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  1. I don't buy this, as any player who doesn't make the NBA Finals will have around a month between the end of the playoffs and the qualification tournament. There only player who might face a quick turnaround is Chris Boucher.
  2. Or read into what that hat represents and what people who wear that hat think of people who look like Suzuki.
  3. I think most of the funding will go to the women. They're on the rise, and I remember Field Hockey Canada saying a few years back that the goal was to become a medal contender in women's by the 2020s.
  4. Sports are crazy sometimes. I feel for the Irish team and fans, a really tough way to lose. But, Canada off to Tokyo! This was our gold medal, as they'll almost surely be blown out of the water in the Olympics
  5. Nice win from Ireland - very disappointing for Canada
  6. Likely not. It will probably be a Liberal minority for as long as they can keep support, with the NDP and Bloc holding the balance of power. There's never been a coalition before.
  7. None of these provinces are going to leave Canada - but I predict that a right-wing populist party from the West could emerge. People in Alberta are even more insufferable than those in Trump-land in the Southern US.
  8. I will admit that this is very funny
  9. Nice, so you have a buddy that you can take with you to your AfD rallies
  10. I don't get it, shouldn't every competitor in the 10000m have the stamina to be able to dominate the 1500m? Why is this impressive?
  11. Wow, 2 awful exchanges by the Americans
  12. Well I'll just say that the guy who "sits on the throne" at the end is currently taking part in the high jump
  13. Just watch the first six seasons is my advice
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