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  1. Actually I pity Danish players a lot because so much of drama inside the association itself hampering the players progress. I still remember the proud moment of Anders Antonsen defeating Kento Momota in the finals. Then after he won there is no coach and no one near to him so he just turn to the crowd. Such sad feeling for a player to win a Super Series MS title but no coach with him.
  2. So you found the Danish article about Mia? Any link to that Danish article?
  3. So such sad development indeed right?
  4. This is getting very interesting now. So Danish badminton said the document is not tampered with? They deny it? How come?
  5. It was mentioned in the article about how Mia is being rejected by the Danish national team after the rest of the other players enter the national team. Anyway how is Boe and Mogensen case? They are both not a part of the national team yet right?
  6. @wumo26 It was somehow mentioned in the article above that Mia is rejected by the Danish national team.
  7. Sorry there is no link to this article. This article is forwarded by my friend to me with no link to it. My friend has asked me to clarity and explain the content of the article above but I am not able to do so.
  8. You see I am not good in Mandarin and myself. That is why I cannot really understand the content of what is written as well and need someone to explain what the whole article is talking about.
  9. The mandarin article as included below.
  10. Okay I will send the article to you now then.
  11. Can you understand Mandarin? I got it from a mandarin article.
  12. @wumo26 The Mia Blichfieldt story is true. I read that she is no more in the national team saying that because she is the first one to sign that agreement to enter the national team so she is also the first one to get lost from the national team now. The rest are still intact in the national team except for Boe and Mogensen. So is this true somehow? You know I am very surprised as to how so much of drama in Danish badminton? What causes all these drama actually?
  13. @wumo26 I guess you still remember the Danish cookies and Danisa cookies drama last time right? A conflict of the sponsorship issues that happened in year 2015 right? Thus causing Denmark to send a very weak team to play in Sudirman Cup 2015 right?
  14. @wumo26 But why did Bo Jensen falsify the documents here? What does he gain from falsifying the documents?
  15. I read some bad news saying that Mia Blichfieldt is out from the national team. Looks like she is the first person to sign the agreement but somehow the Danish badminton association did not want her to be part of the national team anymore. Worse still I read news about Bo Jensen who had altered the content of the YONEX sponsorship agreement that has been signed by all the Danish players sponsored by YONEX. Now the person in charge about it in YONEX is very angry of course. Well I just want to know whether the news above is true? Has it escalated to such situation now? @wumo26
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