our customs than in previous years.













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