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  1. Today the world is once again shocked when someone from Wuhan died in Philippines. Phillipines have recorded the first Coronavirus case outside of China with the first death of a Coronavirus patient outside China. So things are getting severe now. By now Coronavirus has spread to the whole part of China. Therefore there is in no way any sports events or sports tournaments can be held in China due to this dangerous Coronavirus. We do not want to see any athletes infected with Coronavirus before Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Continue to pray hard for the whole state of China. Coronavirus is really getting out of control.
  2. Coronavirus Live Updates: Death in Philippines Is First Outside China As the overall death toll passed 300, health workers in Hong Kong threatened to strike if the territory’s government did not completely close the border with mainland China. The Philippines bans non-Filipino travelers arriving from mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. Here’s what you need to know: A man from Wuhan has died in the Philippines. The death toll passed 300, with more than 14,000 infections confirmed. Hong Kong medical workers threaten to strike Monday. A man from Wuhan has died in the Philippines. Workers outside a hospital in Manila set up a quarantine area for people with symptoms of the coronavirus. A 44-year-old man in the Philippines has died of the coronavirus, health officials said on Sunday, making him the first known death outside China. The man, a resident of Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the virus, died on Saturday after developing what officials called “severe pneumonia.” “This is the first known death of someone with 2019-nCoV outside of China,” the World Health Organization’s office in the Philippines said in a statement, using the technical shorthand for the coronavirus. Philippines health officials said the man had arrived in the country on Jan. 21 with a 38-year-old woman who remains under observation. “In his last few days, the patient was stable and showed signs of improvement; however, the condition of the patient deteriorated within his last 24 hours, resulting in his demise,” the health secretary, Francisco Duque III, said. Hours before the death was announced, the Philippines said it was temporarily banning non-Filipino travelers arriving from mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. Mr. Duque said the Philippines was currently observing 23 people who had been isolated in hospitals with possible coronavirus symptoms. “The new developments warrant a more diligent approach in containing the threats of the 2019-nCoV,” he said. The death toll passed 300, with more than 14,000 infections confirmed. A temporary field hospital being built in Wuhan is expected to open on Tuesday, 11 days after construction began. Chinese officials on Sunday reported a surge in new cases. ◆ The death toll in China rose to at least 304. ◆ More than 2,000 new cases were also recorded in the country in the past 24 hours, raising the worldwide total to nearly 14,380, according to Chinese and World Health Organization data. The vast majority of the cases are inside China; about 100 cases have been confirmed in 23 other countries. ◆ All of China’s provinces and territories have now been touched by the outbreak. ◆ Countries and territories that have confirmed cases: Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, Malaysia, Macau, Russia, France, the United States, South Korea, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Britain, Vietnam, Italy, India, the Philippines, Nepal, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Finland, Sweden and Spain. Wuhan Coronavirus Impact in the U.S. There have been seven confirmed cases in the U.S., but no deaths. Anxiety is intense on college campuses. The 195 Americans who were evacuated from Wuhan to California have been quarantined as one person tried to flee. If you live in California, here’s what this means for you. President Trump has temporarily suspended entry into the U.S. for any foreign nationals who have traveled to China. Delta, United and American Airlines are suspending service from the U.S. and China. READ MORE ◆ Cases recorded in Thailand, Taiwan, Germany, Vietnam, Japan, France and the United States involved patients who had not been to China. ◆ China has asked the European Union for help in purchasing urgently needed medical supplies from its member countries, the China’s official Xinhua news agency said on Saturday. Hong Kong medical workers threaten to strike Monday. A staff member at Princess Margaret Hospital in Hong Kong on Saturday. As many as 9,000 medical workers in Hong Kong have pledged to strike this week, a threat that alarms the territory’s officials as they are struggling to contain the coronavirus outbreak. The workers are demanding that Hong Kong close all border checkpoints to visitors from mainland China, saying they represent a threat to health care workers in the city. They are planning to paralyze nonemergency and then emergency services at hospitals, a union formed during the city’s anti-government protest movement said. “We believe such actions are our last resort,” the Hospital Authority Employees Alliance wrote in a statement Saturday night. Under the plan, nonessential hospital staff members who belong to the union would not go to work on Monday. If the government failed to close the border and heed their other demands by 9 p.m., union members handling emergency services would also strike, the union said. Matthew Cheung, Hong Kong’s No. 2 official, appealed to medical workers to reconsider, comparing them to guardians of the public. “At this critical moment, I believe the general public would count on medical personnel to fight against the epidemic together, in the spirit of professionalism,” he wrote in a blog post Sunday. Hong Kong confirmed its 14th coronavirus case late Saturday. The patient, an 80-year-old man, had traveled for a few hours to mainland China in early January, and later spent several days in Japan. In arguing against the job action, government officials say that the number of visitors from the mainland and other countries has decreased significantly after they closed several border points and rail stations and cut flight arrivals by half. But several border points remain open, and many medical workers fear being overwhelmed by a flood of visitors seeking treatment in Hong Kong’s well-regarded health care system. They have also voiced frustrations about patients from mainland China hiding their travel and medical history, potentially endangering other patients.
