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  1. Oh is it? Okay then. What is China next plan to build up their youngsters?
  2. What are those changes? Can tell me more about it?
  3. Why so many problems inside Chinese badminton team?
  4. then the zhao yunlei / tian qing case. zhao yunlei refused to play in rio olympic 2016 with tian qing.
  5. then due to guilt feeling decided to let yu yang play on with wang xiaoli in rio olympic 2016. too bad wang xiaoli injured hence a bad decision to pair yu yang with china best wd tang yuanting backfired and won no wd medal.
  6. well it is the sad sad case. yu yang is not moving and it is tang yuanting alone doing all the hard work alone. in this case why not pair tang yuanting with a young player? i am suse she will qualify to play and can even win medals.
  7. of course so sad at that time inc 2012 the then head coach li yongbo gave order to yu yang / wang xiaoli asking them to purposely lose their match.
  8. imagine it. if tang yuanting had partnered a younger and better junior wd china could have won a medal for wd. somehow favoritism want to send the old yu yang aso no medal won. sad right?
  9. which is such a sad news here. everyone knows yu yang is over the hill. but then why is it that yu yang must be send to play in olympic? why that kind of favoritism?
  10. I am curious to know how come tang yuanting is paired up with yu yang? why she is not paired up with a younger player?
  11. very sad case for tang yuanting. she is the victim of circumstances. she is wrongly paired up with yu yang and she quit playing at a very young age. so sorry for her. how to help tang yuanting now?
  12. but such a waste it is for tang yuanting. she should continue on playing.
  13. Well tang yuanting and bao yixin are both excellent wd players for sure but already left china.
  14. Chen Qingchen / Jia Yifan can even lose to bulgarian wd at any time.
  15. Somehow China WD are of poor quality type. how to win medals? Korea, japan and indonesia WD so much better than China WD of course.
  16. Will China be willing to forgo their WD medal come olympic time just like in Rio no WD medals won?
  17. Somehow both of them are not good enough to win WD titles and always have early round exit come tournament time. It is worrying right?
  18. So who are those great China WD players now? names????
  19. So CBA is not worried about their lost of good WD players?
  20. Yes seems like her partnership with yu yang destroyed it all for her. she quit playing because of her misunderstanding with yu yang and that affected her a lot it seems. such a waste. she is such a talented and good wd player.
  21. @Function CR Lee For Bao Yixin one it is more to constant changes made in WD and XD partnership under CBA that somehow caused her to feel upset and she also quit playing early.
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