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  1. Table added in the first post
  2. Summer Olympic Games 2020 News

    Any prediction when the Tokyo 2020 Sports Pictograms will be released ? Rio 2016 Pictograms were released in August 2013 London 2012 Pictograms were released in October 2009 Beijing 2008 Pictograms were released in August 2006 Athens 2004 Pictograms were released in September 2002
  3. Then again, why in case of a tie one of the two options should prevail ? What if one of the users disappear and the majority would change ? Or if another one join ? You really want to loose time to ask from time to time to users what title they would prefer ? I am sure if we had to vote now some users would complain even about the "National Thread" title itself, the same title they are now defending. Why National Thread and not national thread ? Or National thread ? Why not national Thread ? No I prefer Nat. Thread. Or maybe better just remove Thread word, just "Netherlands National", because I hate "Thread" word. Of course I am bringing this to the extreme but it is just to show you it is not that easy, especially when you have to take decisions knowing some users will be against them whatever they are
  4. I will try to explain you why I want things like this to be standardized. 1) A Nation with two or more users, the user who opened the thread doesn't want the "Road to Tokyo 2020" part, the other user(s) are slaves of dictator Sindo and want the "Road to Tokyo 2020" part. What to do ? solution a) Give priority to the user who opened the thread (but why? Impossible to know) solution b) Give priority to the majority of users (and what if it's tied? We delete the National Thread at all?) 2) A Nation with two or more users, the user who opened the thread is a slave of the dictator Sindo and wants to add the "Road to Tokyo 2020" part, the other user(s) would commit a suicide if they see a "Road to Tokyo 2020" part. What to do ? solution a) Give priority to the user who opened the thread (but why? Impossible to know) solution b) Give priority to the majority of users (and what if it's tied? We delete the National Thread at all?) 3) A nation with two or more users have all the users slave of dictator Sindo and they all want to add the "Road to Tokyo 2020" part, but the user who opened the National Thread is not active anymore. What to do ? solution a) Change the title solution b) Don't change the title because the user could come back and could get mad someone dared to change the title to his National THread 4) A National thread of a nation of one of the admins (so by definition a slave of dictator Sindo). But another user opened the thread and he would commit a suicidie if he sees a "Road to Tokyo 2020" part. What to do ? solution a) Give priority to the user who opened the thread (but why? Impossible to know) solution b) Give priority to the admin (dictator Sindo I hate you!) 5) A National thread of a nation of one of the admins (so by definition a slave of dictator Sindo), he also opened the thread but all the other users of his nation would commit a suicidie if he sees a "Road to Tokyo 2020" part. What to do ? solution a) Give priority to the admin solution b) Give priority to the majority of users I made just 5 random examples but I would be able to make 100 of them changing all the combination of situations and numbers. Your answer is usually like "just let users do whatever they want", but as you see in my examples, sometimes that is not possible, some users will obtain what they want and some won't (and we are just talking about 3 words in a title, don't forget). If my time was unlimited, the best solution would be to write a rule book so that every situation would have its solution to decide what the title should be, but I am sure you all agree that it would be a crazy loss of time to do that just to add 3 words in a thread's title. And this is exactly why I try to standardize as much as possible, to save time. I already lost too much time writing this message explaining the reason why I think all national threads should have the same title, for sure more time than I would have needed to just change the titles of all threads. But I hope this helps you to understand what I am saying.
  5. I agree when you are the only user from your nation is difficoult, I think the best way would be to wait another user of your nation to join the forum and then coordinate with him/her how to make the National Thread more active. But if you think about it everything has to start from somewhere, I was also the only member of the whole forum when I opened it the first time 7 years ago But this is something not related to the title of the thread, I don't think if users read "Road to Tokyo 2020" they get scared and stop posting or would get mad if they find inside posts not Tokyo 2020 related
  6. National Threads are for discussion only now, I actually try to dissuade users from copying and pasting results because this kills the discussion. But there is total freedom inside national threads, every user can do what he wants in the format he wants and post in the language he wants. It was not like that in the old forum and nobody was complaining, now if I want users to add 3 words in the title a revolution arise, well that's called popularity
  7. I am absolutely against two different national threads. There would be too many national threads and sometimes users would not even know in which of them to post. National threads became necessary when some communities started to become big, having around 10 users from the same nation is very nice but it could make the threads too "crowded" about comments of users from the same nation discussing between themselves and their nation's athletes. But they also work the other way around: an active National Thread bring more users here and that's one of the main reasons Serbia and India are the most represented nations here. And the bigger the National Thread get, more easy will be other users from that nation will register to join the discussion.
  8. So how would you deal with the situation if tomorrow a dutch user will register to discuss about dutch qualifications to Tokyo ? What if an user wants one title and another user another one? This is the reason why I want titles to be standardized.
  9. I don't understand, what would be the choice ? Road to 2021 World Games if you just want to post about non-olympic sports ?
  10. You can use any other expression, like "towards to Tokyo 2020" or "Aim Tokyo 2020" or whatever, I guess every language has an expression which is used for the pre-Olympic period in the road to the next olympic games.
  11. National Thread News In the past few weeks, I have thought about the best way to deal with National Threads, there were some options on the table but at the end I have decided to keep all the National Threads open and running, without having new National Threads for each Olympic cycle. Anyway, we will change the title of the thread in each new Olympic cycle, writing "Road to X", where "X" is the next Olympic Games, and this part will be in the national language of that National Thread (it can be translated in a bit different way if the literal translation of "Road to" makes no sense in your language, anyway that is the meaning). Example 1: United States National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020 Example 2: Italy National Thread | Strada per Tokyo 2020 This will help people to understand they can also write in their national language in the National Thread, and as always let me remind you that National Threads are important if you want more users from your nation to join in the long term. We have some communities well represented here but with an inactive National Thread and I hope this can change in the long term future. Now, users who opened their National Thread can edit the first post and add the "Road to Tokyo 2020" part in their national language. If you are not the user who opened yout National Thread (so you can not edit the first post), then contact me in private and give me the translation in your language and I will add that part in the title. Thank you!
  12. Yeah, let's wait for the qualifying systems to be published so that also the maximum number of athletes per NOC in each sport will be known.
  13. Biathlon IBU Cup 2017 - 2018

