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Sprint Canoeing ICF World Cup 2021

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ICF is really not trying to make this World Cup thing too work...


Too many events, too many athletes, too many races. There should only be Olympic events + few selected non-Olympic events at every WC stage.


I mean, I got excited about this sport after we qualified a kayaker for the first time in a long time... Yet still I just don't have the patiance to scroll through all these endless results. :facepalm:

All King Victor Emmanuel's Show Horses Can Make Really Beautiful People Fall

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World Cup medalists   WC2 500m  1.   2.   3.     WK1 500m  1.   2.   3.     MK2 1000m  1.   2.   3.     MC2 1000m  1.   2.   3.     WK2 200m  1.   2.

I must say, we are looking weak on the men's side, it can be a repeat of the Rio disaster and this time I am not sure if the women will be able to save us. We need a much more promising ECh. 

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the ES commentator, I do not know what is the reason the slovaks are not on the podium...


yeah, it requires a degree in nuclear physics to find out they are in the K4 boat schedulled to start in some 10 minutes...

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  • Sindo changed the title to Sprint Canoeing ICF World Cup 2021
1 hour ago, hckošice said:

:BLR Khudzenka completely felt apart in the last 100m of the W K1-500, impressive win of Milica Novakovic  :SRB

Impressive win? Povh finished second with only +0,19 gap

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