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  1. and the "ayyyyy" whenever Chile scores
  2. Osako totally missed on that ball! What luck for Senegal
  3. Remember that with 48 teams, there will be a composition of 16 groups of three teams. Therefore we would only likely see 1 crappy team per group as opposed to 2 if it were 12 groups of four teams.
  4. A stunning race! Wow, what a shocking result
  5. Belchos! Found a last little bit of energy at the end and takes the lead, breaking 13 minutes
  6. I've always thought Homan was a flake. Sadly, I doubt Canada will be winning a gold this year
  7. Hard fought match from the Italians, but Canada squeaks out the 5-3 win
  8. Hip injury for Totsuka who has been taken to the hospital for examination
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