  3. Quick Facts : The Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) originating from Wuhan, China, has now spread to 27 countries and territories worldwide, with 12,027 confirmed cases and 259 deaths as of February 1, 2020. On January 31, the first 2 novel coronavirus cases in the UK, the first 2 cases in Russia, and the first case in Sweden and in Spain have been reported. Canada reported its 4th case. On January 30, 2020, the novel coronavirus total case count surpassed that for SARS (which affected 8,096 people worldwide). In the United States, there are 6 cases confirmed by the CDC: 1 in Arizona, 2 in California, 1 in Washington state, and 2 in Illinois. More info. On Jan. 30 CDC confirmed the first US case of human to human transmission. Wuhan (the city where the virus originated) is the largest city in Central China, with a population of over 11 million people. The city, on January 23, shut down transport links. Following Wuhan lockdown, the city of Huanggang was also placed in quarantine, and the city of Ezhou closed its train stations. This means than 18 million people have been placed in isolation. The World Health Organization (WHO) said cutting off a city as large as Wuhan is "unprecedented in public health history." and praised China for its incredible commitment to isolate the virus and minimize the spread to other countries. Germany, Japan, Vietnam and the United States have reported cases in patients who didn't personally visit China, but contracted the virus from someone else who had visited Wuhan, China. These cases of human to human transmission are the most worrisone, according to the WHO.
  4. Here is the latest date statistics of coronavirus patient. Confirmed Cases and Deaths by Country (Affecting 27 countries and territories) Most of the countries listed below have coronavirus patients because they are tourists from China who have been abroad for holidays and then found out to be positive of coronavirus so they have to stay put at the particular country they have visited for treatment and inspection. However there are also countries such as Japan and Germany whereby even the local people who have never been to China have also been infected with Coronavirus. So of course things are getting very severe. Country Cases Deaths Region China 11,860 259 Asia Japan 20 0 Asia Thailand 19 0 Asia Singapore 18 0 Asia Hong Kong 13 0 Asia South Korea 12 0 Asia Australia 12 0 Australia/Oceania Taiwan 10 0 Asia Malaysia 8 0 Asia United States 7 0 North America Germany 7 0 Europe Macao 7 0 Asia Vietnam 6 0 Asia France 6 0 Europe United Arab Emirates 4 0 Asia Canada 4 0 North America Italy 2 0 Europe United Kingdom 2 0 Europe Russia 2 0 Europe India 1 0 Asia Finland 1 0 Europe Sweden 1 0 Europe Sri Lanka 1 0 Asia Cambodia 1 0 Asia Philippines 1 0 Asia Nepal 1 0 Asia Spain 1 0 Europe
  5. As can be seen from many news reported, Coronavirus spread very fast. Now even people who have not been to Wuhan also can get infected with Coronavirus. Due to this, all the various different countries are on high alert over the spread of Coronavirus.
