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  1. You don't understand the context - there was an original lesson about "what does it mean that numbers are even" - which is "they have a pair" (whatever kind of pair they meant). That's why I mentioned, that all of these events are even - there is always a pair in the pentathlon.
  2. Yes, and this is a parody of PE lesson by myself:
  3. World Games either earlier in 2021 than planned or similar dates in 2022.
  4. I do see a reason - I want to go there, but I won't during the Olympics.
  5. OK, so let's make a deal - breakdance in your prime time, everything else in ours.
  6. Two hours ago we started an e-curling bonspiel :P I got a BYE in the first round and I'm following the game of my future rival - the CEO of the only Polish curling hall versus its icemaster. I even tried to made a broadcast with my commentary on our Facebook group and it went well but I overestimated my connection. An the schedule of the games collapsed a little bit - the first game was to be held at 21:00 but they decided to play it just after 12:00, the game at 13:00 started but the girl made a mistake and played with someone else, another game was set in private instead of publicly on group... too chaotic for a broadcast, but of course the fun of players is what matters. Keep fingers crossed and if you want to watch it's on, curling, room 3 (beware that not all games in that room are from our tournament).
  7. I think I would be better IOC President than Bach. Maybe I'm not an Olympic Champion, not even an Olympian, but at least I didn't put breakdance into the Olympic programme.
  8. Karate already closed (one week ago) the ranking that was supposed to be closed on 6th April, so it's not like everywhere it will be this way. Canoe also made the decision they will change the system, but no final decision was done and thanks to that it might only end with postponing the qualifying event to 2021. But it all depends on the date of the Olympics itself - if it will be Summer 2021, the no problem - it will be done more a less as it was supposed to this year. But if it will be earlier, like spring, then the qualifier that was to be held in May 2020 cannot be in May 2021 but let's say March 2021. That already changes a lot in preparations (which we don't know when the athletes will be ready to start). Also for the rankings - there was to be three more World Cups and its Final in Modern Pentathlon. So there might either less time for rest between the World Cups or less events aka less chance to get points.
  9. It seems Germans are really anti-Bach - Hajo Seppelt, Jens Weinreich and the one who asked the question (I didn't notice the name). The other thing is they know him best from his DOSB work, so there needs to be something. But I agree that with Bach's many bad sides, this decision is not the one that should lead him out of the chair. And I'm afraid this will not happen next year either.
  10. Just after the teleconference with Bach (unfortunately, among 400 journalists all over the world only big agencies from big countries got an opportunity to ask questions, so no news about what I wanted to ask - about moving events from Sapporo back to Tokyo in case of spring dates of Olympics and no news about the IOC Session or Athlete's Commission elections this year). This was the best part: German journalist: As there are talks that the decision is made too late, are you considering the resignation from presidency? Bach:No. Mark Adams:Next question from... Germanus Germanini lupus est
  11. If Nilsson goes into the steps of Herrmann and Polish girls still will be shooting, like they do nowadays until, let's say 2024 it will mean that one of the best managed Polish NFs (which is not a very big deal, we are really bad in managing the NFs) is just an organization level, without any knowledge of sport itself.
  12. "Most tél van, hideg tél" For those not speaking Hungarian - it's a part of the poem of the biggest Hungarian poet, it says "Now it's winter, cold winter". And that's the only Hungarian poem I translated into Polish (it's not published anywhere).
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