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  • Women's One Person Dinghy – Laser Radial














    * quota in this event is awarded to NOCs; max 1 boat per NOC



    :ANT Antigua and Barbuda GORDON Jalese Tripartite Commission Invitation  
    :ARG Argentina FALASCA Lucia 2019 Pan American Games, Bronze Medal  
    :AUS Australia STRANSKY Mara

    2019 World Championships, 41st Place

    (THOMPSON Zoe)

    :BLR Belarus DROZDOVSKAYA Tatiana 2019 World Championships, 40th Place  
    :BEL Belgium PLASSCHAERT Emma 2018 World Championships, World Champion  
    :CAN Canada DOUGLAS Sarah 2018 World Championships, 6th Place  
    :CHN China ZHANG Dongshuan 2018 World Championships, 25th Place  
    :CRO Croatia VOROBEVA Elena 2019 World Championships, 20th Place  
    :CYP Cyprus MAKRI Marilena 2019 World Championships, 50th Place  
    :DEN Denmark RINDOM Anne-Marie 2018 World Championships, Bronze Medal  
    :EGY Egypt MANSY Khouloud 2019 African Championships, Silver Medal  
    :FIJ Fiji MORGAN Sophia 2020 World Championships, 97th Place  
    :FIN Finland MIKKOLA Monika 2018 World Championships, 4th Place  
    :FRA France BOLOU Marie

    2018 World Championships, 19th Place

    (de KERANGAT Mathilde)

    :GER Germany WEGER Svenja 2018 World Championships, 26th Place  
    :GBR Great Britain YOUNG Alison 2018 World Championships, 7th Place  
    :GRE Greece KARACHALIOU Vasileia 2018 World Championships, 16th Place  
    :GUA Guatemala MAEGLI Isabella 2019 World Championships, 51st Place  
    :HKG Hong Kong NORTON Stephanie 2021 Mussanah Open, 3rd Place  
    :HUN Hungary ERDI Maria 2018 World Championships, 8th Place  
    :IND India KUMANAN Nethra 2021 Mussanah Open, 2nd Place  
    :IRL Ireland MURPHY Annalise

    2019 World Championships, 46th Place

    (KELLER Aisling)

    :ISR Israel KAKON Shay 2021 Vilamoura International Regatta, 39th Place  
    :ITA Italy ALBANO Carolina 2018 World Championships, 17th Place  
    :JPN Japan   Host Country Quota  
    :LTU Lithuania ANDRULYTE Viktorija 2019 World Championships, 28th Place  
    :MAS Malaysia MOHAMAD LATIF Nur Shazrin 2018 Asian Games, Bronze Medal  
    :MEX Mexico OETLING Elena 2020 Sailing World Cup, 8th Place  
    :MOZ Mozambique NHAQUILE Deisy 2019 African Championships, Champion  
    :NED Netherlands BOUWMEESTER Marit 2018 World Championships, Silver Medal  
    :NOR Norway HOST Line Flem 2018 World Championships, 21st Place  
    :PNGPapua New Guinea NUMA Rose-Lee 2020 World Championships, 102nd Place  
    :PER Peru SCHMIDT Paloma 2019 Copa Brasil, Winner  
    :POL Poland KWAŠNA Magdalena 2018 World Championships, 12th Place  
    :POR Portugal JOAO Carolina 2021 Vilamoura International Regatta, 44th Place  
    :RUS Russia ZYUZINA Ekaterina 2019 World Championships, 45th Place  
    :LCA Saint Lucia   Tripartite Commission Invitation  
    :ESP Spain PUJOL Cristina 2019 World Championships, 53rd Place reallocated quota
    :SWE Sweden OLSSON Josefin 2018 World Championships, 18th Place  
    :SUI Switzerland JAYET Maud 2018 World Championships, 9th Place  
    :THA Thailand CHANYIM Kamolwan 2019 World Championships, 52nd Place  
    :TUR Turkey:TU:tu GÜZELL Ecem

    2018 World Championships, 10th Place

    (DÖNERTAS Nazli Cagla)

    :USA United States RAILEY Paige 2018 World Championships, 5th Place  
    :URU Uruguay MOREIRA Dolores 2019 Pan American Games, 4th Place  










    Host Country Quota :JPN

    Jul 31 - Aug 12, 2018

    2018 Sailing World Championships

    :DEN Aarhus


    Aug 18 - Sep 2, 2018

    2018 Asian Games

    :INA Jakarta - Palembang


    Jul 1 - 9, 2019

    2019 Laser World Championships

    :JPN Sakaiminato

    reallocation (NZL rejected it's quota; reallocated based on 2019 WCs results) :ESP

    Jul 26 - Aug 8, 2019

    2019 Pan American Games

    :PER Lima

    :ARG :URU

    Oct 6 - 12, 2019

    2019 African Sailing Championships

    :ALG Algiers

    :MOZ :EGY

    Nov 25 - 30, 2019

    2019 Copa Brasil

    (South American Qualifier)

    :BRA Rio de Janeiro


    Jan 26 - Feb 2, 2020

    2020 Sailing World Cup

    (North American Qualifier)

    :USA Miami


    Feb 11 - 16, 2020

    2020 Laser World Championships

    (Oceanian Qualifier)

    :AUS Melbourne

    :FIJ :PNG

    Apr 1 - 8, 2021

    2021 Mussanah Open Championships

    (Asian Qualifier)

    :OMA Al - Mussanah

    :IND :HKG

    Apr 17 - 24, 2021

    2021 Vilamoura International Regatta

    (European Qualifier)

    :POR Vilamoura

    :ISR :POR
    Tripartite Commission Invitation :ANT :LCA




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