  6. Three Japanese returnees from Wuhan test positive for new coronavirus Three Japanese who returned from Wuhan on a government-chartered flight have tested positive for the new coronavirus, the health ministry said Thursday as more Japanese evacuees from the Chinese city arrived in Tokyo. The three — one in stable condition and two without symptoms — were among 206 people brought back Wednesday from Wuhan amid a deadly outbreak started by the pneumonia-causing virus. It is the first time that a person outside of China without symptoms has been confirmed to be infected with the virus, according to Japan’s National Institute of Infectious Diseases. A further 210 Japanese were flown back home Thursday on a second government-chartered flight, with some displaying symptoms such as coughs, according to the health ministry. In the first group of returnees, all but two people agreed to tests for the virus. All passengers other than the three tested negative for the virus, the ministry said. The latest group who came back Thursday is expected to be similarly screened. “We will put top priority on protecting the lives and health of the people, and we will decide on what needs to be done without hesitation,” said Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at a Diet session Thursday, adding it was “extremely regrettable” that two people on the first flight refused to be screened. Abe said authorities “spent a long time trying to convince them following their return” but could not force them to undergo testing as it is not mandatory by law. Abe also stressed the importance of Taiwan joining the World Health Organization, saying “it will be difficult to stop the spread” if Taiwan is excluded for political reasons. The government is planning to send a third flight. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said there are still some 300 Japanese who wish to return from Wuhan, which has been under a virtual lockdown since last week. Suga said the government is also considering using public facilities, including the National Police Academy, to house the returnees. While returnees praised the government’s effort to bring them home quickly, there has been criticism of Japan’s decision to let them “self-quarantine,” including the two people on the first flight who refused to be tested. Those two were asked to avoid public transport, and quarantine officers will follow up on their health, officials said. Japan’s approach sits in stark contrast with other countries that are isolating repatriated nationals for between 72 hours and 14 days. Regulations make similar measures difficult, and the law allows people to refuse testing, said Kazuo Kobayashi, head of the public hygiene department at the Osaka Institute of Public Health. “(The authorities) can only make a request but it doesn’t have binding power,” he said, declining to comment on the public safety implications. The government has decided to classify the new virus a “designated infectious disease,” meaning it will be able to forcibly hospitalize those who test positive. But the rules on testing people with no symptoms will not be affected. The total number of people infected with the virus in Japan, including foreign nationals, rose to 14 on Thursday, including the two people showing no symptoms. On Wednesday, authorities reported a second case involving someone who had not traveled to China. The woman was a tour guide who worked on the same bus as a driver who had contracted the virus despite not traveling to China. The bus was carrying a group of Chinese tourists from Wuhan earlier this month. “The tour guide’s case is the second suspected incident of human-to-human transmission in Japan,” Kato said. “We are in a truly new situation.” The tour guide, who is in her 40s, is a foreign national living in Osaka and was hospitalized on Jan. 23 with pneumonia, the health ministry said. Neither the guide nor the driver has ever been to Wuhan. The government said Tuesday the driver in his 60s from neighboring Nara Prefecture became the first Japanese to be infected with the virus in the country. He is believed to have had close contact with a total of 22 people both in and outside Nara after infection, including the tour guide, according to the prefectural government. In mainland China, confirmed cases of infection have exceeded 7,700 and the death toll has reached 170, including over 120 in Wuhan, according to state media. Aside from China and Japan, cases of infection have been confirmed in 14 countries including Thailand, Australia, Singapore and the United States as of Wednesday, according to a World Health Organization report.
  7. I greatly support the idea of organising BAC (Badminton Asia Championship) in Philippines. BATC will be held in Philippines in the month of February. It is certainly a good idea for Philippines to host the BAC as well. Every part of China is now infected with Coronavirus. So any city in China is deemed as not safe to organize any sports events anymore. We do not want any athletes to be infected with Coronavirus before Tokyo 2020 Olympics. So moving is to Philippines is a good idea. Thumbs up from me.
  8. Thank you very much for your explanation. I really pitied those citizens in China especially those living in Wuhan. Imagine living in the city where the deadly virus is spread and then being able to leave the city waiting for their death. My heart broken reading so many news about people dying nonstop in Wuhan and also differentb parts of China. Man this is so sad. I certainly hope this coronavirus will stop spreading.