    Biathlon IBU Cup 2017 - 2018 Multi-Stage Event - 23 November 2017 - 17 March 2018 Totallympics Results Thread
  14. As for the Curling Mixed Doubles match, they are currently having a problem with the video but it should be fixed in the next hours/days so it should be available soon at this link https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/playback/can-v-kor-round-robin-mixed-doubles-curling-pyeongchang-2018-replays/
  15. Track Cycling UCI World Championships 2018

    You will find everything in the results thread
  16. List is updated, many sports are still free I have thought about Boxing and Fencing for @phelps, Canoeing-Slalom for @hckosice, Canoeing-Spring for @dareza, Football for @vlad, Gymnastics-Artistic for @thiago_simoes, Judo for @George_D, Modern Pentathlon for @Vojthas, Shooting for @Dolby, Tennis for @Wanderer, Water Polo for @DaniSRB, Wrestling for @MHSN ?
  17. You mean Artistic Swimming FINA has officially changed the name
  18. As for Athletics (and Swimming), maybe is better to have just one summary post for men's individual events and one for women's individual events rather than one for each event. Relays will have its own post of course. As for Badminton, I was thinking @Griff88 maybe wants to open it ?
  19. We will start opening the Tokyo 2020 Qualification Threads very soon, so that we will already have dedicated threads when the Olympic qualification systems for each sport will be announced. To avoid the same few users to open all the 44 threads (one for each sport), all users can open the qualification threads for their favourite sport(s). Let's say initially maximum 2 sports per user. Opening the threads does not mean you will have a huge amount of work to deal with, and we will find a way for users to take care of the threads which other users for some reason do not update. You can "reserve" your sport replying to this post and I will add you to the list. In some days I will send you the PMs with the instructions and you can start opening the threads
  20. You will become the nightmare of the sports federations
  21. As far as I know, they do not plan to upload old games. They have in their archive all the finals from Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016 and they are now working on the finals from Vancouver 2010, but that's it at least for now. They also have one project named "Classic Finals", with 21 videos of some old finals (some of them from Rio 2016 so they are already uploaded on their website anyway):
  22. A rumor I can tell you is that they are going to change the website structure in the next months, using a different CMS. I can't tell you exactly when because originally they had to make the transition in November 2017, then March 2018 then they have again postponed it, but one day the whole structure will change
  23. We are going to have one dedicated thread for the Olympic qualification of each sport anyway We can keep this thread as a general overview anyway.