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  1. Austria, Belarus and Czech Republic almost certainly won't qualify for the OQT now. Those two spots are between Slovenia, Hungary, Portugal and Iceland.
  2. Unless we get some truly shocking surprises, I think if we get one more point, we will likely qualify for the OQT. Same is true for Slovenia. I am assuming that Norway will beat everyone in Group II, and everything will go as expected in Group I.
  3. I am speechless. I would have never expected that we will get so close to qualifying for the OQT after we missed our chance at the WCh.
  4. Netherlands is looking strong, which is a bad news for our Olympic quota chances here. Now we have to win the gold to get the quota, and I can't even remember the last time we beat Spain in women's water polo.
  5. Well, our group is sure getting interesting now that Iceland beat Portugal. Really important match coming up for Slovenia and Hungary. If Slovenia wins, they will have a pretty good chance to qualify for the SF.
  6. I vote A. I think the current system can potentially create frustration and lower juror turnout, so I agree on that the top choice of the jurors should have a greater weight in the internal voting.
  7. v 26 - 0 They really need to cut the tournament down to 12 teams, because this is ridiculous.
  8. Hungarian sport awards Sportsman of the Year: Kristóf Milák (Swimming) Sportswoman of the Year: Katinka Hosszú (Swimming) Team of the Year: Ferencvárosi TC (Men's Water Polo) Coach of the Year: Zsolt Varga (Men's Water Polo)
  9. Nice, we are already in the Top4, unless something shocking happens. We can prepare for the SF.
  10. It's women's water polo. Or more like water polo. The sport is just incredibly unpopular, even in Europe, and we can see it from the results. The women's tournament should just go back to having 8 teams, and the men's back to 12 at the Euros..
  11. When are we getting an updated schedule? I am asking because I don't want to miss the selection period.
  12. Also, I guess now that both Denmark and France are out, the chances are higher that one of the 7 teams I mentioned earlier wins the ECh and qualifies for Tokyo, which would be an awful news for Egypt. Still, Slovenia is probably the only nation without a WCh Top7 placement that can win this, and even that is a long shot.
  13. The teams that are fighting for the 2 OQT spots in the Main round: Group I - 2 pts - 0 pts - 0 pts Group II - 2 pts - 2 pts - 0 pts - 0 pts This can still go in a lot of ways. And I find it an absolutely awful decision that there won't be a match for the 7th place.
  14. Iceland only scored 1 goal in the last 14 minutes.
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