  9. First good move made by BWF. Pospone the Lingshui China Masters which will be held in Fabruary after knowing that Corona Virus have spread to different parts of China. BWF STATEMENT ON POSTPONEMENT OF LINGSHUI CHINA MASTERS 01 FEBRUARY, 2020 TEXT BY BWF STAFF The Badminton World Federation (BWF) and Chinese Badminton Association (CBA) can confirm the decision to postpone the Lingshui China Masters 2020 until a later date in the wake of growing concerns over the coronavirus outbreak in China and surrounding areas. BWF and CBA have considered all necessary health, safety and logistical risks and both parties believe it is sensible to postpone the tournament at this time. It may be noted that many players have already withdrawn from the tournament. Exact replacement dates are yet to be established but alternative options are being discussed with a new time slot for May earmarked as a possibility. The tournament was due to be held from 25 February to 1 March, 2020. Both BWF and CBA are in dialogue with the tournament host as well as Member Associations and players to adjust travel plans and revise tournament planning. The Lingshui China Masters 2020 was one of the qualifying events for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. With a likely new date for May or later, ranking points from this event will now no longer contribute to Olympic qualifying as it will be outside the qualification window. The BWF is continuing to monitor all official updates on the coronavirus and is mindful that HSBC BWF World Tour and other BWF-sanctioned tournaments may be affected, but there are no concrete plans or decisions at this point to change the status of any other events. The BWF can also confirm that Badminton Asia is reviewing its flagship event, the 2020 Badminton Asia Championships to be staged in Wuhan, China, and the BWF will support Badminton Asia and CBA in this process. It is, however, too early at this time to make any final conclusions related to this event. The 2020 Badminton Asia Championships falls within the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games qualification window and is one of the last opportunities for athletes to qualify for the Olympics Games. BWF will continue to update the entire badminton community on any further announcements related to the coronavirus outbreak.
  10. As can be seen from various different news, coronavirus has indeed spread to different parts of China and by now all the different districts in China has been reported to have patients infected with coronavirus. Due to this any part of China is no longer deemed as safe. Death toll due to coronavirus continue to increase. Due to this China is no longer a safe country to visit. Holding any sports events in any part of China is definitely posing danger to athletes health. Due to this any sport tournaments that is scheduled to be held in China should be cancelled or changed to be held in other countries due to athletes safety. We do not want to see any Tokyo 2020 Olympics bound athletes to be infected with Coronavirus for sure.
  11. Coronavirus: Death toll rises as virus spreads to every Chinese region 30 January 2020 The death toll from the coronavirus outbreak has risen to 170, and a confirmed case in Tibet means it has reached every region in mainland China. Chinese health authorities said there were 7,711 confirmed cases in the country as of 29 January. Infections have also spread to at least 15 other countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) are again meeting in Geneva to consider whether the virus should be declared a global health emergency. Various countries have implemented evacuation and quarantine plans for nationals wanting to return from China, where the outbreak began in the city of Wuhan. Russia has decided to close its 4,300km (2,670-mile) far-eastern border with China in an attempt to stop contagion. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus named Germany, Vietnam and Japan, as places where people had caught the virus from others who had visited China. "Although the numbers outside China are still relatively small, they hold the potential for a much larger outbreak," he said, adding that human-to-human transmission was a concern. More people have now been infected in China than during the Sars outbreak in the early 2000s, but the death toll remains far lower. Sars, also a coronavirus, caused acute respiratory illness. Researchers are racing to develop a vaccine to protect people from the virus. One lab in California has plans for a potential vaccine to enter human trials by June or July. What's the latest on evacuations? Voluntary evacuations of hundreds of foreign nationals from Wuhan are under way to help people who want to leave the closed-off city and return to their countries. The UK, Australia, South Korea, Singapore and New Zealand are expected to quarantine all evacuees for two weeks to monitor them for symptoms and avoid any contagion. Britons in Wuhan to return home on Friday Australia plans to quarantine its evacuees on Christmas Island, 2,000km (1,200 miles) from the mainland in a detention centre that has been used to house asylum seekers. The Costa Smeralda cruise ship, carrying 6,000 people, is stuck at port near Rome Singapore is setting up a quarantine facility on Pulau Ubin, an