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Russian athletes that have changed nationalities

Cinnamon Bun

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104 chess players from Russia have changed their nationality in 2023. The biggest names are :SUI Alexandra Kosteniuk, :HUN Sanan Sjugirov, :SRB Alexey Sarana, :SLO Vladimir Fedoseev, :ENG Nikita Vitiugov, :SRB Alexandr Predke, :AUT Kirill Alekseenko, :ESP Maksim Chigaev, :ROU Alexander Motylev, :SLO Anton Demchenko, :FRA Pavel Tregubov, :MNE Nikita Petrov, :ISR Evgeny Alekseev.


88 did it in 2022 including :NOR Evgeny Romanov and :POL Alina Kashlinskaya, 10 in 2021.

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