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  1. Why is the partnership of Tang Yuanting and Yu Yang formed in the first place? Seems like they cannot get along well and also the fiasco during Rio Olympics 2016. So this has caused Tang Yuanting to retire early from playing right?
  2. Yes thank you very much for your information.
  3. Such a pity she had to leave badminton at such a young age right? Was it because of the throw towel incident by Yu Yang during Rio Olympics 2016 and also her strain relationship with Yu Yang?
  4. Yes you are right about it. Zhang Jun is newly appointed as the new head coach as well replacing Li Yongbo.
  5. So did Bao Yixian join Tang Yuanting in Australia? Actually I am very curious as to why such a great talented player like Tang Yuanting opt out for early retirement? It is really a waste of talent right? Bao Yixin is a very talented player too and it is such a waste that she retired early too.
  6. Could it be that they are the nonactive player in the national team? This is because in China there are lots of players in the national team but somehow some of them stopped playing in tournaments and no reason is given.
  7. Thank you so much for your clarification. So Tang Yuanting / Bao Yixin both quit playing for good?
  8. But Tang Jinhua / Yu Xiaohan name have both been withdrawn from a string of tournaments. Did they actually went back to their hometown and quit playing already?
  9. @Function CR Lee I need to confirm some things here with you with regards to China badminton. Has Qiao Bin quit playing? Then Tang Jin Hua and Yu Xiaohan also quit playing? Why did they quit playing? What about Tang Yuantign and Bao Yixin? They also quit playing?
  10. Thank you very much for your translation.
  11. Yes it is really pitiful too. However MS and MD is doing a good job. One thing for sure female sector does look weak for Denmark.
  12. Somehow I am very curious to know how come so many bad things happen inside Denmark badminton? Did Steen Pedersen left Denmark coaching bench to become commentators for BWF because of all the mess?
  13. Well it is kind of rather messy over there in Denmark.
  14. Interesting part here is this. Did you realise it? Eventually Danish team is sponsored by YONEX right? So why is it in year 2017 that Danish Badminton Association went on to change the Danish national team official sponsorship to Victor? What is the reason behind such a drastic move?
  15. Yes this is a very sad case as well. Seems like YONEX JAPAN felt cheated in the process. Yes you are right. YONEX JAPAN is preparing their lawyers and they want to sue Badminton Denmark for the fraud and cheating case. I think you know JAPAN is a very strict country and they really do things following the laws right?
  16. Do you think YONEX JAPAN might terminate the sponsorship for Danish players? Then why did Bo Jensen tampered with the documents in the first place?
  17. Yes I have lots and lots of question here. It seems that YONEX JAPAN is very unhappy about it and may want to terminate their sponsorship for those Danish players sponsored by them.
  18. But then funny thing here is why Boe did not want to train together with Mogensen? What is hindering them to train together in Denmark?
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