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    The Antarctic delegation visited Copacabana beach today on the latest leg of their tour. Many traveling Antarctic fans descended on the Copacabana today also. Here is just a quick selection of some of pics that were captured showing them enjoying the beach. Someone will surely be jealous..... Antarctic fans enjoying their first TISC experience Antarctic delegation enjoying Copacabana Antarctic fans posing for a selfie
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    Totallympics Annual International Song Contest Countdown to Brazil 2018 days to go.... TISC and the number 3: 3 - is the number of times that Eddy Grant, Inna, Kensington, A.R. Rahman and Sakis Rouvas have each participated at TISC. 3 - is the number of members of the Marmite club . 3 - is the number of nations that have scored the full set of points (1 through to 12) in a single edition - Poland (TISC Open 2014), Slovakia (TISC Annual 2015) and Lithuania (TISC Open 2015) 3 is the record for number of nations who still had a chance of winning the title at the very last vote awarded from the final jury (TISC Open 2015 - Lithuania, Germany and Romania all had a chance to win at the final 12 points reveal; and at TISC Open 2017 - Ireland, Colombia and United States all had a chance to win at the final 12 points reveal) 3 - is the number of times that Hungary has participated at TISC 3 - is the record for most number of nations tied for first place at any point during a TISC contest
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    After game 3 no one teams is already at final four, all ties are 2-1 today and Friday game 4 The best-of-five series BASKONIA 1-2 FENERBAHCE ZALGIRIS 2-1 OLYMPIACOS KHIMKI 1-2 CSKA REAL 2-1 PANATHINAIKOS
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    Melissa Horn, pleasant re-discovery! Thank you Dan for these posts
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    And the mighty Jos Koop. 66th at Ronde van Midden Nederland last year!
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    for tomorrow the african champs of trempoline/ gymnastic qualifying to YOG
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    I watched that game...and it was quite obvious from the early stages that it was going into BB's direction... the first period was very tactical, but BB did control the pace and did have the most shots on goal... in the second period, DT did have a flashy start and even took the lead with a quick counter by Bezuch, but BB's line with the French-Canadian duo Faille/Asselin (with the participation of local big boy Hrnka) immediately tied the game and in a few seconds Pavol Skalicky turned things around... in the 3rd period DT tried to give their best, but they never got very close to the 2nd goal and when Asselin scored BB's 3rd goal it was all over for the red and yellow guys... the final 2 scores by Faille and Skalicky (nice double for both guys) were just cosmetics... to be honest, I expected a lot more from DT...but it was clear from the beginning of the match that they haven't been able to set down their nerves before this decider on one side and that they were physically empty after the great comeback from 0-3 to 3-3 in the final series on the other side... and after the well deserved celebration of Banskà Bystrica's success, we also have to remember the other 2 games played yesterday in the Finnish and German leagues' finals. in both cases, anyway, the title wasn't won by the teams that could have closed the series... in the 5th game of the Liiga finals, infact, Tappara Tampere won a crazy match on the ice of Kärpät Oulu by a score of 5-4 and shortened the distance in the series to 2-3. Now they will play game #6 at home tomorrow, with a good chance to send the finals to the decisive game #7 (if needed, next Saturday in Oulu). meanwhile in Germany, Eisbären Berlin did take advantage of the home building and won game #6 of the DEL finals against Red Bull Munich (5-3 the score from yesterday night), thus forcing another potentially spectacular game #7, which is scheduled for tomorrow (h.19.00 CET) in Munich. as they say, "not to be missed"... Finally, I also have to mention tonight's game #6 of the Swiss NLA Finals between Zurich Lions and HC Lugano. Puck drop at 20.15 CET, with the Lions leading the series 3-2, just one win short of the title. We'll write about it tomorrow...
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    i Bobana naravno 4. Samo da obe odrze ovu formu i nece biti problema ni za indiv. ni za mikseve
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    Surely you'll be back by latewoodu's votes?
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    Well yeah, Reguigi is like the only semi-decent (proven) rider in the entire race, he should be ashamed of himself if he doesn't win every single stage while sprinting backwards
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    What is this attitude? Cancel life, we have TISC to attend!
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    Tests done. Guys, I am proud to announce you that I got my certificate and From today I am officially a Volunteer Firefighter
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    By the way, with Kroon's confession, after 12 years we now have a full bingo card for the top-10 And behind that we've got the likes of shady Italians Paolo Bettini and Eddy Mazzoleni in 12th and 14th, Juan Jose Cobo from the most shady Saunier Duval team ever in 15th, Igor 'one year fly and abnormal blood values' Astarloa in 16th, Maxim Iglinskiy in 17th, Iban Mayo (EPO) in 18th, Chris Horner of shady Saunier Duval (who later won the Vuelta as a great-granddad in terms of age) in 19th... How fun, of the entire top-19 (!), 11th placed Fabian Wegmann seems to be the only one who doesn't have either a simple positive doping test or at the very least the stench of a huge shithole around him