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  1. Apparently at least 8 Hungarian swimmers got the coronavirus. Here are the named swimmers who have COVID-19: Boglárka Kapás Dominik Kozma Dávid Horváth Richárd Bohus This is exactly why we can't have the Olympics this year. Kapás is the reigning World Champion in Women's 200m butterfly.
  2. Maybe it's time to stop calling Hungary a democracy.
  3. The winter is the quite warm there according to Wikipedia, so having the games in July/August probably won't be an issue:
  4. Hungary is officially under lockdown.
  5. Um, what? Sources have been claiming that the games will likely be between Wimbledon (usually in July) and the US Open (usually in August/September).
  6. Well, I am pretty sure NBC would like to have the games in July/August. May/June can cause some serious issues, that's the same time when the NBA Playoffs and Finals usually happen for example.
  7. Nope, they won't have it right before EURO 2020. It will be in July/August, basically the same schedule that we had for 2020, just one year later.
  8. Considering all the huge praise she's getting right now from critics for her new album, this feels like an appropriate submission. Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now
  9. Well, shit, 10th victim of COVID-19 in Hungary was 37 years old, and likely healthy, because he was the deputy ambassador of UK:
  10. For Hungary it's hard to say. Maybe our young women's handball team will improve in the next year? Some of our other young athletes might have been ready to shine this year, like Péni and Major in Shooting. On the other hand this is probably it for Katinka Hosszú's gold medal chances... I was already kinda skeptical of her beating Sydney Pickrem this year, and now I am sure that she or some other young talent will beat Hosszú next year.
  11. Not really. Changing literally everything to 2021 would cost a lot of money. I think there's nothing wrong with keeping the "Tokyo 2020" and "EURO 2020" names, that's how these events have been called for years now.
  12. IOC is getting the blame, but let's not forget that at the moment other sport organizations are still doing the same thing. LEN postponed the Aquatics European Championships only to August, F1 still has races scheduled in June, UEFA is planning to end the current season by the end of August. We will soon see how foolish all this is when everyone finally realizes that we most likely won't see larger scale sport events for the rest of the year. The situation is that bad. This won't go away in one or two months, not even if we reach the first peak of the pandemic soon. The vaccine won't be ready for a long time, and there's a chance that a second wave will be much worse than the first one.
  13. Jfc, it's snowing and it's almost freezing out there. So we had spring instead of winter, and now we will have winter instead of spring?
  14. People felt it even in some Hungarian cities that are more than 200 kilometers away from Zagreb.
  15. First it was "just" a pandemic, now we also have earthquakes: What comes next? A tsunami? A tornado?
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