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  1. As we were discussing in the Suggestions thread, it would be nice to get these schedules posted at the top of threads again for events, because the official websites are always terrible. I just put this together for the World Athletics Championship. @Sindo, would it be possible to add this to the first post, maybe as a "spoiler" so that people don't have to scroll through it? Official ScheduleArabian Standard Time (GMT +3) Olympic Event Final | Non-Olympic Event FinalFriday, September 27th16:30 Men's Long Jump Qualification A+B16:35 Men's 100m Preliminaries 16:40 Women's Hammer Throw Qualification A17:10 Men's 800m Round 117:30 Women's Pole Vault Qualification A+B18:05 Men's 100m Round 118:10 Women's Hammer Throw Qualification B18:40 Women's High Jump Qualification A+B19:00 Women's 3000m Steeplechase Round 119:25 Men's Triple Jump Qualification A+B19:55 Men's 5000m Round 120:30 Men's 400m Hurdles Round 1 23:59 Women's Marathon FinalSaturday, September 28th16:15 Men's Discus Throw Qualification A16:30 Women's 100m Round 117:05 Men's 800m Round 117:30 Men's Pole Vault Qualification A+B17:45 Men's Discus Throw Qualification B18:05 Men's 400m Hurdles Semifinals18:45 Men's 100m Semifinals19:15 Women's 800m Semifinals19:25 Women's Hammer Throw Final20:00 Mixed 4x400m Relay Round 120:40 Men's Long Jump Final 21:10 Women's 10000m Final22:15 Men's 100m Final23:30 Women's 50km Race Walk Final23:30 Men's 50km Race Walk FinalSunday, September 29th20:05 Men's 200m Round 120:40 Women's Pole Vault Final21:20 Women's 200m Semifinals21:45 Men's Triple Jump Final21:55 Men's 800m Semifinals22:35 Mixed 4x400m Relay Final23:20 Women's 100m Final23:30 Women's 20km Race Walk FinalMonday, September 30th 16:30 Women's Javelin Throw Qualification A17:05 Women's 200m Round 118:00 Women's Javelin Throw Qualification B18:20 Women's 400m Round 120:05 Men's 110m Hurdles Round 120:30 Women's High Jump Final20:50 Men's 200m Semifinals21:20 Men's 5000m Final21:25 Men's Discus Throw Final21:50 Women's 3000m Steeplechase Final22:10 Women's 800m Final22:40 Men's 400m Hurdles Final Tuesday, October 1st 16:30 Men's Hammer Throw Qualification A16:35 Men's 400m Round 116:50 Men's High Jump Qualification A+B17:30 Women's 400m Hurdles Round 118:00 Men's Hammer Throw Qualification B18:15 Men's 3000m Steeplechase Round 120:05 Men's Pole Vault Final20:50 Women's 400m Semifinals21:20 Women's Javelin Throw Final21:35 Women's 200m Semifinals22:10 Men's 800m Final22:40 Men's 200m Final Wednesday, October 2nd 16:35 Men's Decathlon 100m16:45 Women's Shot Put Qualification A+B17:05 Women's Heptathlon 100m Hurdles17:30 Men's Decathlon Long Jump17:35 Women's 1500m Round 118:00 Women's Discus Throw Qualification A18:15 Women's Heptathlon High Jump18:25 Women's 5000m Round 118:50 Men's Decathlon Shot Put19:25 Women's Discus Throw Qualification B20:05 Men's 110m Hurdles Semifinals20:30 Women's Heptathlon Shot Put 20:35 Men's 400m Semifinals20:40 Men's Decathlon High Jump21:05 Women's 400m Hurdles Semifinals21:40 Men's Hammer Throw Final21:50 Women's Heptathlon 200m22:35 Women's 200m Final22:55 Men's 110m Hurdles Final23:15 Men's Decathlon 400m Thursday, October 3rd 16:35 Men's Decathlon 110m Hurdles16:40 Women's Triple Jump Qualification A+B17:30 Men's Decathlon Discus Throw A18:15 Women's Heptathlon Long Jump18:35 Men's Decathlon Discus Throw B19:05 Men's Decathlon Pole Vault A19:20 Men's Shot Put Qualification A+B20:05 Men's Decathlon Pole Vault B20:10 Women's Heptathlon Javelin Throw22:00 Men's 1500m Round 122:05 Men's Decathlon Javelin Throw A22:35 Women's Shot Put Final 23:00 Women's 1500m Semifinals23:10 Men's Decathlon Javelin Throw B23:50 Women's 400m Final00:05 Women's Heptathlon 800m 00:15 Men's Decathlon 1500m Friday, October 4th 20:10 Men's 1500m Semifinals20:15 Men's High Jump Final20:40 Women's 4x100m Relay Round 121:00 Women's Discus Throw Final 21:05 Men's 4x100m Relay Round 121:30 Women's 400m Hurdles Final21:45 Men's 3000m Steeplechase Final22:20 Men's 400m Final23:30 Men's 20km Race Walk Final Saturday, October 5th 16:30 Men's Javelin Throw Qualification A17:15 Women's 100m Hurdles Round 117:50 Women's Long Jump Qualification A+B18:00 Men's Javelin Throw Qualification B19:55 Women's 4x400m Relay Round 120:05 Men's Shot Put Final20:25 Men's 4x400m Relay Round 120:35 Women's Triple Jump Final 20:55 Women's 1500m Final21:25 Women's 5000m Final22:05 Women's 4x100m Relay Final22:15 Men's 4x100m Relay Final23:59 Men's Marathon Final Sunday, October 6th 19:05 Women's 100m Hurdles Semifinal 19:15 Women's Long Jump Final19:40 Men's 1500m Final19:55 Men's Javelin Throw Final20:00 Men's 10000m Final20:50 Women's 100m Hurdles Final 21:15 Women's 4x400m Relay Final21:30 Women's 4x400m Relay Final
  2. Absolutely. I can help out with this in some way if need be.
  3. Yes, brilliant. Putting it as a spoiler is a great idea.
  4. I feel the exact same lol. I always felt that Wikipedia was way better than the results portal for seeing the actual results, but I miss being able to see the schedule for the event in the first post of each thread. The event websites are always terrible for this. @Sindo would it be possible to bring this back, and post the schedule for the events in the first post of the thread again on this main site?
  5. Awful, very tragic news. My thoughts and prayers to the family of @hukbrazil. I remember him as a valuable contributor the forum, especially during Rio. It is always a pleasure to hear from posters from the host country of an event, as it was great to see the contributions from Brazilians in 2016. He will be missed.
  6. I may have missed the news on this, but what happened to the Totallympics Result Portal? I am trying to find the thread covering the medalists in Summer Sports World Championships in the lead up to Tokyo. Are we not doing that any more?
  7. You and I have already hashed out my feelings about Italy getting the 2026 Winter Games. Please don't tell me you guys are now asking for another one six years later...
  8. You have it confused with the Ryogoku Kokugikan, which will host boxing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryōgoku_Kokugikan
  9. Yes, backsliding is inevitable unfortunately
  10. I just did some quick research, and I have bad news - the leader in the polls was charged with money laundering in July, and he's been referred to as "Tunisia's Berlusconi" .
  11. Holy shit, how many candidates are there for president????
  12. The Lions didn't lose this week, they tied Arizona
  13. It will probably end up being the teams that grease the palms of FIBA the most
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