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Orienteering IOF World Championships 2018


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Results 04.08


Women's sprint:

Gold: :DENMaja Alm 13:43.1

Silver: :SWETove Alexandersson 14:00.0

Bronze: :SUIJudith Wyder 14:10.3

Full result list: - Women.pdf


Men's sprint:

Gold::SUIDaniel Hubmann 14:05.9

Silver::NZLTim Robertson 14:07.0

Bronze::SUIAndreas Kyburz 14:26.0

Full result list: - Men.pdf


Results 05.08


Sprint relay:

Gold::SWESweden (Tove Alexandersson, Emil Svensk, Jonas Leandersson, Karolin Ohlsson) 58:27

Silver::SUISwitzerland (Elena Roos, Florian Howald, Fabian Hertner, Judith Wyder ) 58:58

Bronze::DENDenmark (Amanda Falck Weber, Tue Lassen, Jakob Edsen, Maja Alm) 59:14

Full result list:

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9 minutes ago, heywoodu said:

How on earth is it 'orienteering' when apparently it's so easy to get oriented that you finish in 13 minutes? :d 

Well if you are 4 time world champion you can apparently understand these maps and run 3.8 km in 13 minutes. 



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