island north-east of the city-state's mainland. In other developments: Chicago health officials have reported the first US case of human-to-human transmission of the deadly coronavirus Six thousand people on board a cruise ship in Italy were barred from disembarking after a Chinese passenger was suspected of having coronavirus; however initial tests have come back as negative Flights to take British and South Korean citizens out of Wuhan have both been delayed after relevant permissions from the Chinese authorities did not come through Two flights to Japan have already landed in Tokyo. Three passengers have so far tested positive for the virus, Japanese media report Around 200 US citizens have been flown out of Wuhan and are being isolated at a military base in California for at least 72 hours Two aircraft are due to fly EU citizens home with 250 French nationals leaving on the first flight India has confirmed its first case of the virus - a student in the southern state of Kerala who was studying in Wuhan Japan's first flight with evacuees arrived on Wednesday How is China handling the outbreak? Although questions have been raised about transparency, the WHO has praised China's handling of the outbreak. President Xi Jinping has vowed to defeat what he called a "devil" virus. The central province of Hubei, where nearly all deaths have occurred, is in a state of lockdown. The province of 60 million people is home to Wuhan, the heart of the outbreak. The city has effectively been sealed off and China has put numerous transport restrictions in place to curb the spread of the virus. The WHO warns the virus holds the potential for a much larger outbreak People who have been in Hubei are also being told by their employers to work from home until it is considered safe for them to return. The virus is affecting China's economy, the world's second-largest, with a growing number of countries advising their citizens to avoid all non-essential travel to the country. How are coronavirus patients treated? How worried should we be? Several international airlines have stopped or scaled back their routes to China and companies like Google, Ikea, Starbucks and Tesla have closed their shops or stopped operations. There have been reports of food shortages in some places. State media says authorities are "stepping up efforts to ensure continuous supply and stable prices". The Chinese Football Association has announced the postponement of all games in the 2020 season. Who has been affected? Although there have been nearly 8,000 infections, there has been little detailed information released on the profiles of patients and how the disease affects them. Most of the confirmed cases involve people either from Wuhan or who had close contact with someone who had been there. A new study published by The New England Journal of Medicine on the coronavirus is based on data for the first 425 confirmed cases in Wuhan. It reveals: Of the 425, 55% diagnosed before 1 January were linked to the seafood and animal market believed to be at the centre of the outbreak, compared with 8.6% of the subsequent cases The average age was 59 years and 56% were men Almost half the 425 cases were adults 60 years of age or older Human-to-human transmission among close contacts has occurred since the middle of December In its early stages, the epidemic doubled in size every seven days 89% of the patients were not hospitalised until at least day five of illness
  12. In this case, BWF is just yet another total failure. BWF refused to move tournaments out of China. So as the outcome so many countries have withdrawn their players from playing in tournaments held in China. Worse still the BAC which is scheduled to be held in Wuhan, China. BWF still say it is too early to make a decision and will still want this tournament to be held in Wuhan, China. No plans made to shift the tournament to other places. What kind of response is this? Is BWF purposely putting badminton players health at risk?
  13. The Badminton World Federation (BWF) will continue to closely monitor implications related to the coronavirus outbreak in China and surrounding areas with all necessary health, safety and travel precautions currently being considered. We also acknowledge today’s decisions to suspend flights to and from China in some countries and we are mindful of the complications this may have on the HSBC BWF World Tour, other BWF-sanctioned tournaments, and the badminton community in general. Currently, no decision has yet been made on any change in status to the Lingshui China Masters 2020 scheduled to take place between 25 February to 1 March in Lingshui, China, but the BWF is working with local organisers and the Chinese Badminton Association to create greater clarity around any risks. The BWF can also confirm that Badminton Asia is reviewing its flagship event, the 2020 Badminton Asia Championships to be staged in Wuhan, China, and the BWF will support Badminton Asia and the Chinese Badminton Association in this process. It is, however, too early at this time to make any final conclusions related to this event. The 2020 Badminton Asia Championships falls within the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games qualification window and is one of the last opportunities for athletes to qualify for the Olympics Games.
