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  1. Saina has decent chance to reach QF. Wasn't Momota sort of injured in france. Don't know how fit he will be for china open
  2. Yeah 90m would be fantastic but I don't think it is absolutely necessary. As we saw in WC there were 7 guys who had thrown 90m before but gold went at 86 something.It all depends upon conditions and my priority would be to see neeraj back to full fitness first.
  3. I can't find rowing results anywhere. Has there been any creditable performance??
  4. WHat a display of grit and power by PVS
  5. Amazing comeback after being 12-8 down.Bhavani on fire today
  6. Bhavani Devi moves into R32 by defeating ex olympian Azza Besbes.Big win for her regarding olympic qualification.
  7. That's his best in snatch.Hopefully he may get another chance in this qualifiction period to add some points.
  8. Well there maybe a chance tomorrow with yeshaswini in 10m pistol.
  9. Can someone post full indian squad at the summer universiade 2019
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