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  1. WOW, very modern & youth oriented look of the video
  2. Well maybe that tells something about you 😉 Just joking, but you have to admit when you think about luxury and expensive places in Croatia, you think about Dubrovnik (and Hvar)
  3. And the weather does not cooperate with us this time. Past 2 weekends were sunny and warm, so those tourist spots here were crowded. People just don't umderstand the concept of quarantene or social distancing
  4. But those races aren't in Dubrovnik, a luxury sea side city where only rich people can afford to stay (if everything is not booked by Beyonce and the likes)
  5. In Slovenia we're in day 15 of quaranteen. Everything non basic is closed, no public transport, no gatherings. So we have quite some measures, but the masks are required as of today in all closed public spaces. The problem here is people just don't get the seriousness of the situation and enjoy their time off work in the sun...
  6. Don't forget FIS (skiing federation) regularly has their Congresses in June in places like Croatia, Greece, Cancun,...
  7. They must be enjoying this soooo hard right now at AIBA HQ 🕺💃🕺💃😂
  8. I'm from Slovenia 🇸🇮, not Slovakia 🇸🇰 so the joke's on you!
  9. We don't hate NBC, we hate everyone who spends billions of $ that are not to our adventage 😉
  10. Apparently there are some IFs who would like to have the Games in May/ June, while others are pushing for July/ August date. And I believe IOC also has to ask NBC which timeline do they prefer....
  11. Who knows what's really going on in those ˝non affected countries˝ especially in North Korea. But life there sure isn't a picnic
  12. Given the rumors how North Korea handles their coronavirus patients their numbers could be around 0.... but I don't envy anyone being in those countries and not just now
  13. Good to know, although it is not a surprise they kept the allocated quotas & the only right decision. IOC and IFs already have too much on their plate right now so they even can't afford a possible fight with already qualified athletes
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