  14. You are right. China is forever doing a poor job in this. Last time when SARS broke in China from 2002 till 2003, China hide the truth and refused to let the whole world knew about how severe is the virus. So horrible. As the outcome of it so many innocent people in China died.
  15. The latest news I read is that PBSI, Indonesia Badminton Association has already suggested to Badminton Asia Confederation and BWF to move Badminton Asia Championship not to be held in Wuhan, China as long as the Corona Virus is still spreading rapidly in Wuhan.
  16. Yes I totally agree with you. The host city must change. It should be moved out from China altogether for safety reasons. The whole of Indonesian team as far as I know has pulled out of Lingshui China Masters 2020. They are also considering pulling out their badminton players from playing in BAC now. So this is getting severe. Somehow the event must be shifted out from China. To do this they need to start finding countries who can host this event starting from now.
  17. Thank you very much for your reply. However I personally think that the virus will still keep on spreading and it might take 1 whole year to subside. The SARS epidemic happened in year 2002 up to year 2003. So I still think that it is best to think of another venue to hold BAC to be on the safe side. This is Olympic qualification year and we do not want anything untoward to happen to any badminton players.
  18. As can be seen from the examples of news given above, lots of sporting events for Tokyo 2020 Olympics qualification have been moved out from China and held in other countries instead due to the vast spreading Corona Virus in China. Safety of the athletes should come first. Therefore, it is also highly recommended that the Badminton Asia Championship which is sheduled to be held in Wuhan, China in the month of April can also be shifted and held in another country.
  19. OLYMPIC QUALIFYING EVENTS IN CHINA CANCELLED, RESCHEDULED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS A number of Olympic qualifying events have been cancelled or rescheduled as a result of the deadly coronavirus outbreak in China, the IOC has said. The virus has killed at least 17 according to Chinese public health officials and sickened more than 600 as of Thursday. Officials have quarantined the entire city of Wuhan, with 11 million residents, aand cases of the disease have been identified in all Chinese provinces, with at least one case detected in Washington state in the U.S. The new virus is part of a family of viruses that also includes SARS and MERS viruses. The virus is believed to have originated from a wholesale seafood market in Huanan, China, with the latest theories being that it originated in the meat of venomous snakes, though there are others who disagree with that idea. Besides Wuhan, nearby central Chinese cities of Huanggang and Ezhou have been locked down. Cases have also been reported in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, and Macau. State-run Beijing News says that a number of events have been cancelled, including several celebrations of the Chinese New Year that comes this weekend. Events in Shenzhen have also been cancelled. Shenzhen and Beijing played host to last week’s FINA Champions Series, where a number of the world’s best swimmers were in China to compete for a portion of $2 million in prize money. There have been no reports yet of any swimmers being infected with the virus, though if the Champions Series had been scheduled any later, officials may have been forced to cancel the event. Other Olympic qualifying events have been moved or cancelled, however: An Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Olympic qualifying match in women’s soccer has been moved from Wuhan to Nanjing. That will include teams from Australia, China, Thailand, and Taiwan (Chinese Taipei). The Tokyo 2020 Olympic boxing tournament for Asia and Oceania has been cancelled. That tournament was scheduled for February 3rd-14th in Wuhan. This was the first Olympic qualifying event for boxing, and will be rescheduled. With the international boxing federation AIBA currently suspended by the IOC for finance and government issues, the IOC Boxing Task Force is managing Olympic qualifying – this after the sport was narrowly spared from an Olympic cut altogether. India has offered to host the tournament. Update: the Asian/Oceanian Tokyo 2020 boxing qualifying event will be held in Amman, Jordan from March 3rd-11th. Wuhan, the city at the center of the outbreak, is not a regular host of major swim meets, and China’s next Olympic qualifying-caliber event is the National Swimming Championships from March 28th-April 5th in Qingdao. Qingdao confirmed its first case of coronavirus-related pneumonia late on Tuesday evening.
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