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  1. Autograph Collecting

    I have changed the title so that the thread will not be just about Table Tennis but about all sports
  2. Yes, admins can see hidden posts.
  3. Yeah, it was very slow since yesterday night. It should be ok now.
  4. Many thanks ! Yeah, I have also seen hundreds of posts about the High5 and nothing about the schedule
  5. @mrv86 @Vojthas Can you help me in finding the day by day schedule ? I mean the starting times for each event. It seems impossible but I am not able to find it anywhere
  6. Events of the Week 2018

    The Events of the Week thread is finally back! You can find all the international sports events week by week in the results portal. There is a link to each week in the second post of this thread, and a link to the current week will be posted here every week. Right now, all international events of Summer Olympic Sports, Winter Olympic Sports and Paralympic Sports are included in the calendars. Non-Olympic Sports events have not been added yet in the 2018 calendar, but will be added soon. To keep the thread always updated, we need the users' help: please report in this thread all the events to be added/removed or if there are dates changes for any event. Enjoy!
  7. Events of the Week 2018

    Click on the logo to open the current week's Events of the Week
  8. Fixed. Just to be sure @Monzanator and @Vojthas, who already posted their predictions, are aware of the change.
  9. I can change it before Wanderer reads, but is Austria or Australia the correct one ?
  10. I will create the new section as soon as vini will send the me the logo in the correct size.
  11. Great! I still need @vinipereira to send me this logo in 100x100px size, and @OlympicIRL to prepare a description for the section. The "description" is what you see in the home page, for example for the Off Topic section is " Everything not related with Sports. " Thanks both !
  12. Yes. I would have no problems in having a section only for the TISC. If you want that though, you would need to give me a logo for the section (or if someone has an idea, you can ask @vinipereira some help to realize it )
  13. Asian Games 2018

    Total number of posts here have been reduced because some posts have been moved to other threads. We have separate threads for Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Field Hockey, Sailing, Swimming and Tennis so let's use those threads for those sports
  14. Summer Sports World Championships Medal Counts in the Road to Tokyo 2020
  15. Asian Games 2018

    Is it possible to find PDF reports somewhere ?
  16. Artistic Gymnastics UEG European Championships 2018 Glasgow (GBR) - 2 August 2018 - 12 August 2018 Totallympics Results Thread
  17. batbobi and Federer91 were taking part to a WWE prediction contests between Bulgarian users on another forum which from what I understand it doesn't exist anymore, so we are "hosting" them here to allow them to going on with the prediction contest. And of course if other users want to take part they have the chance to do that
  18. Asian Games 2018

    This reminds me of our old forum which was not supporting the half/hour time zone differences So all the Indian users were not able to set the right time on the forum.
  19. [OFF TOPIC] WWE Thread

    You and @Federer91 can decide about that, but if you will bring here more users for the game I would have nothing against having another thread for the game only and using this thread to discuss about WWE competitions.
  20. Men's Volleyball CEV European Championship 2019

    Fixed, thanks