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  1. RUSSIA THE BEST !!!! Great Where are WADA, Seppelt Beckie Scott?! Tokyo will soon, don't slip
  2. the Russian archery girls are...……
  3. Hello! Where is Live streaming?
  4. Iconic Weightlifter, Olympic gold medalist-1980, the hero of Moscow Olympics Yurik Vardanyan died at the age of 62, RIP
  5. Am I right, Olympian1010? I see that you are very upset. Well, nothing, think of something else against Russia. Don't worry be happy
  6. Russia doesnt have a place in sports. All Russians should be banned. All of Russia is shameful cheaters. Russia should always be banned, and humiliated. Until Putin leaves. No politics, only concern for clear athletes The fact that the Russian sport is the cleanest in the world for 4 years and only it is checked, it doesnt matter. We want to see Russia always banned
  7. Alexei Paramonov, one of the best Soviet football players ever, Olympic champion Melbourne-1956, died today at the age of 93. RIP
  8. The women's all-around gold medalist at the 1988 Seoul Olympics Elena Shushunova has died in St. Petersburg. She was 49 RIP
  9. OMG You are a typical anti-Russian propagandist. Russians always and everywhere are to blame. Give another link to the New York Times
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