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  1. So, as I'll probably lose because of my usual bad luck that seems to have shown up again today (and it's not only because of Friday the 13th) I can show my team, then you can try to guess, who will I transfer out and then you can choose that athlete to your team - he or she will surely get many points in the following race after being out of my team.
  2. According to Sebastian Krystek, editor-in-chief of Biathlon.pl, working also for Polish Biathlon Federation - for the first time in history with NO POINTS in a Women's World Cup event.
  3. You know why? Because of our Fantasy: Every f*cking time I do transfers such things happen.
  4. Yes, in fact some kind of sign language is used by every team - to show which stone you should hit, where your stone should stop, with how big force you should throw... However, they need to use it also while sweeping, which is a little bit harder, because that's where most teams are shouting and the sweepers are looking at the stone, so that they don't touch it with the broom. They somehow manage to concentrate on both - the stone and the skip, who is showing with his hand whether to sweep or not. And while discussing the things on the ice they use a sign language too - that's as good for them as their non-deaf rivals don't understand a lot While it's good for us to speak as they don't hear what we are talking about But more a less we know each other's ideas because showing with the broom is natural for both - mute and non-mute curlers.
  5. And I think that's how their pad cover looks like - I use it for league only, normally I have another one for trainings and minor bonspiels.
  6. Hey, I know the guys from curling team - last month we beat them 8:5 in the league Keeping fingers crossed they'll do well at the Deaflympics, they're really good.
  7. [hide] Nation Captains Dorothea Wierer Johannes Thingnes Boe Nation Women Mona Brorsson Denise Herrmann Marketa Davidova Yuliya Dzhyma Nation Men Martin Fourcade Erik Lesser Sebastian Samuelsson Dominik Windisch Bescond OUT Dzhyma IN [/hide]
  8. [hide] Knockout RoundDecember 13th - December 15th, 2019 4 Nations, Semifinals, Third Place Match and Final Semifinals Date & Time (GMT +9) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 December 13th 2019, h. 17:30 Norway 7 Spain December 13th 2019, h. 20:30 Russia 2 Netherlands [/hide]
  9. Not banning won't stop it neither. EDIT: @Olympian1010 - did I just use the double negative wrong way?
  10. I think you do not see a slight difference: USA, Kenya, probably some others - they have many athletes on doping, as well as Russia does. However, as far as I see, the Russian mass doping system was in fact backed by the government and the country's forces, not the sport administration itself. At least that's what I understand. I highly doubt that Mr Trump, in all his stupidity he shows everyday, says to the US NFs - you need to dope, we will protect you. While Putin...
  11. Well, weightlifting is kind of a different doping category, isn't it? Like the "HC" mountain at TdF.
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