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Women's Handball Tournament at the Summer Olympic Games 2020


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  • 4 months later...

Netherlands will miss their star player Estavana Polman. She had just returned from a knee injury that lasted months, in one of her first matches for her team Esbjerg tragedy struck again (yesterday). She will not compete at the Games. Sorry for her, but also a big problem for the Dutch team. They are nowhere without her. It's not without reason I have her in my profile picture: she is such an amazing player!

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2 hours ago, heywoodu said:

No Yvette Broch for the Dutch team, because antivaxxer. Alrighty then :p 



But on the other hand, Nycke Groot will make a comeback in the Dutch team and replace Estavana Polman at the Games. And she's already vaccinated!

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We have played a match against Montenegro and will play two more against Brazil to prepare for the Games. We beat Montenegro surprisingly easily, not sure what to make of that match. 


:HUN v :MNE  28-22

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