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  2. I'm watching on TV this new geopolitic war about the moon China is going to send human there
  3. olimpija goes into2nd round with away goal in 92.minute. they were really unlucky to loose first game at home mura lost, domžale will also go ahead
  4. I have no idea, about Jakob Piil I just know he was in CSC because that was the only team you could play with in the demo version of Pro Cycling Manager 200x
  5. OMG! frankly, WKF should take the status of OQR tournament away from this one and force AKF to act properly... something like that it's absolutely unacceptable... and then they cry because they've been axed from the future Olympic Games already before having their official debut... if you allow things like that to happen...
  6. No worries, I was either not entirely focussing on the giro, obviously since the worlds were hosted in my city and country, but you know that I couldn´t miss the Carapaz show (even if only from highlights)
  7. yep the yummy early 2000´s I think you are mentioning one of the 2003 stage, Jakob Piil (coincidence, another Dane ) won that strange-weird-dumb stage, right ?
  8. finally, just a few stats... only on day 1, we already have 8 Nations coming from 3 different Continents in the medal table... in the men's Sabre we had 8 men from 8 different Countries in the quarterfinals and in the women's Epee 8 girls from 7 different Countries at the same stage... in both competitions, the no. 1 seed couldn't even make the podium... this shows how the sport of Fencing has grown in the last few years...now we can really say it's a true global discipline and one of the most widely spread all around the world (at least for what concerns the top level of play)... the time when it was the home garden of the usual 4/5 powerhouses has long gone...
  9. Stage 13 Friday - July 19th, 2019 h. 14:00 (GMT +2) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pau - Pau 27.2km - Individual Time Trial -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. And I'm saying "every single person is valuable" is a huge exaggeration. The news is filled with people who are not much more than a waste of oxygen.
  11. Sorry about that. Wasn't able to follow the Giro that much due to campaigning
  12. Men's Individual Sabre Gold: Oh Sanguk Silver: Andras Szatmari Bronze: Mojtaba Abedini & Luca Curatoli Semifinals Szatmari b. Abedini 15-8 Oh b. Curatoli 15-11 Gold Medal Match Oh b. Szatmari 15-12 Full Ranking (and Results) here: https://2019budapestfencing.com/files/hunfencing/2019_wfc_bud/sms-in/index.php?page=clasfinal.htm
  13. Even the stage where a big group finished like 20 minutes in front of the peloton? I remember because Bram de Groot was in it, might be one of my earlier memories of the Tour Early 2000's mostly, from when I was 10 or so
  14. Well. From what I understand, some people feel that it'll be the attention needed to stop that comparison in the future.
  15. well, she was born in Milan (ITA) in 1985... her dad was the son of the at the time German General Consul in Italy, meanwhile her mom is the fashion designer Valeria Ferlini (Brazilian with clear Italian heritage)... as both her parents were living and working in Milan, she grew up in Italy and she used to be one of our best specialists... with our team she won 1 Gold (team) and 2 Bronze (1 individual and 1 team) medals at the world champs and the same did at the European champs (1 Gold and 1 Silver medal with the team, 1 individual bronze) between 2005 and 2012... after the London Games, she decided to stop her fencing career, but then the Brazilian federation convinced her to come back with their team, as the Rio Olympics were approaching (and since she wasn't anymore in our team, she happily accepted to represent her mom's Country)... with Brazil she immediately won the Pan-American champs in 2015, then she made the quarterfinals at the Rio Games and now it's the apotheosis of her career... currently (since quite a few years) she lives and trains in Paris with the great French maestro Le Vavasseur (the man on the bench behind her in the final assault earlier today)... on a personal side, she's a very lively girl and an artist (just look at her personal website and instagram)... to be noticed, I heard from Youtube's broadcaster that she recently lost her father...so, the emotional scenes after her win are explained (when she took off her glove, I think she was kissing the name of her dad tattoed on her wrist)...
  16. Qualifying round 1, leg 2 Polish teams results (Full Time) Cracovia Kraków 2 vs 2 FC Dunajska Streda q Legia Warszawa vs FC Europa
  17. Security has improved a lot since then, I don't think it would be less safe than Paris or anywhere else. But choosing 2036 would be more dangerous even from that point of view...honestly I would have never thought that there were suggestions to host on the 100th anniversary on purpose.
  18. Women's Individual Epee Gold: Nathalie Moellhausen Silver: Lin Sheng Bronze: Olena Kryvytska & Vivian Kong Man Wai Semifinals Lin b. Kryvytska 15-14 Moellhausen b. Kong 15-11 Gold Medal Match Moellhausen b. Lin 13-12 Full Ranking (and Results) here: https://2019budapestfencing.com/files/hunfencing/2019_wfc_bud/swe-in/index.php?page=clasfinal.htm
  19. What's her story? Would you care to explain, please?
  20. Provisional Standing after Day 01 Rank User Nation Total 01 02 03 04 05 06 TB 1 amen09 7 7 1 vlad 7 7 3 chrischi08 6 6 3 africaboy 6 6 5 Ufilov 5 5 5 Olympian1010 5 5 7 OlympicsFan 4 4 7 Monzanator 4 4 7 titicow 4 4 10 heywoodu 3 3 10 SteveParker 3 3 12 Dunadan 2 2 12 Speedy 2 2 12 Vojthas 2 2 12 tuniscof 2 2 16 ady48 1 1 16 Henry_Leon 1 1 16 Wanderer 1 1 16 Dolby 1 1 16 Michal Hroch 1 1 21 bestmen 0 0 21 George_D 0 0 21 Federer91 0 0 21 Pablita 0 0 21 Cobi 0 0 01: July 18th - Women's Epee Individual - Men's Sabre Individual 02: July 19th - Women's Foil Individual - Men's Epee Individual 03: July 20th - Women's Sabre Individual - Men's Foil Individual 04: July 21st - Women's Epee Team - Men's Sabre Team 05: July 22nd - Women's Foil Team - Men's Epee Team 06: July 23rd - Women's Sabre Team - Men's Foil Team If there is any mistake, please PM me.
  21. Nathalie!!! I'm so, so happy that she finally won the individual Gold Medal...today she has really painted a masterpiece... on the men's side, impressive piece of mental strenght by Oh, who didn't lose his focus after an awful start in the final match and eventually completed a remarkable comeback... today he proved himself definitely the strongest in the field...well deserved gold medal for him... on the Italian side, we can only regret Moellhausen's decision to switch her Nationality...'cause our girls once again have been really disappointing, losing assaults that they should win with closed eyes... Curatoli's Bronze medal is only a small consolation...he could/should have done a bit better also against Oh...he was 9-7 ahead and then he just lost his mind too easily (and it happened many times also in the world cup events...after the break at the 8th hit, he often gives up a break to his opponents...that's a dangerous tendency that should be investigated by himself and his coaching staff)...
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