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  1. 3 hours ago, Sanjib said:

    In Tennis, any chance of a singles player sneeking in too, or somehow can we have 2 men's doubles teams?

    For singles, Yuki would need a large number of withdrawals and/or good performance at French Open to rise 50 odd places to qualify. Not sure about Wild cards. 

    To be honest, I think Paes/Bopanna are on the edge of qualification themselves. Hopefully, Bopanna would improve his ranking and enter top 10 to win the quota directly. No chance for second pair in MD

  2. 3 hours ago, shrikant said:

    How silly is this mistake.... They did it purposely or it was mistake from officials.....This is actually a huge shame

    What bullshit. Athletes forfeiting useless matches in contact sports is pretty common. I remember in last Olympics qualifications, there were a large number of forfeits in gold medal matches. 


    Also, if UWW wanted to stamp this practice out, it should have clarified before the tournament. And if they want to take action against Phogat sisters, place them under suspension/ban instead of threatening India with disqualification if they are selected. 

  3. 7 minutes ago, tirtha22 said:

    According to Pullela Gopichand, 7 players will get Rio Olympics quota in Badminton. Let's see how far Gopi's prediction materializes.

    With just a week left, his 'prediction' is going to be 100% true. Srikanth, Saina, Sindhu, Attri/Reddy and Gutta/Ponappa are going to qualify for Rio. 


    Technically, India can send Jayaram, Kashyap or Prannoy (probably couple more) in place of Srikanth as well but dont think that would happen barring injury. 

  4. Rowing federation has screwed up badly. Won't be surprised if we fail to qualify even a single rower for Olympics with easier qualification format. They will blame Army for not sending best rowers but won't tell why no female rowers are being sent to qualification tournament. RFI wants Army to train rowers year round and then cribs when Army coaches want some say in selection process. 


    Sawarn's performance in London raised hopes but last Asian games were two steps back and now it is all over. 

  5. 8 minutes ago, gvaisakh said:


    It's very tough.. Men's Team is ranked 21st.. 9 highest rank teams after the continental quotas (1 each for 5 continents) & host nation will go through.. So I don't think we can. Australia who is ranked 57th got through continental quota. So that again push India further down

    No African and North American team is above us, so that is also problematic. But, it is closer as IIRC, team quotas will be allocated to teams with 2 qualified athletes first. So, if some team above us qualifies only one athlete, then we are ahead of them for team qualification. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Prashanth said:

    Mouma is really unlucky to get the korean....

    There are 6 quotas to be won in second stage. 4 winners from each draw should qualify. Last 2 spots should go to repechage. Mouma has a realistic chance of winning a quota in that. By my calculations, Mouma is 5th highest ranked player in second stage (behind North Koreans and Thais)

  7. 47 minutes ago, Prashanth said:

    Soumyajit Ghosh gets the men's Quota in the TT Asian qualifying Tournament.....Sharath now need to get the quota through the ranking to get the 2nd quota for India....

    Any clarification on tiebreaker for women's section? 


    40 minutes ago, nitinsanker said:

    Rowing- Starts 23rd April - Asian regatta - Almost surefire chance for single sculls male , decent chances for lightweight double sculls men , very long shot womens single sculls 

    In Rowing, a NOC can qualify only crew per gender at continental qualifiers, so no chance for lightweight double sculls men and hopefully decent chance for a spot in women's section 

  9. Top 36 ranked singles players qualify for Olympics. Country can qualify a maximum of 2 players in one event, provided both are in top 16. Other nations can qualify only one player in singles. Each continent is assured of one athlete in each event 


    For doubles, it is top 16 pairs qualify for Olympics and both pair need to be in top 8. Each conticontinent is assured of one pair in each event, provided they are in top 50. 


    A nation can use continental quota only twice. You can check the latest situation in the rankings shared by me previously 



  10. 42 minutes ago, gvaisakh said:

    PS: AIBA is the most corrupted sports body in the world & hence anything can happen. Hence I kindly request everyone not to scrutinize my predictions :p


    We are at least not facing anyone from AIBA favorites China/Kazakhstan :fingers:

  11. 51 minutes ago, nitinsanker said:

    since she is the lowest qualifier on the all round  ....would that be easy ?.... she would require to overtake 3 people who qualified above her ............. and how does the qualification work here 

    Qualification works same way as World Championship. What is different for Dipa is that in WC, she would have concentrated on Vault, now she can focus on a more all round performance. It won't be easy but is surely possible 

  12. Was hoping for a quota in GR but didn't think it would come so early and in higher weight category.  Bit disappointed at no quota in FW, was confident Vinesh would atleast get quota. Fingers crossed for next tournament. 


    In shooting it was fairly straight forward selection with only real decision to be taken being about who would get Sanjeev Rajput's quota. By selecting Sandhu, NRAI has decreased chance of controversy 

  13. 2 hours ago, gvaisakh said:

    Updated the India team for Rio post (3rd post in the 1st page).. With the updated shooting and wrestling quotas.


    Guys.. Please go through it and tell me if it's understandable or complicated

    Excellent work. Do add other sports when you have time 

  14. On 3/13/2016 at 4:46 PM, Bearas said:

    No, just right now the field is more diverse with more countries earning quotas, + Kęstutis is 60 positions lower than he used to be before all the injuries (despite the fact that he still around top100). Plus Akvilė did not qualified for 2012 London as well, she just was invited later on through re-distributed quotas. Both Lithuanians will be in reserve list - so very small chance unless meteor hits a major tournament :d

    At present you are R6 in MS and R7 in WS. Also, meteor hitting a major tournament not help as top nations have multiple entries ahead of reserves.


    You can check rankings at

  15. I am in favor of having full results/draws but do share 2 concerns: 1) effort to post 2) aesthetics. If we have enough volunteers, I am for full results with spoiler option.


    I am not in favor of just posting links to external sites for results. I think having all results helps in attracting new users (I came across the forum while looking for London Boxing qualification draws). Also, there is always a risk of invalid urls if external site undergoes some database changes. 


    For medal tables, I think once at the end of day is enough. 

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