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  1. Hm, with so many users claiming this (personally I can't tell, this is my first TISC) it will be interesting to see if the top songs will get more points than usual.
  2. [hide] Knockout Round October 19th - November 2nd, 2019 8 Nations, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Third Place Match and Final Quarterfinals Date & Time (GMT +9) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 October 19th 2019, h. 16:15 England 10 Australia October 19th 2019, h. 19:15 New Zealand 15 Ireland October 20th 2019, h. 16:15 Wales 5 France October 20th 2019, h. 19:15 Japan 5 South Africa [/hide]
  3. A couple of playlist stats: Total duration: 2 hours, 39 minutes and 4 seconds Average duration: 4 minutes and 4 seconds Longest video: Hungary - 6 minutes and 19 seconds Shortest video: New Zealand - 2 minutes and 6 seconds Most views: France - 423,688,330 views Least views: Greece - 1,650 views
  4. Returning countries (6): (O2018), (O2017), (O2015), (A2018), (A2018), (A2018) Countries who participated in A2019 and didn't return for O2019 (5):
  5. Well, we have at least one more if @Glen didn't forget that today's the deadline.
  6. btw, it wasn't joking when I have said that it only takes me a couple of mins to make that map, this site is helpful for this sort of stuff: https://mapchart.net/
  7. Hm, for some reason Germany always skips the Open contest. The last time they participated in an Open contest was in 2015 (and they only skipped the Annual contest once, in 2016).
  8. 3 days until the deadline Returning countries (6): (O2018), (O2017), (O2015), (A2018), (A2018), (A2018) Countries who participated in A2019 and have not yet confirmed the participation (8):
  9. I am pretty sure the release date of the background video doesn't matter if the audio is old. We are voting for the songs/recordings, not the videos, which are just a "bonus" because we are using YouTube and not, for example, Spotify.
  10. Updated map Returning countries (5): (O2018), (O2017), (O2015), (A2018), (A2018) Countries who participated at A2019 and have not yet confirmed the participation (11):
  11. Let me tell you, there were a LOT of songs to choose from. I was debating whether I should submit a popular radio hit or something more obscure which represents my personal taste (for example, some alternative rock or electronic music). In the end I have decided to choose nether of those things, because this is the "return of Hungary" after a long break, and for this special occasion it felt more appropriate to me to send a respected Hungarian folk singer whose work is also accessible to listeners who aren't fans of folk music. So, without further ado, let me present to you the Hungarian entry... Bea Palya - "Szabadon" English translation of the lyrics: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/szabadon-freely.html
  12. The rules don't say anything about this, but I think it would be weird if we would say that the artists who have "featuring" credit also represent more than 50% of the act. The use of the "featuring" credit instead of an "and" suggests that it's Sasha Lopez's song and not a completely equal collaboration between the artists. I mean, for example, let's say Desert Rose has two featured Algerian artists instead of one. Would that truly make it a 33% British production when it was released and promoted as a Sting single?
  13. I was bored, so I quickly made this map. Returning countries (2): (O2017), (O2015) Countries who participated at A2019 and have not yet confirmed the participation (17):
  14. Well, at least we have Major. I really hope she wins a medal in Tokyo, 16 years is a long enough wait for an Olympic shooting medal.
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